Dining Experience: Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen at Evia Lifestyle Center

Everybody is looking for good food. We are all craving new flavors, a new ambiance, and a new place to dine. If you are a person like me, I think you must try dining at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen.

This restaurant serves a variety of Italian cuisine and other European favorites that are well liked by all.   I first savored their menu when I was in Solenad in Sta Rosa, Laguna with my family and from then on, I just fell in love with it. 


Mt. Apayang and Mt. Talamitam (TRAVERSE) : Explore Two Summits In One Day!

Mountain Hiking is evidently becoming more and more popular and travelers are now looking for more adventure. More mountains are being discovered and now opened to the public. Everybody knows Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas. Recently, the mountain next to it, Mt. Apayang opened its trail to the public - and that's what why we came in to explore.

Exploring MARAGONDON, CAVITE with the Cavite Tourism and Team XPLORRA

As a blogger who is based in Cavite, every time I ask people what think when they hear the word Cavite, people always think of Tagaytay City, Emilio Aguinaldo, Andres Bonifacio and the Revilla's .

But more than this, there is actually a lot to see and explore in this Province. That is why when I was invited by XPLORRA with regards to travel website launch of Cavite Tourism, I felt that this was a great opportunity to know more about what I consider to be my new home province.


Towns and Cities to Explore in the Province of Cavite

Recently, Cavite Tourism with the help of XPLORRA launched the very first tourism website for the Province of Cavite, WWW.CAVITETOURISM.COM . 

This website will take travelers through different experiences in the Province of Cavite in terms of food, culture, history, scenic landscapes and much more activities. 

Soon, the province of Cavite will be one of  next best destinations in the Philippines! 

Here are the lists of towns and cities that you can explore in Cavite. All these and more can be found when you visit the www.CaviteTourism.com website. 


Let’s Explore Cavite: Dig into History and Adventure

While the Philippines’ 7,100+ islands are littered with virgin white beaches, epic landscapes, and pockets of historical novelties, information to these travel destinations are spread over hundreds of websites and and social media sites. XPLORRA consolidates all of these, explores all possible attractions on foot, and collects them in a neat website XPLORRA.com. Powered by XPLORRA, www.CaviteTourism.com is an exciting new platform that lists Cavite’s popular and emerging attractions and allows you to book directly to tours, acitivities, homestays, hotels, and resorts.

SUPREMO 4K : An Action Camera Perfect for Adventure Seekers On a Budget

As a traveler, taking photos has always been a part of every adventure. Travelling is so much fun when we capture the best out of our travels and share photos with all of our friends. But aside from taking photos with the use of your phone, there are so many cameras nowadays that can be used and if you are looking for one, then you have to try the SUPREMO 4K!