Cozy Slovenia: An Ideal Destinations for Couples

Tourists do not often choose Slovenia travel as their main destination, but if you want to spend a cozy weekend or even a small vacation with your beloved partner, put this country on your list of the future trips for you two. Slovenia is a small, fresh, beautiful and unknown country, hidden somewhere between Italy, Croatia and Austria and it is entirely covered with hills.

If you decide to travel to Slovenia spontaneously (or not spontaneously), when you have a week off from work and a great desire to devote this time each other in some amazing place, do not hesitate, come. And if you do not have anyone to travel with, you must visit the best European dating site


Maybe it will be hard to believe that such a small city as Ljubljana can be the capital because everyone is used to the magnitude of Berlin, Rome, Paris. Ljubljana is not like that at all, it is modest, cozy and very compact! The main attractions are not far from the city center, everything can be walked around. When choosing where to spend the night, you can book any place in the city, and you do not have to go to the center for more than 20 minutes. Nevertheless, take a closer look at the area of the Three Bridges. You can find there some lovely apartments on Airbnb.

Spend at least a day, exploring the city, strolling along the ancient streets, going up to the castle, riding a boat along the Ljubljana River, wandering around the street market, which works all weekend and, of course, visiting one of the many bars of the city!


After traveling to Slovenia, talking with local people and listening to their advice, you will visit the local trendy TaBar bar in the center of the city, spend several hours in the hipster TOZD on the waterfront, where they serve excellent wine and snacks, and get a great pleasure in gastropub LUDA, it is worth a try!

The main attractions of Slovenia are not the cities but nature, namely, one of the most beautiful and famous lakes: Bled and Bohinj, located in the Julian Alps. The road to Lake Bled will take no more than 2 hours by a comfortable bus, the cost is 7 euros one way, the bus departs every hour from the central station. You will need to get off at the homonymous city of Bled, which consists of a couple of streets and a waterfront. In the town, you can spend 2-3 days, and it will not be boring at all. A lot of restaurants of local and Italian cuisine, gelatos and walking around the lake contribute to a great mood.


If you are going to travel to Slovenia for a romantic weekend, you can stay in the Best Western Premier Hotel Lovec. The hotel offers an excellent spa on the ground floor, a restaurant with traditional Slovene cuisine and a terrace with an excellent view, smorgasbord is offered for breakfast with products from local farmers, everything is organic. If you choose a room with a view of the lake, you will not regret ever, the sunsets are stunning there, and it is very pleasant to wake up with a view of the mountains from which the fog creeps slowly. In addition to the delicious local cuisine, pay attention to local wines of excellent quality and taste, which are sold in all supermarkets and wine shops. 

The Bohinj Lake.

If you have enough time, continue Slovenia travel and go to the Bohinj Lake. You can take a bus that costs 3 euros one way, the road takes about 30 minutes. You will find completely different landscapes! Flawlessly turquoise water strikes with its cleanliness, there is a footpath around the lake from which picturesque views open in all directions. In good weather, there is a two-hour walk to the waterfall as well as a lift to the nearest peak.

You will remember these days in Slovenia as ones of the coziest in your life.