Color Blast Run Philippines - An Event Full Of Colors and Fun!

Fun, Fun and more fun! This is the word that best described the previous Color Blast Philippines event held in within the walls of Intramuros, Manila. Runners gathered early last October 19th to participate in a fun run with a twist.

We were also very excited to be part of this since this was our first time to run in Intramuros. Another spot now becoming famous not just for it's historical significance but also becoming a favorite place for runners.

By joining this event, it would also benefit the PROJECT PEARLS. A non-profit organization which aims to help the unprivileged children in the slums of Tondo.

 The event was divided into two categories, the 6km and the 3km route - both inside Intramuros. 

We also had a chance to meet some of the Pinoy Biggest Losers finalists at the event.
They also conducted the warm up session before the gun start of the 6km categories. 

Some runners dressed up for fun and I find that very cool! 

Each runner was given a powder pack like this one for the powder 
explosion party at the end of the race. The powder is basically just made out of flour and food coloring, so it's pretty safe! 

The 6km race started at exactly 5:30 am. My running buddies, Ver and Jobats, and I started out at a very good pace. 

The route was actually very good although shorter than 6km it was ok.
 We were there simply just to have fun!

Running around Intramuros really was a good experience. We felt very safe during the entire run and there were not too many vehicles around which made our run even more enjoyable. 

You also got the chance to see some of the ruins like this one next to 
the Bureau of Immigration. 

We also had an the opportunity run in front of the famous Manila Cathedral. 

During the course there were checkpoints where they threw powder 
at the runners which was so cool! Aside from the powder being safe, it's also environment friendly!

And finally, we completed the course! And aside from that, we all had great fun and everyone was smiling and happy!

Aside from the Finisher's Medal, ladies were also given a Finisher's Rose 
which I found very sweet! 

This event also provided a great opportunity to bond with family and love ones. Like this father and son about to cross the finish line! 

After the event, we bumped into Francis who was also a
 finalist in the Pinoy Biggest Loser.

Participants were all  invited to join Zumba Dancing before 
they started with the powder explosions. Zumba dancing nowadays is becoming famous
 specially during running events. I love it!

Their DJ was playing really good music! 

The runners were invited to come closer to the stage for the Powder Explosion. We were very excited and when the countdown started, COLORS  spread above us! It was really an enjoyable experience!

 I also found it very therapeutic!

Source: Red Knight Photography

I would like to congratulate the organizers of this event Global Excellence, Lyceum Youth Ambassadors and of course the PINOY ASPIRING RUNNERS for a very successful event!
Source: Running Jack Morales
With so many running events nowadays,  the Color Blast Manila was the most fun of 
all the fun runs I've participated in so far! I want more like this!

Videos during the Color Blast Philippines


  1. My friend asked me to join her for this kind of fun run early next year and good luck with the color powder thingy! I'm kinda of asthmatic so I hope it won't spoil the fun for me! It will be my first fun run ever?! Hehe.

    1. It was really fun! I was asthmatic too but luckily it didn't trigger during the run. Good luck and I am sure it's going to be really fun and in the end, you would be going for more. ;)

  2. Friday night we went and saw a local band perform. We had a great time there. event planner was so helpful because I had no idea where I was supposed to be and they helped me find my seat.

    1. That's very nice that you got helped from the organizers. It was a fun day and the atmosphere was really good! Congratulations on your finish too! ;)

  3. such a fabulous run! i also enjoyed seeing another part of the world along your journey!

    1. Thanks Ananda, this is the other side of me aside from exploring.. :)

  4. These fun runs are really inspirational and your photos are fantastic! I am not sure about getting pelted with paint, but hey, all in good fun, right?

  5. Great event! You get to exercise while appreciating the scenery at Intramuros. Plus the colorful powder looks nice when everyone threw it up in the air. :)

  6. Isn't it messy? haha I haven't joined anything like this fun run before. but would love to join one should there be any in our locality. Wow! Looks like you had a great event/run! I'm even encouraged to continue my running. :D

  7. I missed this one but it is really fun running around Intramuros. I was able to run at Salomon City Trail. Of course, color runs are really cool.

  8. Such a cool run. wish I can join this fun race in the future, if my foot permits.

  9. theres one called the colour run in the uk and i loved it!

  10. I love the Indian Holi and the inspiration it gives worldwide to try color blast. The marathon seems perfectly organized and it is obvious all the participants had a great time!

  11. Such a cool running event! It sounds like colour run!~ :) Keep on running ya~

  12. What a stunning route you followed, certainly makes the run even better! I really want to do a run this year and a colour run would be awesome! :) Sim x

  13. It really looks like you had fun! We have that same run annually here in Korea. It has a different name though -- color me rad.

  14. Those star glasses are so cool. the event looks so colorful. I wish such marathons were arranged in Pakistan.

  15. Colorful events are usually just as fun. I hope no one got allergic reactions to those colored powders.

  16. Congrats on your race. I would love to participate in a color blast. It looks like so much fun! :-)

  17. I am seeing these all over now, congratulations on a good run.

  18. Congrats on finishing the race! Looks like so much fun and the cathedral looks amazing!

  19. That photo with the powder thrown up by the crowd looks really nice and shows you guys had fun! Intramuros wasn't strict about the powder scattered on the streets?

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