Having a Great Time at White Beach, Puerto Galera!

Picture from http://www.puertogalera.org/white-beach/ 

Puerto Galera is one of the most popular destination in the Philippines. It is only 3-4 hours away from Manila which makes it very ideal for people to visit the place for a short vacation. Puerto Galera is big, there is Sabang and many others. But mostly locals go to WHITE BEACH, Puerto Galera.

Going there is very easy. As long as you catch a bus going to Batangas Pier you will never get lost. If you prefer to drive, you may use GPS or stick to SLEX and Star Tollway. Once you reach the circle continue to turn and go on to the 2nd exit and that road will lead to Batangas Pier. Signs are everywhere so getting lost around is very unlikely.

Once you get to the port area, they have parking areas where you can park your car inside the port and it's very safe since there are security guards around. The parking fee isn't much. There are also so many boats that cater trips to White Beach and better to get a round trip.

White Beach is a really nice place to visit. So many restaurants to choose from and places to stay. At night there are so many bars and performances such as fire dancers and drag queens doing some impersonation. I kinda like the vibe! I think it's very cool!

Giant Burger of Guli Divers... YUMMY! 

Mindoro Sling .. Only in White beach! 

This adds up to the glitter of White Beach 

Boat to Batangas- Puerto Galera 

Parasaling is fun .. You must try it out 

Fire Dancing 

Fish feeding is allowed in the Coral Garden 

Snorkeling in the Coral Garden should be in your list. 

Underwater Photo in the Coral Garden 

and lakbaypilipinas 

Our Favorites:
Favorite Place to Eat: GULI Diving ( They serve really good pizza and fresh baked breads for breakfast)
Where we stayed: VM Resort. (It's very affordable and everything you need is there and they accept dogs)
Where we party: MiKos Bar ( We made friends of the people there)
Who organized our snorkelling/JetSki/ and other adventure trips: Jerome (He can be trusted and his a nice person. 0921-780-0405)

This link might help you: http://www.puertogalera.org/white-beach/

Banana Boat is one of the many things you can do here 

Sunset here is also spectacular! 

Playing beach volleyball 

Niki Tiki Floating Bar

White Beach is a dog friendly beach!

Whisky so excited!

You'll always have a place to sun bathe here 


  1. Nice blog post, I will visit Puerto Galera this weekend, and this post surely is a help.


    1. Thats so cool!!! Im pretty sure you will have a great time!!!

  2. I heard about it before but never saw amazing photos like this one. I'm sure it's very exciting and love the Giant burger.

    1. Oh every time I visit Puerto Galera, I always crave for this burger. You must try and visit Puerto Galera soon ;)

  3. I can't swim but I love water activities!!! Your travel blog is very informative and I always like how you show what are the interesting things that can be done in the area.

  4. I haven't gone to Puerto Galera in years. As in, years! I'd like to go back and bring my kids. The White beach sounds like a great place to bring them. :)

    How cute is your little doggy on that boat, too!:)

  5. It seems that you had a lot of fun visiting Puerto Galera. The white beach looks very beautiful.

  6. How amazing does that place look! I am so insanely jealous! The Mindoro sling looks good too! ;) Sim x

  7. Nice! I have not been to Puerto Galera. I am happy that there is parasailing in Puerto Galera. I want to try that. I should remember to visit the place especially that it is very accessible. Plus, I know a friend who lives in Mindoro.

  8. I used to love Puerto Galera, but I haven't gone there in a loooong time. The last time I was there was in 2003 and I got robbed. Someone cut my bag and stole it - I haven't returned since then.

    I am glad though that Puerto Galera seems to be maintained. It still has a nice beach strip if you ask me. Nice sand, gorgeous blue waters, and a vibrant night life.

  9. Gorgeous view. Happy vacation with good foods and entertainment. Lucky you to be traveling frequently.

  10. Going to the White Beach in Puerto Galera must be a great experience because the flora and fauna there are of incredible variety, moreover there are some nice restaurants where u can have some fun with friends. Would love to visit it, too!

  11. I like the scenic Puerto Galera beach view and all those fun activities you shared.

  12. I've never been to Puerto Galera, but it looks so much fun in photos! Are the corals better there or in Boracay?

  13. Beautiful place! Maybe one day I will get to visit the Phillipines!

  14. My dad's hometown is Bauan and most of our neighbors there have been to Puerto Galera because it's so close to our location there but we never get the chance to visit because when my parents are home for holidays, the trips to Puerto Galera is already fully booked. :(

    Hoping one day, I could see the beauty of this island for myself.

  15. We have been to PG before when it was less developed than this with all the activities. We rode a RORO and drove our car over, very convenient. Hope we can go back one day.

  16. Puerto Galera is one of my top destinations in the country this year. Hopefully, I can make it. The place looks fun! ^_^

  17. The fishes are beautiful! I love the sunset photo you took too! Hahaha, not to forget the dogs. This is definitely a great place to have fun and enjoy ourselves!

  18. WoW! What an exciting outing and a full day of fun. I like tht you went parasailing; that is impressive. Love the pictures too.

  19. I haven't been to Puerto Galera yet, but I've always wanted to. So will definitely be bookmarking your post! :)

  20. I want to go White Beach, Puerto Galera place where loads of things here for to do and enjoy the life.

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