KAIBIGAN SOUL CAMP: A Camping Destination Soon to Open just Outside Puerto Princesa

Be inspired by the natural beach life, the richness of nature and peaceful environment — in Kaibigan Soul Camp. Experience the moment and adventurous activities, enjoy delicious food and positive vibes during your much longed-for timeout.

The camp will be open in January 2017 with numerous things that make a trip to the west coast of Palawan Island unforgettable: Yoga and cooking courses, excursions by boat, jungle trekking and basketball games with the village team.Those who simply want to relax can do this at any time in the garden or in original chill-out zones on the beach. You can find a little street art gallery with artworks produced in the camp by locals and European artists.

All the accommodation has an unparalleled view of the sea, as well as a loving attention to detail. Comfortable beds guarantee a good night’s sleep. People travelling alone feel just as comfortable as do families, friends and couples. Guests can enjoy individual, delicious, mainly vegetarian meals with seasonal, regional ingredients and the typical "Kaibigan taste" at the camp's slow food restaurant.

Kaibigan Soul Camp is located in Cabuyao, a small fishing village 60 km from the airport in Puerto Princesa City. The hour-long journey alone is an experience: The minibus or Kaibigan shuttle takes a route that is a mix of country roads and off-road, traveling through the beautiful jungle to the other side of Palawan Island.

I just cannot wait to explore this place once it's finished! 

For you more information: www.kaibigan-soulcamp.com