Helping a Girl Get Accustomed to the New Country: Tips & Advice

Moving to another country is almost always connected with certain difficulties. They can manifest in different ways: a girl can become whiny, overwhelmed, a little irritable, or she may close herself off.

Imagine yourself in her place: to move to a foreign country, to live, little understanding of other people, to have no friends and relatives. The following tips are designed to help you understand how to help a Ukrainian girl get accustomed to the new country and deal with those everyday problems that she will face there. You should be a patient, attentive, loving, optimistic and caring man with your loving girl. After all, some difficulties due to the difference in mentality are not such a big price for happiness to be with your loved one.

Allow the girl to communicate with her relatives as much as she wants.

Do not resent the girl for her excessive communication with her family and friends, even if she spends hours in Skype or calls home via WhatsApp or other messengers. The girl will need a shoulder to cry on, to let out her feelings in order to accept emotionally her new place of residence. She just needs time.

Help the girl learn the language of your country.

Agree with the girl on communicating in the language of your homeland. Thanks to that she will learn it faster at least at the everyday level and overcome the language barrier. Mildly and delicately correct her mistakes. Watch together and discuss interesting programs, and movies on the national channels. Take matters into your own hands: offer the girl to visit some interesting language courses. There she will acquire not only the necessary knowledge but also find new female friends.

Help her be active. 

Your goal is to eliminate the communicative vacuum around your beloved girl. Help her become a member of some interest clubs. This can be a practice of sport, fitness, dancing, cooking classes. You can offer her to attend such lessons alone, however, if you want to do everything gradually and accurately, it is better to make these classes your joint pastime. For example, it can be dancing or going to the pool.

Tell about yourself.

You should tell the girl as much as possible about yourself, about life in your country, about the accepted rules of behavior and etiquette. The more national differences you highlight, the better the girl will accept new realities. Can she know that it is necessary to inform the neighbors about the upcoming noisy party with the help of a notice board in the driveway? No, she cannot. Therefore, your task is to tell her about the lifestyle of your city.

Don’t ask her to go to the store alone. 

It's better to go shopping together at first. It is not enough to show the girl the way to the nearest supermarket and give the shopping list into the hand. She knows nothing about required price category of the products and good producers. Besides, she doesn’t understand the strange names on the packs, they can just be unknown for her.

Try to create some additional reasons for joy.

She will face challenges every day and even the smallest thing can be not easy for her: she is at home a big part of the day without the opportunity to communicate normally with people around her, everything is new and incomprehensible. So, she should not doubt that she has the best, most gentle and caring man who is ready to help and explain everything. Come home at night with her favorite chocolate and go for a walk to the park, go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, buy her new shoes. There are so many options to please the beautiful girl. So, do that more often!


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