Under-the-Radar Destinations in El Nido, Palawan

Backpacking is an exhilarating thing to do. Though the activity can be a bit strenuous at times, not to mention the long exhausting excursions in between the trips and the unforgiving weather on some occasions; however, we still love to take these enjoyable expeditions. Travelling is certainly one of those things that we just can’t simply get rid of no matter how exhausting it can sometimes be.

The elation you get when you lay your eyes on breathtaking landscapes is a reward in itself. Moreover, the opportunity of exploring a site’s nooks and corners is nothing short of delightful. 

What does it take to have an exceptional travel adventure though? I’d say getting the most adventures on your trip would certainly make it one for the books. An adventure where you get to have a little piece of everything, you catch my drift? 

If you’re wishing to have an excellent travel getaway this year, then the island of Palawan is for you. Nestled west of the Philippine archipelago, Palawan is home to many wondrous sites. One area in particular, El Nido, Palawan contains these under-the-radar destinations you should visit. 

1. Small Lagoon 

If it’s tranquility you’re after then the Small Lagoon is the ideal place for you. Its setting and atmosphere combine to give the place an otherworldly aura. The towering karsts that surround the lagoon with explosions of lush greens all make up the stunning features of this natural wonder. It is the perfect venue to have kayaking rides. Also, traversing along its radiant blue-green water is nothing short of soothing. 

2. Simizu Island 

When it comes to serene island getaways in El Nido, Simizu Island makes it to the list as one of the best choices. The island is blessed with the most amazing scenery. Tall walls of limestone karsts, turquoise waters and the wide stretches of white fine sand come together to build one stunning island backdrop. With its rich marine resources, Simizu Island allows you to explore its underwater artistry where vibrant corals and colorful fishes can be seen. 

3. Las Cabanas 

Sunset watching is the gem in this small quiet place. If you are seeking for the perfect spot where you can relax and do some sightseeing, this is it. The vast area of the soft fine sand provides the best setting for a relaxing sprawl. And just when you think you’re getting the best comforting treatment from the sound of the waves and the breathtaking sites, just wait until the glowing sun starts to paint the skies. 

4. Cudugnon Cave 

El Nido is not only known for its crystal clear waters, but it is also recognized for its abundance of geological rock formations. With the many popular caves found in the island, the Cudugnon Cave is one of the few alluring caves in El Nido that isn’t afforded by the limelight. Nevertheless, it is still sought after by tourists for its distinct beauty. Cudugnon Cave requires you to enter a tiny entrance before the cave unravels its splendor. 

5. Matinloc Shrine 

Nothing is more intriguing than a shrine set up in the most fascinating location on the island. Feelings of enchantment are experienced when you visit the Matinloc Shrine in Matinloc Island. Upon reaching this tiny white beach, you’ll get a glimpse of an eye-catching sculpture of Jesus Christ in a small grotto which includes a concrete gazebo. The place offers the most sensational scenery seen on the island. 

6. Snake Island 

Is the name is giving you the creeps? Fear not; the island is not actually related to snakes or anything for that matter. The place is named after the reptiles because the island resembles that of the limbless species when it reveals itself during low tide. Snake Island is one of the finest sandbars in El Nido, Palawan. Here, you can enjoy long relaxing walks and photo shoots in the middle of its beautiful waters. How cool is that? 

Undeniably, El Nido is a big name when it comes to tropical getaways. Lovely pristine beaches, fine white sand, bedazzling lagoons and many other natural wonders build up to the fame of El Nido. Although there are those already known places in El Nido, this island paradise still has many other natural wonders yet to be discovered. So when you’re in El Nido, don’t forget to explore these hidden spots and those that don’t spend that much time under the spotlight. 

About the writer:

Carmela Alvarez is an editor/customer service representative of 'Let's Palawan'. She's a 20-something bubbly and adventurous female who loves to take selfies. Her aim is to share her travel experience and inspire fellow travelers. 

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