PACIFIC GEARS Full Face Mask - Making Snorkeling More Fun!

Philippine's marine life without a doubt is definitely one of the best in the world. Every time I go to the beach, one activity that I always want included on the itinerary is snorkeling. 

I bought a snorkel and mask few years ago which I always bring with me when I travel. But recently, I came across this Pacific Gear Full Face Snorkeling Mask and decided to give it a try.

During my beach travels, I've seen quite a few snorkelers with a full face masks and I really wondered what it was like to be wearing one. 


1. Enables you to see and breathe normally as on the surface.
2. Largest, unobstructed 180 degree view.
3. Hypoallergenic silicone material.
4. Anti-Fog design
5. Double airflow system.
6. Watertight design preventing water from getting in when worn properly. 

Once you purchase the full face mask, it comes with a booklet with all the parts and instructions in it. 

During our trip to Boracay with friends, we all tried the full face mask and I am telling you, I never thought I would enjoy snorkeling even more. 

The Pacific Gear Full Face Masks come in different sizes, so make you sure you check the sizes first. The elastic fabric headband  is also quite comfortable and didn't bother us at all during our snorkeling. 

Compared to the old full face mask, this time, the snorkel is much longer preventing splashes or water from entering the mask.

It also has Dry Top technology where the top valve automatically locks to prevent water from entering through the snorkel. 

Most snorkels wanted to take photos when they snorkel and bringing a selfie stick can be quite a hassle, so with Pacific Gears Full Face mask, they already installed an Action Camera mount so you do  not need to worry about carrying it with you all the time. It was quite convenient actually!

Compared to the  other full face mask, Pacific Gears has a 180 Degree wide breakage proof mask allowing snorkelers to see even more underwater.

One advantage of having this mask is that the Pacific Full Face Mask has a drain valve that drains away the water by simply raising your head when water has leaked into the mask.

The silicone materials was also quite comfortable and it didn't irritate my skin compared to other masks that I've tried. 

Full face mask definitely is a must have for those looking to have a great snorkeling experience. We've experienced it ourselves and we were totally happy and loved it -specially if you can breathe normally and see clearly underwater. I am so pleased that I have one myself! 

For those who wanted to buy this a Pacific Gear full face mask , they are available at any one of the TECHNOPOP STORES.


  1. Pwede ba ito if nasa underwater talaga ang mask? Or ung sa taas nia dapat wala sa tubig?

  2. I really love you article! I hope you post more about this topic.

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