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After a few years, it feels good to be back on this wonderful island. Known to be one of the best islands in the world, Boracay has been attracting so many tourists from all over the globe and with that, hotels have become quite expensive especially, if you are wanting beach front accommodation. 

hey jude south boracay

From Stations 1 to 3, you will normally find the cheapest beach front accommodations along Station 3 and for our recent visit, we found one and that is JEY JUDE SOUTH. 

The hotel itself is right in front of the beach and that is a big plus because their beach is stunning and so easy to walk around. 

Hey Jude South also has a restaurant and bar. Breakfast is inclusive for its guests. You can either choose if you want  American, English or Filipino breakfast. 

And of course, only a few meters away from Hey Jude South, you are already on the beach. 

boracay white sand beach

For their guests, they provide loungers that you can use and relax all day if you so desire. 

This is the view you will see from the top balcony of the hotel. Isn't it nice? 

Time for us to check in and check our room on the 4th floor. Just be mindful of your steps as they are a bit narrow and steep. 

Our room is quite spacious and clean. The aircon worked really well so it stays nice and cool. Pillows are nice and soft. Generally it was a nice room. 

room hey jude south boracay

The pressure of the water in the shower is really good. The toilet and bath is always being cleaned on a daily basis. 

The hotel doesn't have a pool or any other amenities, but who would need that specially when you have a beautiful beach right in front you. The food was good, the staff were very accommodating and the location was superb for the price. Definitely worth every penny!

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3.500 and above. 

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  1. Kmusta ang Bora ngayon? It's been like 5 years since I've been. Hopefully they can solve the trash problem before it gets worst.

    1. Ok naman sya busy pero pag December ang linaw ng tubig. hehe


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