Unusual Places for KYIV Tourists to Visit

If someone claims that Ukraine is an improper solution to spend a vacation, redirect this person to destinations.com.ua and he or she will change the mind. In fact, it does not matter what country or city you visit because any place has something attractive and charming. Ukraine can boast of a great history that brought multiple monuments, castles, and miscellaneous historical attractions. Meanwhile, many European countries can offer the same package of tourist attractions. Anyhow, there is no need to follow the rules since you can visit places that are not much sought after by tourists. To your attention some of the hidden or unknown destinations that deserve your visit in the capital city of Ukraine.

Fountain of the Black Sea
Source: http://photos.wikimapia.org/p/00/03/12/20/53_big.jpg

If all your dreams are about a sea but you cannot leave Kyiv for any reason, there is an interesting solution. A mini copy of the Black Sea in the shape of a small fountain is located behind the O'Panas Restaurant in the Shevchenko Park. Good geographical knowledge will let you recognize outlines of contours of the countries washed by the sea. In the center of the fountain, there is a statue of a boy tormenting a fish. Location: Shevchenko Park, the intersection of the Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard and the Tereshchenkivska Street.

Dnieper Tunnels
Source: http://podrobnosti.ua/media/pictures/2016/5/23/thumbs/740x415/neverojatnye-mesta-stolitsy_rect_a2fc3c9cdcc64fae316b77abebb076d9.jpg

Object No. 1 is the name of the so-called Stalin tunnels that were constructed under the Dnieper River. In Kyiv, you can find several undestroyed sections of this legendary construction of the 1930th. Some tourist companies include this destination to their routes. The most curious guests can make an attempt to find the 750-meter tunnel on the Vodnykiv Island and the 70-meter section in the Osokorky District. Location: Osokorky Metro station. Vydubychi Metro station to the Vodnykiv Island.

Hidden Alley For Lovers
Source: https://kudago.com/media/images/place/02/52/0252450ec4dd1a3defaeb027db86ccaf.jpg

The real daydreamers complain about the lack of truly romantic destinations. Kyiv has an argument to object these complaints. The city offers all the romantic requirements including beauty, coziness, privacy, and a convenient arrangement collected in one spot. These are the characteristics of a quiet alley hidden between the houses of the Andriivskyi descent and the wooden ladder. This destination is worth your attention for a nice and romantic night. Location: the yard of the “Za Dvoma Zaytsyami” Restaurant on the Andriivskyi descent, 28a.

Oldest Bridge in Kyiv
Source: http://kievstreets.org/sites/default/files/styles/object_photo/public/old_bridge_03.jpg?itok=pldsZ98f
Ancient destinations always get our attention. However, this destination does not enjoy popularity among guests of the capital city. The oldest bridge in Kyiv is located above the almost non-existent Petrivska Street that lies near the Smirnova-Lastochkina Street. In former times, the street was populated and you could drive on it. Currently, it is almost completely covered by bushes and attracts only the fans of quest games. The bridge has been out of order for a long time. An interesting fact that the endpoint of this unique bridge is one of the first liquor producers in Kyiv. Location: before the new Greek-Catholic Church on the Smirnova-Lastochkina Street.