MIRACLE ART, The Coolest Art Exhibition is finally in Cavite! [CLOSED]

If you are thinking of a different place to take your family, friends, or even your loved ones in Imus, Cavite; no need to go far as MIRACLE ART is finally here!

This is a great destination for all that will bring a lot of fun and unforgettable memories. I am very sure that in the coming days, this will draw a lot of crowds.

Once you are inside, you will see multi-dimensional illusion pictures drawn using special techniques. In the exhibition, you will find yourself part of the image when you take the pictures. Isn't that cool! 

I was also told that these paintings were all done by Filipinos which made me so proud. Nothing feels better than supporting our own talents. 

Inside the exhibition, you will find over 20 huge art pieces all of them with different themes and sizes. Make sure that you have your camera ready all the time to take pictures. This is such a fun place! 

Since I was alone, the staff were very helpful and helped me take pictures and even gave advice on different poses. A little bit of acting is required and if you want to come up with great images, my advice is not to be shy! 

That cat was just too fast to catch! 

I didn't know being swallowed by a whirlpool was fun!

Some of my favorites are the picture of Jesus Christ and the Angel's wings. 

Oops! My wings are a bit low! 

Finally, I found the perfect wings for me! Lol.. 

With so much creativity found inside the exhibition, visitors are also expected to do the same. You won't find boring images inside. All of them are unique and one could always think of something cool to do with it. 

In one of the sections in the exhibit, are the life-sized paintings that extend to the floor. I really enjoyed this as it felt as if you are really part of the image. This dinosaur in the picture really looked like it's about to swallow me! 

I really like the idea of you being part of the whole image. 

MIRACLE ART is definitely a great addition that would really take you into great adventure. Not something you normally find in Cavite but I am glad they established one here. Now, there're more reasons to go down south and check this one out! 

I would like to thank Michael and Jerome, for being helpful in assisting me during my visit. 

MIRACLE ART is located at THE DISTRICT, IMUS, CAVITE. Schedule: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

ENTRANCE FEE: Php 150.00 



  1. I am very happy to be on your blog, I hope to visit also in my blog, kata kata cinta , operatorku greetings from Indonesia, thanks

  2. Hi, may I know that Miracle Art Exhibit still available in Manila or not?

    1. Hi Jmei, my apologies. I am not aware of the one in Manila. ;(

    2. It's ok because I found out that the FB page of Miracle Art Exhibit in Manila long time no update so just curious. Thanks for your answer :)

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  3. How about the entrance fee, it is still 150php? thanks :)

    1. Hi Mhai, I asked a while ago and you are correct, 150 is still the entrance fee. Pero I saw kanina din na meron silang 3+1 . ;)

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  5. Just dropping by. Ganda ng blog niyo po. Dami ng entries. Hope to see you on the road. Teacher din Sir! :))


  6. Try visiting Art in Island in Cubao.. It's also fun there! ;)

    1. I heard about that place. My student had a field trip there and they had so much fun! ;)


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