Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao Twin Hike - Enjoy both in one day!

After arriving from overseas, I really was looking for a motivation to get back into running again or just be outdoors. I have never tried hiking since I have acrophobia . So when I heard that Team Cavite ESE (Endurance Sports Enthusiasts) were organising a hike/ trail run to two of the famous mountains in Nasugbu namely Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao, I thought maybe this was the time to face the greatest fear and get done with it! 

The team arrived at Mt. Talamitam at exactly 6:00 am. A bus going to Nasugbu was easy to find and normally the bus driver or conductor normally knows where to drop you off.  

Upon arriving, we needed to register ourselves first (no fee). This was also the best time for us to warm up and double check that all our things were sealed and safe for the climb. 

A few meters from where we registered, we registered again and paid Php 20.00 . We also hired a local tour guide for Php 300.00 who would take us to the summit of Mt. Talamitam. 

  Expect to see beautiful landscape and streams as you work your way up.

It is also advisable to wear proper trail shoes or anything with traction to avoid slipping.

As we were getting closer to the peak, I looked around and was speechless with the view. It was stunning! 

As we continued to climb, I felt like I was somewhere in Scotland or Ireland. The landscape changed into something magical!

After climbing for over an hour, we finally reached the peak of Mt. Talamitam. It feels good to be on top! 

We rested for a bit and after some photo ops , we head down and  proceeded to our next trail run/hike to Mt. Batulao. 

A few kilometers from Mt. Talamitam, also located in Nasugbu, Batangas was  Mt. Batulao. Another famous destination for mountaineers. Going there was easy. It was the same road going to Calaruega Retreat House. Just drive straight and you will see places to park your vehicles. Tricycles are also available. The view from the starting point was so scenic. 

I never hiked before in my life and I had no idea what was ahead of me. I just carried on and on and enjoyed nature.  

We started hiking and compared to Mt. Talamitam, there were stores selling porridge,
drinks and a refreshing coconut juice.  Buko juice was worth Php 25.00.

When I saw the trails where hikers go, all of a sudden my fear of heights started haunting me. 

There are a total of 10 Peaks that you need to pass to get to the summit and I never thought that these peaks would scare the hell out of me. 

Upon arriving at the Peak 8, a registration of Php 20.00 is required. 

From Peak 8 onward, I experienced the most thrilling/ scariest climb I ever thought I would have done. That Knife Edge was something else. Luckily, clouds covered the steep hills along the route and the wind wasn't that strong.

 They always told me to look straight and lower your center of gravity which I think helped a lot. There were also some parts where you need to rappel to get to the summit and
that was quite fun!  

Finally, I reached Camp 10! Questions like: What have I just done? and:  Was I really at the peak of Mt. Batulao? kept lingering in while on top. I just can't believe I did it!

I am super thankful to Team Cavite ESE for the support they gave me as they knew I was already terrified. 


Mt. Batulao has two routes which is the new and the old route. We started with the new route first and did the traverse going to the old route on our way down. Some of the trails were very steep going down and  involved some rappelling. Another activity added to the fun! 


As I looked to my right side, I was stunned with a breath-taking view. Once again, it was beautiful! My fear suddenly was overtaken with joy and happiness. 


The old route to me was preferable going to the summit if you want to avoid steep hills . 
But if you are up for some adventure,use the new route. 

We also crossed streams where we freshened up and cooled down for a bit. 

Going back was  easier and as you reached the town proper, we saw a place that offered a shower area for only 25 Pesos and  Php 15.00 if you just want to use a bucket of water for washing your shoes or to quickly rinse yourself. 

Both Mt. Batulao and Mt. Talamitam were really beautiful and a great place for adventure . Being so close to Manila, it is highly recommended for a day hike or even camp for a night.

I will never forget this experience as it really tested my limits as a person and not just as a runner. I would like to thank the Team Cavite ESE for another well organized event. It was also a great pleasure to meet the other runners "mamaws" that boosted my morale specially when I felt like giving up and also about endurance running. I really really had a great time! Thank you Mam/ Sirs!

I am definitely coming back again! 


1.DLTB Buendia - First trip to Nasugbu from Buendia is at 3:30am
2.BUS Fare: More or less Php 150/ Person
3.The driver normally knows where to drop passengers if they are going 
    to Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao
4.Tricycles are waiting along the highway that will take you to the starting point 
    of your Mt. Batulao hike.

1. Drive to Tagaytay and carry on until you've driven pass the Nasubgu Arch. 
2. Look for Km. 83 Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas
3. It is located on the right side of the road coming from Tagaytay.
4. Landmarks: Waiting Shed and Karinderia (Tuck Shop) . 
5. The place is around 8-10km from the Nasugbu Arch. 

1.Drive from Tagaytay to Nasugbu
2. Few kilometers after the Nasugbu arch, turn left to the road where Calaruega 
     Retreat House is.
3. Drive straight and you'll find parking spaces for your vehicle.

Budget: Php 1000.00

Bus:  300.00 vice versa
Registration (Talamitam): 20.00
Guide: 30.00 each since were 10 pax

Registration (Mt. Batulao): 40.00 going up/down
Lunch/Coffee/Snacks: 100.00
Mt. Batulao Souvenir Shirt: 350.00

Savings: 160.00


  1. Good job! With that experience I am sure you will climb more heights :)

    1. I think I will sir and im sure and i cant wait to write about it. :)

  2. ricky d franciscoAugust 4, 2014 at 1:20 AM

    sir..whats the name of the bus you rode goin to mt.talamitam??? ty//

  3. Sir it was BLTB po. They can normally be found at the Coastal Bus Terminal. They all pass Tagaytay area din sir.

  4. wow the landscape looks amazing !!!! and it was fun to read your story :D

    1. Thank you so much Eri Votsari! I really freaked out when I did it since this was my first trail and I hate heights! haha

  5. Very nice of you to hit the peak with such happiness. But be very careful when the rain falls and typhoon too.

    1. I really was so happy specially I when I conquered my fear of heights! I went back few weeks after and I wasn't scared like I used to... Thank you so much and take care always Fernando!

  6. wow what a magnificent view! Can't wait to see more of your travel posts :D

    1. Thank you so much Yuh! The place really was stunning and it was even more beautiful during clear skies.

  7. what an adventure. Such a beautiful place and great photos too - look forward to more of your travel stories :)

    1. Thank you so much! It really made me so happy to share my travel stories to all of you!

  8. I love the views! The muddy part where you used a rope to climb down looks scary. Can a beginner climb this mountain carrying a DSLR? hehe

    1. Oh it really was scary! I was really scared of heights and this climb helped me to get over my fear. I just used an underwater camera. It's difficult to carry but I have to take a picture for the sake of this article. Lol.. hahaha #BuwisBuhay

  9. Wow! An adventure worth more than a 1000 pesos! You sure have a great taste for adventure! :-) And yeah, even looking at the pictures, I am speechless! Can I join the next adventure? hahaha #feelingenvious hahaha

  10. The hike looks difficult! Did you need to physically prepare yourself before going on such a trip? The view looks like breathtaking and totally worth a hike though :)

  11. I climbed Mt. Batulao last year for Berghaus launch with people from media and Michelle Gumabao. It was challenging but the view was amazing. I did Mt. Talamitam this year as part of the recon with JC Igos (I can see him in some of your photos). We took the longer and more scenic local trails and it was really a challenge.

  12. I love the scenic beauty in your photographs. The hike sure looks difficult but I am glad you completed it :)

  13. Stunning view! How i wish there are amazing places like that in Manila, where its flat, no climbing to the top haha. Scared of heights too! Haha

  14. What beautiful terrain to take a hike or run in! That alone is great inspiration.

  15. So that's what hikers go for! Whenever I go home from Batangas, I usually get to ride the bus with hikers most probably from these mountains. No wonder some of my friends keep going back to Nasugbu! What a lovely view! How I wish I can also do these activities :( So jealous of you guys!

  16. What an exciting event and congratulations on completing it. Overcoming any type of fear is awesome.

  17. I have climbed Mt. Pinatubo before and this one looks more difficult. Do people just climb by small groups or do they have to go with a big group when climbing there?

  18. this is such a nice adventure. hiking is a nice bonding with ur friends and find/meet new friends. glad u enjoyed

  19. I just read a news another a 25 year old hiker who fell to his death when taking photo of the sunrise! Please do be careful! Safety first. The muddy steep slope looks super scary!

  20. Wow, that hike seems epic, at least judging by your awesome professional pics! You must be very well trained to complete both missions as a double challenge! May I say you look super sweet in the pics :)

  21. Beautiful! All the photos are awesome! The climb was totally worth it.

  22. I like the view, it's really nice. And there is so hazy, I should admit, that it could be hard to find a path because of it.


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