MAGALAWA ISLAND in Zambales, A Serene Paradise!

After hearing this from a friend .. I checked out this island and was already caught by it's beauty. 

We decided to stay at Armada Resort and booked our stay for 3 days 2 nights.The booking process was quite easy. They only require a thousand deposit to reserve. 

We went there by a car and it was quite easy but commuting there shouldn't be a problem as well. Directions are indicated in their website. 

We finally arrived in our destination and the port or place where they are going to pick us up to the island wasn't that impressive but according to the owners they are working on improving or moving the pick up station to a different location. 

On our way to the island and seeing it closer and closer, I cannot stop myself from getting more excited. We were greeted with a smile by the staff of Armada Resort and felt very welcomed already. Since meals are included in their prices we went straight to the dining area and enjoyed our meals. They prepare local dishes and mostly seafoods which I prefer a lot! But im sure you can make special requests and pay extra if you are a bit picky with food.

We rented a beach front air conditioned room for 3500/night. The accommodation was basic but everything you need is there so I'm Happy! Magalawa Island is indeed a paradise, an unspoiled paradise! It's something you have to see for yourself. 

Armada is also a place of total relaxation. Electricity is very limited, its only available at night time. But I also feel it's a good thing because you get to bond with your friends and love ones more. I also enjoy our afternoon nap after a nice meal, all you have to do is to occupy one of their huts and nap. The swim and snorkeling in the island is also very good and a must try. They have a floating raft where you can eat lunch and will take you to a snorkeling spot. That to me was very special! 

It's also nice to walk around the island and meet some of the locals and enjoy the scenery as there is so much to see and to appreciate more the beauty of Magalawa Island. 

The people and staff of Armada Resort were very kind and humble to us. They treated us so well during our entire stay and we felt very special all the time.

If you are looking for a place of relaxation and a paradise island, this is the right place for you!

Website of the resort:

Sunset here is beautiful! 

Walking along the sands of Magalawa

This was taken before Sunset 

Best place to Nap in the afternoon 

I just loved this stretch of Sand! 

Underwater Photo in Magalawa Island 

The Explorers! 

Lunch upon arrival. 

It's just beautiful! 

Dining Area 

Room where we stayed. 

Reflections from the calm waters on the other side of Armada Resort. 

We are just having a great time! 

A fisherman offered us an Octopus worth Php 150.00. Yummy! 

Beach on the other side of Armada Resort 

Yummy Lunch! 

View of the beach from the raft 

Lunch on the raft was a great experience!

Will surely come back to this beautiful place ! 

Magalawa Island Address

Magalawa Island Armada Resort
Palauig, Zambales, Philipines

Magalawa Island Phone Number:

Phone: +63920-948-3303


  1. Did you bought the Octopus? How does it taste?

    1. Yes we did! For that price, you can't say no. We let the resort cooked it for us and it was delicious!

  2. Another great destination to go to!

    1. Indeed Rem! You have to visit Magalawa Island soon! :)

  3. Never heard of this place before. Thanks for sharing! Adding this to my next destination. I love the raft lunch idea. I want to experience that too!!! One thing that concern me is manong having a cigarette while he's on his boat. I hope he throws his cigarette in the proper place and not in the beach.

  4. What a beautiful sunset. Gosh the food looks so fresh too.

    1. Stacy, you have to try Magalawa! It's very quiet and the food is delicious indeed!

  5. Hi Sir, do you have contact person for Armada Resort?.. We are planning to go there but they dont reply in emails and txt that was posted in their site.

    1. Good day Chelle, the one I got is +63920-948-3303 . I checked their facebook site and it looks like you are not the only one having a problem reaching them.

  6. Nice post. :) wanna go there too.
    for the 3500/night you mentioned, is that per person? or per group? thanks! :)

    1. The rate is per person including the meals for the whole day. Pleasure po and I am sure you will have a great time sa Magalawa Island. I really wanna go back again! ;)

  7. thought magalawa island was just a hoax until I read this blog!


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