Excellent Food at Uncle Cheffy Restaurant!

A friend of mine invited me to watch the Pyromusical Show at Prism Plaza and that's when he introduced to me this restaurant. First of all, I really like the location. Prism Building really stands out next to Mall of Asia. 

The food we really enjoyed a lot. They offered a wide variety of food choices. What you must try is their Panizza! It's like pizza but eaten in a different way. They have 3 toppings that you can put in the middle and rolled it out like a wrap. We enjoyed it a lot and so we ordered two! Lol!

The staff of Uncle Cheffy were so friendly and very accommodating. They even have acoustic band performing every weekends. The location is great with a nice view of the bay and the city on the other side and the food is excellent! Definitely will go back to this place! You should try it out!

Prism Building
Prism Building changes its coulours

Glenn and the Uncle Cheffy Staff

Glenn and Ver with Nice. 

Just a very happy customer


Our 2nd Panizza!

View from the Prism Plaza

Lovely Pyromusica!
JP, Ver, Glenn and Myself