Product Review: AUTO-GARD Waterless Car Wash and High Performance Microfiber Cloth

Few days ago, I received a parcel for review. I had no idea what it was until I opened it and received the Auto-Gard Waterless Car Wash and along with it, the Auto-Gard Microfiber Cloth. And when I saw it, I felt that this was heaven sent. 

With the weather that we have here in the Philippines, most car owners take their car for a car wash at least once a week. At the place where I am working, dust is the number one problem. Since we don't have a big enough parking area, we normally park our cars outside where they are exposed to sunlight and the elements. This is why, I could not wait to give this product a try.

Auto-Gard Waterless Car Wash is a spray-on and wipe-off cleanser that safely removes surface contaminants. Their formula is designed to lift dirt away from your car's paint to help ensure a scratch free finish. In addition to all these, the spray-on method conserves a lot of water per wash. 

The Auto-Gard High Performance Microfiber Cloth is a non-abrasive cloth that will not scratch your car and is high absorbent too. These two work hand in hand to ensure clean surface that does not damage your car's paint finish. 

Before trying it, it is important to read the back label to ensure that you are doing it correctly. 

It is very easy to use, you either spray it on the cloth or you spray it straight onto the car surface. Just make sure that your car temperature is cool and not too hot. Rubbing it on the surface was very easy and you can already see the result just in a few rubs. 

It didn't take a while before I covered my car with Auto-Gard Waterless Car Wash. A few sprays can go a long way. 

Auto-Gard Waterless Car Wash is also compatible with other surfaces like paint, windows, wheels, headlights and trim. 

On the right I sprayed the Auto-Gard Waterless Car Wash and it was so obvious that the one on the right is clearly more shiny and polished than the one on the left without the having it sprayed yet. 

Am I going to continue using this product? Definitely a YES! 

Auto-Gard Waterless Carwash is very easy to use and you can actually see results. In addition, we know how expensive it is to go to a car wash every week, and by using this, you save a lot of money and you get to help the environment by by lessening the water consumption. The use of the Microfiber Cloth was also a big help making it a practical must have, not just for the car but also for other house hold chores. 


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