London Pass: The Most Convenient Way To Explore London

London is the capital and the most popular city in United Kingdom. This city offers visitors a holiday of a lifetime as there are so many things to do and visit in London. In any of the famous tourist spots in London or even elsewhere, you always come across a long line queuing up to get tickets and that sometimes costs some of your touring time. 

So on our second visit to London, we took this great opportunity, and got ourselves a LONDON PASS. 

How London Pass Works?

London Pass allows you to go throughout the city to over 60 popular destination. This sightseeing city card is available for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 consecutive days. With London Pass, sightseeing in London’s top destinations is made fast and easy just with the use of one card. You can ultimately save time, stress and money.

After securing a London Pass, you can have full access to all the travel destinations that it covers. You will have to simply show the card and authorized people will scan it and you can now take full advantage to it. 

The main purpose for this London Pass is for tourists to avoid carrying their cash or being in  a queue just to purchase tickets. To save time and money is its ultimate goal. For London Pass holders, you’ll feel like VIP’s because you are allowed a Fast Track Entry to numerous attractions in London.

What are the advantages of London Pass?

. Free entry to approximately 60 London attractions

· Fast Track Entry to skip queues 

· Oyster Travelcard (optional) that allows you to cover all transport needs

· Free Mobile Ticket (Optional) for instant access to Mobile London Pass

· Free guidebook approximately 160 pages of useful tips and info

· Money Back Guarantee (For orders made online)

· Inclusion of other exclusive offers

When can you start using the London Pass?

Upon arrival to the very first attraction you want to visit in London, you can instantly use the London pass. It is also advised to use the pass first thing in the morning since it will be the basis of the number of days you are allowed to use it. It will not be based on 24 hour period. This is to make sure that you will have full advantage of your London Pass.

Your London Pass can be collected through your smartphone, mailed to your home address or at your arrival in London.

We ordered ours through their website and within five days it was delivered to our home in the Philippines!

What is Fast Track Entry?

Another benefit of London Pass is its capability of allowing holders to skip queues in numerous London attractions. 

The Oyster Card option

You also have the option to order the accompanying Oyster Travel Card for a few extra pounds and this allows you access to a number of travel options in London just by swiping your Oyster Card.  As an example - we will arrive at Heathrow and not have to worry about how to get into London.  All we will have to do is swipe our Oyster Card - hop onto the famous Underground with our luggage - and we will soon be in London.

With a London Pass in your hands, you will definitely have a stress-free London getaway!

How to Purchase a London Pass

Since we are from the Philippines, we purchased it online. You may visit their website and buy it from there.

Our trip to the UK is in July and will find out how efficient London Pass and the Oyster Card are going to be. Looking forward and I am super excited! See you London!


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  2. you only copied from the website! i was looking for some REAL experience! like at least tell me how do you find the LP, is it worth it based on your opinion or computation. bollocks rip off on clicks!

    1. Hi Mr. Anonymous, The REAL experience will have to be in July 2016! Looking forward and will definitely update you. You can purchase the LP and the Oyster card online. You may visit their website for more info:

      At the moment, these are the info I can provide.


  3. It is just what I was looking for and quite thorough as well. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Pleasure David! I can't wait to explore London in July!

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