WetShop Aquathlon 2012

 I have been waiting for this event since last year. For some body who wants to be in a Triathlon but cannot afford to get a bike yet, this is the way to start.

I have prepared for this event for 2 weeks and what I like about this is the way you challenge yourself. The feeling of making it to the finish line is such a great accomplishment already. And aside from the great accomplishment, it makes me strive harder and train harder. 
Aquathlon consists of a continuous, two-stage race involving swimming followed by running. (wikipedia)

Swim : 800 metres
Run: 3 km
Venue: Philsport Arena

                                        Body Marking . No. 114

Tri-suits need not to be expensive. 
Transition One is one of the cheapest yet one of the best there is. 

Philsport Swimming Pool . 
It's a huge pool and we need to swim for 2 rounds 
to complete the 800 metres.

Getting ready and feeling m ore focused this time

And off we swim! 

Been kicked and hit everywhere , but carried on!

Trying to find a gap here... ;) 

Now for the 2nd round.

Thumbs up for that!

Jump again !

Long glide and keeping your body
 straight helped me a lot!

Need to run all the way to the finish line!


What a great feeling this event was!

Never expected my name will be called. I'm just very happy they did! 

Number 3 is just a number. Being up there feels like a winner already! What's more important was everybody was happy! 

3rd Place  -  30 - 34 Age Category . Finally!!! This is just the start of something better ahead!

         It's also great to meet new people who are into this kind of sport.   
       People were helping and supporting one another during the race. This was such  a great experience and whether you are beginner or a pro, AQUATHLON is 
                                          the next big thing! 



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