Jerry Segarino Manila 60km Ultramarathon Leg

I've known Sir Jerry Segarino since last year through friends, LSD (Long Slow Distance Run), and I also met him during previous races. He is a very humble runner and someone who is always there to support you; that's how I see Sir Jerry. 

But, what I am more amazed about him was his mission to run from Batanes to Sulu in 45 days. He is doing this as his advocacy to help the street children in our country. 

Salute to that!

Global Runner Cesar Guarin with Sir Jerry Segarino on the right.(Source: 

I have huge respect for Sir Jerry, that's why my friends and I registered for his ultra-marathon event in support for his advocacy.

On the 7th of June 2014 would be my first time to run 60km  -this time on a Saturday as most of the runs are held on Sundays.

There were two categories in this event: the Solo 60km and the Relay Category.  The registration fee was 1500.00 which included the trophy, shirt, medal and a finisher certificate.

We arrived at Luneta 2 hours before the 1:00 am gun start. Race bibs were distributed a few hours before the start of the race and each bib was personalized. 

I also had a chance to meet and greet with
some of the race marshals. 

Now that we had our bibs, it was time to put on our running gears
and handed in our bags at the baggage counter. 

Me with the Pinoy Aspiring Runners (PAR)
all geared up and ready for the 60km run! 

We also had an opportunity to have a photo taken with the Father of Ultramarathon and the Global Runner Cesar Sir Guarin.  He will be running all over the world to finish in 2016 as part of giving thanks to the Filipinos abroad.

If he is successful he will be the first Filipino,
first Asian and fourth person to run around the world.

The race started at exactly 1:00 am.
There were no hydration places along the streets of Manila so aside from going to some convenient stores, this man was kind enough to offer us water located at their town post.

Photo courtesy of AV Photography - AAquino

The route from Luneta to Araneta wasn't that bad. It's nice to see Manila at night specially when the roads were not that busy. I just felt very sad seeing many people sleeping on the streets and homeless. I was so bothered by that.

From Araneta,Cubao to Cogeo was a bit of a challenge because of the heavy fumes and dust! But, we prepared ourselves for that after getting advice from other runners who had run along that area before. Most of the roads were well lit, but it was pitch dark from Masinag to Cogeo .

These are some of things I somehow enjoyed when you run long distances. I see everything as a challenge and conquering those challenges are what I was aiming for. 

Also met with some of the marshals while
we stopped for water and bananas. 

As the sun rose, the landscape slowly changed.

From the busy streets of Manila, we were now heading
 up to the mountainous area of Sierra Madre. 

Photo courtesy of AV Photography - AAquino

I wish I could always wake up to this view every morning. 
Stunning mountain ranges! 

Along the way, there were some fruit trees and we
 treated ourselves to some Duhat ( Syzygium cumini). 

The route to Sierra Madre from Antipolo is a very famous location for bikers and runners as this place will give you a real challenge. Elevation was also another factor and the never ending uphills and downhills are to be expected. 

Heat was getting intense. I joked if they had sunscreen and I was surprised that they had! 
That was very cool! 

Sir Dabull giving Andrew some foot massage. 

These policemen were so kind to fill
 up my hydration bottle. 

The view and the landscape going up the mountain was serene.
 It even felt like you were overseas because it was just beautiful! 

Thank you to Philippine National Red Cross for the pain 
reliever and for supporting us! 

They were very friendly; always there not just for us but for every runner. They were very visible during the race!

After the intense heat, as we got further up the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre, the weather just changed so quickly and rained like crazy!

Photo courtesy of AV Photography - AAquino

For us, it was like a blessing in disguise as the heat was taking it's toll on us and this refreshing rain brought our energy levels back up again. With us was Sir Vic from Team Soleus. I remembered so well when he commented that this race was HARDCORE! 

The finish line was at Sierra Madre Hotel and by the time we arrived at the finish line the rain was pouring. Previously all the finishers were sprinkled with water coming from the fire truck, but for us, it's the Heaven saying CONGRATULATIONS TO US AND TO ALL OF THE FINISHERS!

I thoroughly enjoyed this event. For me this was great and challenging adventure since we experienced almost everything from the routes, the elevation, humidity, the extreme heat, rain, and many more. 

Thank you to all who was part of the organizing committee. 
Sir Jerry Segarino, thank you so much and you have our full support in fulfilling your mission and advocacy! 


  1. I super like this blog.. Super thank you for blogging our event and highlighting Jerry Segarino's "run for a cause" from batanes to jolo in 45 days. Any one who wants to extend help, feel free to contact us. Jerry Segarino FB Page or Jennydear Alcera Briagas FB Account. Thank you and God bless Sir Michael Angelo for this blog..

    1. Its always a pleasure Ms. Jenny. We are always here to support Sir Jerry and his advocacy to help the street children.



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