17 Most Beautiful Places I Visited in Europe last 2016

2016 has been a great year for me as a travel blogger. I am very thankful and blessed to have met new friends in the blogging industry. Even with my hectic job, I was still able to get a chance to travel and appreciate the beauty of life in different environments. 

For almost a year, we've been saving up and preparing for our Grand European Vacation. This was a chance of a lifetime and something we've been wanting to do for the longest time and 2016 made it possible. 

I left my teaching job for 5 years in a private school and, before I entered public school teaching, I went on a month vacation around Europe. The experience was definitely something we will always treasure and I thank God for this opportunity. 

During our adventure in Europe, we stayed in a very cozy camper van (POPPY) owned by our friends, Justin and Joey Kock. Poppy took us to many beautiful places around Europe.


BEHOLD BATAAN : A Quick Visit to Some Famous Places in Bataan!

After witnessing the grandeur of the PAWIKAN FESTIVAL 2016,  it was time to head back to Manila. But since none of us were really on a rush, we decided to check on some interesting places that are en route to Manila. I must admit in the end, we had such an amazing time! 


PAWIKAN FESTIVAL 2016 - Help Save Our Pawikans!

The PAWIKAN FESTIVAL 2016 is an annual celebration held in the Municipality of Morong, Bataan in cooperation of the Provincial Government of Bataan and Bataan Tourism Council. This festival is not an ordinary type of festival as it's main priority is to help raise awareness in saving the Pawikans (Marine Turtles) which are considered endangered.


Regency Grand Suites - Manila : A Great Hotel with a Breathtaking View of Manila!

When in Manila, everybody knows that Malate is an area of the city that never sleeps. As a center of nightlife and tourism, it is one place you can't ignore visiting and that's what we did! For our staycation, we booked at a very central and very affordable hotel, the Regency Grand Suites.


Morning Side Trip in SAMAL ISLAND, DAVAO

Since our flight was in the afternoon, what better way to spend the morning than on a beautiful island only  few minutes away from the City of Davao. 

Samal Island is the best place to get away from the busy atmosphere of the city. This island has so much to offer tourists: white sand beaches, dive spots, waterfalls, and so much more.

With only few hours to spare, we skipped breakfast, grabbed a taxi and ask the driver to take us to the closest ferry that would take us to Samal, Island. 

The cab driver took us to SAMAL FERRY WHARF where we immediately hopped onto a ferry boat and left for Samal Island. 

FERRY FEE: Php 10.00