A Hike To The Crater of TAAL VOLCANO

Since we are staying from Cavite, Tagaytay is not really far away from us. And Tagaytay is not complete with out looking at this famous Taal Volcano. 

Our friend from the UK arrived few days ago and adding to her itinerary is a hike to Taal Volcano together with our dogs. 

We arrived very early in Tagaytay and just asked people along the streets of Tagaytay who were offering boat rides to the volcano. The boat ride fee is around 2000.00 but I'm pretty sure you can haggle to lower the price of the ride. (Please make sure that they wear identification cards). The boat ride is going to take around 30 minutes. The ride can be rough specially if it's windy , it just add more fun to your adventure. 

Once you get to the island, you have two options. Whether you rent a horse to take you to the top or you hike. We prefer hiking!

The hiking would take around a maximum of an hour depending on how fast you are walking. You can stop from time to time and enjoy the view. Please make sure you drink lots of water.

Once reaching the top, you get the most amazing view of the crater. And for your information, it's an active volcano so you see smoke coming out from the vents. Where else can you do that? 

This was our second time here with our dogs and unfortunately Mocha's last adventure as he passed away 4th of March 2013. :(

Anyway, hiking in Taal Volcano really should be in your list if you want to do some hiking adventure.The feeling that you are walking on an active volcano and one of the smallest volcano in world, it's priceless! 

Boats that can take you to the Taal Volcano 

Mocha and Whisky, on our way to the Volcano 

We are very excited for this trip. 

Getting ready to hike 

Tess and Whisky 

Oh! I need some rest... Lol.. 

View from the island volcano 

Their boat is so pretty.. I love the pointed tips! 

Me, tess and the doggies .. Finally we made it! 

My friend was very fit but his shoes weren't! 


Smoke coming out from the vents here 

I like this pic! 

You can also hike all the way there! 

I didn't know i was standing right on the edge, of glory? he he 

Were not the only ones walking... Just walk .. It's a good exercise! 


  1. Hi! Is this safe? I mean, for kids? Would love to take the kids to see that but I'm getting slightly paranoid about the boat capsizing and all.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your dog.

    1. Yes it is very safe! I saw a lot of kids when we visited. If they are not used to the hike, they can hire a pony that will take them to the top. The boat is quite stable and they don't overload it with tourists. It only takes around 15 minutes to get to the volcano itself from Talisay.. You have to visit this place! :)

  2. How fun! We've been on trips like this before and they're always such adventures. Those boats are awesome. Glad you had a good time there.

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  4. It seems really great, I like those beautiful scenes. Walking all the way by enjoying natural beauty is probably the best part of this adventure. I will surely visit this place in the future.

  5. hmmm.. i expected the volcano to be more prominent! heh.. but it still looks as beautiful! never seen a volcano - none here in malaysia :(

  6. I've gone up Taal Volcano with my cousins and it was fun; the view's also gorgeous! I just wish the local government and the residents would clean up those portions of the lake with unnecessary items. The chair sure did look misplaced right there.

  7. i love the pictures! the place is so scenic! and you brought your pet dogs along! sorry to hear that Mocha is gone. :(

  8. We also went to Tagaytay-with office coworkers. I also wish we did hiking!

  9. Hiking in Taal Volcano really seems like an awesome hiking adventure. The island is so beautiful and the nature is amazing. Love the pics with Mocha. At least you have wonderful memories that you shared with Mocha as your companion in the hike.

  10. scary adventure with all the smoke coming out of the volcano haha but then seems like a nice place to visit :)

  11. Sounds like hella fun! :) I would love to go there. Sorry about your dog btw

  12. I wonder if dogs do get sea sick? Just a thought when I got really sick when doing squid jigging in Malaysia earlier this year.

  13. Tess and Wisky are looking so adorable. Glad you have loads of fun :D

  14. Whenever we are in Tagaytay, we are often approached by those men offering boat rides. I've always wanted to go but my mom's too afraid. Your post made me want to go there more! The view is just breathtaking. Ugh...

  15. Nice scenery pic, volcano seems interesting. It's really unlucky that your friend shoes give up.

  16. I would really like to do this with my family as well. We have climbed Pinatubo before. This one, since horseback is a choice, I think my kids will opt for that. How much to they charge per horse?

  17. I should really do this trek. It would be nice to be up close with Taal Volcano.

  18. What a wonderful trip! I would absolutely love to do it! And great pics too!

  19. Your friend's shoes.. LOL.. Time for a new pair of hiking shoes!~ Nice scenery and great experience!

  20. What an exciting adventure! I would love to someday hike to a volcano and see the wonders they offer.

  21. What a beautiful view! Wish to visit this place in the future :D

  22. Sorry to read about Mocha's passing... This looks like it was quite the adventure, and that we probably need to wear hiking boots. ;-)

  23. I really love visting countries yet i dont visited any country ,but i think you enjoyed lot and lol those shoes became like that .. such a great view of pics ,i loved it much awesome
    Thanks for sharing it
    Good luck


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