Experience Walking on a Glacier at MER DE GLACE in Chamonix, France

After enjoying the summer sun at Lake Garda in Italy, we headed our way up to France. The scenery on our way there by road was so picturesque, especially when you started seeing the magnificent sight of the French Alps and what is even more amazing was to see those glaciers making their slow but icy progress through the high Alpine Valleys. 


ALL HOME , ALL DAY SUPERMARKET & COFFEE PROJECT now bring a new retail experience to KAWIT,CAVITE!

All Value’s first foray in retail was through All Home, a one-stop shop for home builders and owners. Following its rapid expansion and success in Luzon, the group then grew their retail portfolio to include department stores, supermarkets, and food establishments. 

JetT 7 Bistro Re-Opens as a Diner this October 2017 in Timog Ave., Quezon City!

The business of food will always be a popular choice of industry to get into for a lot of entrepreneurs, yet it deems to be one, if not the most “cutthroat” of industries. People will have to eat, but with the vast choices of restaurants around, what can a restaurant owner do to compete and get the attention of the Filipino food-loving public?


Explore MACAU - Things to see and do in one day!

Aside from the different places to see and explore in Hong Kong, many tourists frequently visit another destination not far from Hong Kong, and that is Macau.

From Casinos to its history, Macau is always a destination for tourists who perhaps look forward to a different type of adventure. 



For many locals and tourists to Manila, Tagaytay is the automatic choice for views, an escape from the busy city and the touch of cool mountain air.  A traditional stop has always been the Taal Vista Hotel, one of the oldest hotels to grace Tagaytay ridge overlooking the crater lake and its volcanoes.  Now Taal Vista has something even more to offer and this time it has a gastronomic treat in store for its clientele.

Unusual Places for KYIV Tourists to Visit

If someone claims that Ukraine is an improper solution to spend a vacation, redirect this person to destinations.com.ua and he or she will change the mind. In fact, it does not matter what country or city you visit because any place has something attractive and charming. Ukraine can boast of a great history that brought multiple monuments, castles, and miscellaneous historical attractions. Meanwhile, many European countries can offer the same package of tourist attractions. Anyhow, there is no need to follow the rules since you can visit places that are not much sought after by tourists. To your attention some of the hidden or unknown destinations that deserve your visit in the capital city of Ukraine.

Fountain of the Black Sea
Source: http://photos.wikimapia.org/p/00/03/12/20/53_big.jpg


A Week Exploring UKRAINE

People prefer to go to a romantic Paris, urban Berlin or at least whimsical Barcelona, ignoring one of the unique countries where it is possible to enjoy every time of the year. You just need to determine your purpose whether you think about traveling to Ukraine just in order to ski, to swim in the sea or to make the guided tour of the biggest cities. If you get a week off and decide to travel to Ukraine in order to become better acquainted with the country and its beauties, you should choose only several cities to visit in a week.

However, you should better stay in Kiev to get an opportunity to reach easily the biggest cities by train or a plane in several hours. Every city of Ukraine has its own interesting features and unique charm. This article was kindly provided by the best dating site in Ukraine YourBrides

Source: http://flashtravel.com.ua/_Files/resorts/UA/kyiv/661750.jpg

Cozy Slovenia: An Ideal Destinations for Couples

Tourists do not often choose Slovenia travel as their main destination, but if you want to spend a cozy weekend or even a small vacation with your beloved partner, put this country on your list of the future trips for you two. Slovenia is a small, fresh, beautiful and unknown country, hidden somewhere between Italy, Croatia and Austria and it is entirely covered with hills.

If you decide to travel to Slovenia spontaneously (or not spontaneously), when you have a week off from work and a great desire to devote this time each other in some amazing place, do not hesitate, come. And if you do not have anyone to travel with, you must visit the best European dating site datingladies.com



Helping a Girl Get Accustomed to the New Country: Tips & Advice

Moving to another country is almost always connected with certain difficulties. They can manifest in different ways: a girl can become whiny, overwhelmed, a little irritable, or she may close herself off.


BREAKOUT PHILIPPINES - An Awesome Escape Game is finally at Greenbelt 3!

People nowadays are always in search for something innovative, different, exciting and fun to do in the metro. If you are a person who enjoy finding clues, acting like detectives,  solving logical puzzles,  and escape games, then BREAKOUT is the venue for you!

BREAKOUT is the Philippines' Premier Escape Room that will really take you and your friends to a different level of fun. 

TAAL VISTA HOTEL - My Staycation of Choice in Tagaytay City!

Every time me Friends and I plan for the weekend or for long holidays, Tagaytay is always included as a possibility on the list . Its distance from Manila is not really that far and aside from the low temperature in the area, tourists visit Tagaytay to get a glimpse of the very famous Taal Lake and Volcano.