Surfing The Wonders of Baler, Aurora [Part I]

After so many weeks of preparing for this Last Hurrah for Summer Holiday with friends, time has come for us to explore Baler, Aurora. Heard so many nice things about Baler specially surfing. But I didn't know that Baler has more to offer than surfing. And that's what I'm going to write now. 

The only bus that goes to Baler is GENESIS BUS. They have two options of getting to Baler, either the Joy Deluxe Bus or the Ordinary Tourist Bus. We wanted the Deluxe bus. The bust left at 12:00 midnight and arrives at around 5:00 am. They provided us with blankets, water and biscuits. They even have a stewardess in the bus. WiFi is also available. That's luxury! 

P.S. If you are planning the Deluxe Bus, book ahead of time. You will need to go to their Terminal
Office in Cubao for tickets reservation. Website:

Arrived safely at Baler and took a picture of the places you can visit and things to do in Baler. 

Arrived at Pacific Waves Inn, we were going to stay there for one night. For 8 people in one room, we payed Php 3000.00. Not bad! 
Pacific Waves Inn: (632)5143020/09178950276

This is the view from outside our room. Lovely!

The beach is called Sabang Beach, this is the best place to surf specially for beginners.  

We spotted Mahdox Surf, and decided that we wanted them to teach us how to surf. 

We arrived pretty early and we did not want to waste our day sleeping, we had breakfast, lots of coffee to keep us awake the whole day. What better thing to do to spend your day is go on a DAY TOUR.

Instead of hiring a van, we hired a Tricycle instead. We paid Php 800.00 for 4 pax for the whole day tour. Very Affordable! It may not be the most comfortable but for the price that will do. 


A mass was on going when we arrived and we were wearing shorts which was not 
appropriate at that time so we just stayed outside and took some pictures. 


Right across the church is the houe of Dona Aurora. 
She was the wife of our former President Manuel L. Quezon. 


Everybody was talking about these falls. The ride would take around 30 minute tricycle ride from the Baler Church. Once you arrive there, you will still need to walk for few kilometers since our tricycles cannot make it because of the terrain. We didn't mind walking at all. We felt that it was really fun! 

The walk to the Mother falls was exciting. Seeing the clear waters and 
the landscape made us more excited to see what it's like. 

Part of the walking we did was crossing to some of the bamboo bridges 
made by the people. The place was indeed beautiful! 

Getting to the Mother Falls really was an adventure. The fact that we needed to cross these rocks to get to the falls, was so much fun! But be careful as some rocks can be quite slippery. 

And here it is, Mother Falls! Just amazing! 
Walking here indeed was worth it. 

Water was cold but it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. 


This tree was huge! After the falls, coming here took us around 20 minutes and we were stunned. This must be the biggest tree I've seen in my entire life. We even climb up its roots and went in the tree in between those huge roots. Kinda freaky once inside but it was great

Fifth Stop: 100 pesos Lunch Buffet

I didn't know you can eat as much as you want for Php 100.00. Well,  now I know I can here in Baler!We were told by so many friends that we should try this one out. We loved the food. 
It was delicious and for 100.00? We hit the jackpot!


6th Stop: Ermita Hill

Back in 1735, Baler was hit by a tsunami that killed many people. This family in the photo survived the tragedy by climbing up this hill. And this monument was made to commemorate the survivors of the tsunami. 

View from Ermita Hill

7th Stop: Diguisit Rock Formation

Not far from Ermita Hill is Diguisit Beach and where a nice rock formation stands. 
Make sure you stop on this spot to get a nice view of Diguisit beach. This is also perfect for picture taking.  Just like what we did! Lol.

You can go through this rock formation and take some pictures.
 I think we came in at a right time when it was low tide and just picturesque! 

My friends and I just having a great time! 

8th Stop: Diguisit Falls

Close to the rock formation was our last stop and these falls. Compared to Mother Falls, the hike was much shorter and smaller. Yet, the fun never ends! 

We all had a great time with our tour and in the end we realized that we did well on our first day. 

Stopped again and took more pictures. It was a successful day for the 8 of us! 

We arrived on the 31st of May and what a treat for us to witnessed their Flores De Mayo. The road was blocked temporarily to give way to them and so happy that this tradition still lives. 

Late afternoon and we all went for a swim. The waves here in Sabang were different to the normal waves since Baler faces straight onto the Pacific Ocean. The beach goes shallow for a long way which is good and facing the waves of Sabang Beach made us more excited for our surfing class the next day! 

Found Jelly Fish, but didn't seem to sting this guy. 

Our day 1 went quickly but what we did will surely last a lifetime. 


  1. mr angelo..we read your blog about aurora..we were glad you had so much fun in our province. we hope you can come back and see more of our beautiful spots here. next time you may drop by our office to get more tourism information. however, we have observed some information in your blog that need to be corrected. like, dona aurora aragon quezon is not the mother of manuel quezon, she was the wife of the late pres manuel quezon. another thing is, the tsunami you were referring to your blog did not happen on the 70's, it happened on dec 27, 1735. lastly, may i know, who was your trycicle service? we have a list of recognized tryk service in our office. thanks so much...see you soon again in baler :)

    1. Thank you so much and my apologies for the wrong information stated in my blog. I've already updated the information.

      Will definitely plan a trip very soon and would like to visit the tourism information when I get there.

      Regarding the tricycle, unfortunately I already forgot who took us to different places. All I can remember was he was parked nextto Bahia De Baler and approached us as walked around.

      Once again, thank you very very much!


  2. namiss ko bigla Baler nung nakita ko to.nice!

    1. Hi Antonio, Thanks so much ... Indeed was a great to place .. Missing the place too!

    2. Hope to travel with you soon Sir.

  3. Hi Angelo,

    This is Corics I also followed you on twitter. Actually we've been to Baler last June and we really had fun and we have visited some of their tourism spots. We got bitin on Surfing and we are planning again to visit on August 24-26 as it is a long weekend and going to Dinadiawan is also in our itinerary... any inputs on that place if you have? thank you and when is ur plan visiting Baler again?? thanks also for the info and photo's.


  4. Hi Corics, Thanks for following me on twitter. Glad you had an awesome time at Baler. We wished we could surf more too. I believe it is a long weekend so go with your plan of visiting baler. Will surely visit the place anytime this year or early next year. I checked on the Dinadiawan and it looks stunning. We havent been to that beach though due to we dont have much time. but this will surely be in my itenerary next time I visit.

    Take care and God Bless Corics!

    Angelo the Explorer

    1. Hey Angelo.

      Thanks for the reply. We're very excited for our second wave to Baler this coming Saturday and we are hoping that we could enjoy more specially in Dinadiawan area as they were also affected by the last typhoon Labuyo. I had fun viewing your pics...hehehe

      Hope to meet you guys on the next trip somewhere.

      By the way, we are also planning to visit Borawan Island in Quezon Province by next month. We are still trying to check the accommodation and all.

      Have a great day ahead.



  5. I did not know there's another restaurant that offers buffet meals in Baler carlito's restaurant, is it in the main town also? thanks :D

  6. very nice dear hope i can go and travel soon...

    1. Dear you should we need that! See you soon! Miss you dear Alyna!


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