5 Reasons Why CHINA is Great for a Family Vacation

Temple of Heaven - Wikimedia.org
The second largest country in the world which has a history of more than 5,000 years is a fascinating and culturally rich travel destination. If you are planning a family vacation then this is the best place you can visit. 

This country offers an amazing combination of the traditional and the modern. Here are the top 5 reasons for booking China tours to this ideal luxury family vacation destination:

1. Spectacular Natural Beauty

China is a country which is gifted with the most stunning natural wonders compared to any other country in Asia. It has a vast and varied landscape of different relief features. It is home to the largest peak in the world Mount Everest along with Nepal. The top fours natural wonders of China which you should include in your China tours are Jilin's Rime, Yunnan Stone Forest, Guilin and the Yangtze gorges.

  • Jilin Rime

Located on the bank of the Songhua River, Jilin City experiences temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius during the winters. There is high humidity in the air and under the influence of the Fengman Hydropower Station; the temperature reaches around 4 degrees. This causes the water vapor to rise up and get attached to the nearby cold objects. It is known as rime. The scenic beauty of Jilin is just breathtaking during the rimes. 

  • Yunnan Stone Forest

This stone forest is located in Kunming City of the Yunnan province. The forest is full of chunks of limestone which are towering, and which have formed over the past 2 million years due to the activity of rain and wind erosion on big pieces of limestones. The stones look like walls and trees from afar and are a major tourist attraction in China. 

  • Guilin landscape

A boat ride along the Li River is the best way to explore the famous Guilin landscapes. The surreal beauty and peace of this place make you feel as if you are floating along paradise. The water is pure and blue, the clouds and mists, surrounding green hills and the trees all around make the place absolutely picturesque. 
  • Yangzte Gorges

The Yangtze River is home to the three gorges which form a great valley and provide the most scenic views. The gorges are one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization. The valley is famous for its historic sites like the White Emperor City, Nanjing Pass, and the Huang ling temple. The sequence of valleys and gorges along the river's course make it a thrilling ride.

2. Superb Architecture

Everybody knows about the Great Wall of China. Though it is one of the seven wonders of the world with its dragon-like shape moving all over northern China, there are plenty of pagodas, towers, giant Buddha installations and tunnels which are also major architectural feats. The splendid Forbidden City is a great example of an Imperial palace design.

A Chinese garden is a must visit with its mixture of horticulture, paintings, architecture and calligraphy. Feng Shui principles are followed in building the architecture. Houses with courtyards and skywells provide an absolute contrast to the cosmopolitan high rises, Bund and the Pearl of the Orient tower in the big cities of Shanghai and Beijing.

3. Cultural Diversity

The Chinese opera is one of the most dazzling things you will ever come across. Bright costumes and colorful makeup combined with drama, acrobatics, martial arts and dance provide the best entertainment for kids. The ERA acrobatics show in Shanghai, Impressions Liusanjie in Yangshuo and Kung Fu journey explorations are the highlights of China tours. There are no dull moments when you are in China. There are plenty of natural reserves and wildlife sanctuaries where the kids can get to see giant pandas. Challenging biking and hiking trails are available for action loving travelers.

4. Great Food
Chinese cuisine is popular all over the world but when you are in China, don't expect to get your regular chow-mein and Manchurian on China tours. Instead, you can taste delicious dishes like sweet and sour pork, Ma Po tofu, wontons, roasted duck, spring rolls and steamed dumplings. You can try the traditional Chinese dessert Gao Dian which is a pastry filled with different types of stuffing.

You get plenty of rice and noodles based dishes too with steamed or stir-fried spicy vegetables. Tasting the amazing varieties of tea is a must when you are in China.

5. Shopper's Paradise
Nanjing Shopping - Wikimedia.org

The innumerable markets in China overflow with a wide variety of products which are exported all over the world. You get everything from fine silks, bamboo baskets, intricately carved jade to beautiful tea sets.

Chinese handicrafts, wall hangings, paintings, wind chimes and calligraphy art are perfect souvenirs which you can take back home as memories of an unforgettable trip. 

Do book China tours for your next vacation with your family to get a taste of the oriental culture of the East. 


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