September Event (26): 2nd IBTUR 120km Ultramarathon

This 26th of September 2014,  IBTUR 120km will be the most challenging run of my life. The run will start at 8:00 pm on the 26th and no cut off time was implemented. 

The terrain for sure will be very mountainous and more challenging 
compared to last year when we did the IBTUR 88km. 

This was during the last year's IBTUR 88km. We eventually grabbed 
sticks that would help us climb the steep hills. The support vehicles were only allowed up to a certain point so most of the time we relied on each other.

Last year, we finished 88km in 20 hours. I wonder what
 it will be on the 26th?

This will be the route for the 120km. A 360 of never ending uphills and downhills 
will surely test the determination of every runner. 

The medal for the IBTUR 120 km Finishers. 

120km Finisher's Shirt looks so attractive. 


My goal aside from finishing the race is also to raise funds for the
 Philippine Animal Rescue Team. 

A No-Kill Animal rescue group that relies solely by donations. 
They also have pets for adoption and this
 is where I got our new pet Oasis. 

This will be given to the IBTUR Runners who ran last year and 
will run again this year. So I am expecting one of these! Yahoo!

I am very positive that I will finish this race, I will! 

 I may not be that fast as others, I may struggle more than others. But knowing that every steps or every kilometers I am make is making a difference and helping the rescued animals of the Philippine Animal Rescue Team. I have more reason to move forward! 

I do hope that you would support me on my advocacy. If you want to 
make a pledge or donation please visit

Thank you very much and I promise I will update as much as 
I can during the event to keep you all informed.


  1. God bless you on this journey! Keep it up!

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