2015 RUN UNITED 2: Exceeded my expectations in the 21km!

Running never stops here  in the Philippines and it just got bigger and bigger. One of the most anticipated events in the metro is the Run United Marathon. They have 3 editions with the last one being held in October.  Luckily for me in the second edition of Run United,  a friend gave me a bib as there was a conflict in her schedule . I did not see any reason to say no, so I gladly accepted it! ;)

In Run United 2, they had categories from 5km, 10km, 21km, and 32km. In this edition, my friends and I did the 21km distance. 

I haven't run in the metro for a long time since I do a lot of trail running and outdoor events nowadays so even though this is a 21km, it's something not to be ignored. Talking about respecting the distance. 

The run for the 21km category started at exactly 4:00 am. But prior to that, it was evident that the humidity was at it's maximum. First few kilometers of the run, I was already drenched with sweat so I made sure that I always stayed hydrated at all times. 

Photo source: Tara Trip Tayo

Photo source: Tara Trip Tayo
I started off my first 10Km at a steady pace as I want to save my energy for the other 10km.  At the 13th kilometer, I suddenly felt more energized and ran at a pace of 5:47/km. I don't know as to why, but I think seeing a lot of people and also running mates made me very excited. 

Photo Source: Running Photographers
They also had Pacers in different categories to help runners achieve the time they wanted. It's also nice to know that some of them are my friends as well! 
Photo source: Blue
The route was from Mall of Asia to Luneta going all the way to Coastal and then back to Mall of Asia. There were around 5000 runners just in the 21km category. I could just imagine how many there were in the 32km and other distances. It was great fun! 

This was the turn-off from Coastal towards the finish line. This is also where runners from other distances met heading to the finish line.  

 I was surprised that I reached the finish line in 2hours 19minutes.  That is my personal best at the moment. I couldn't be happier. I couldn't believe it myself as well. But I was just really happy because I knew I did well. 

Marshals waiting to hand out medals to the finishers. Thank you so much MARSHALS! From hydration, to medic, traffic marshals! Congratulations and big thank you to all!

It was a fun morning indeed. Many runners prepared for this and seeing them at the finish line with their smiles of accomplishment also made me happy. 

I was also happy to see my other friends made it to the finish line. With humidity and other matters, I saw a lot of runners getting sprayed with linament and stretching their calves halfway. These are just some things that are expected, but thank God for an injury free run. 

After crossing the finish line, time to claim the Finisher's Kit which includes a Finisher shirt, hydration, and other give aways. Yay!

This is also the best time to say hello and greet my other friends in the running community. With Sir Vahl Perry of Team Arunkada. 

With Frapjoe who came all the way from Cebu to participate in the RUPM. 

With Red Bunda, of Team Run Direction. 

And of course, My Pinoy Aspiring Runners Family!

He will make sure you just not stay hydrated, but your tummy full too! Thanks Anthony Aberejo my KA-IBTUR for that delicious egg sandwich! 

When I got home, I tried the finisher shirt for the 21km. I love it! Another nice addition to the collection of finisher shirts. 

The Finisher's medal was really good and heavy. And if you are looking for quality medal. This is a great example!  

But in the end, my goal is not really to achieve the best time; my goal is to enjoy the overall experience. I enjoy running because it makes me happy,  I make good friends and most of all, it makes me fit.

Photo Source: Pinoy Fitness

Photo Source: Red Knight
My Nutrition:

Low Carb - High Fat Diet (Banting) which I started August 2014. 

My RUPM 2 Outifit: 

Singlet: Nike Drifit  (Php 950.00) 
Nike Outlet Store, Total Gas Sation, SLEX , Sta Rosa, Laguna

Shorts: Nike Drifit ( Php 450.00)
 Nike Outlet Store, Total Gas Sation, SLEX , Sta Rosa, Laguna

Bodivance Cream - Thermogenic Cream on my legs. 

Shoes: New Balance 

Watch: Nike GPS
Fitness Tracker: Fitbit HR Charge


  1. Congratulations on setting a new PR!

    1. Thank you so much Jayson. It was unexpected though I am not really mindful about my time. See you soon ok?


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