Exploring Awesome Sites in LONDON using the LONDON PASS

Our dream vacation started with only a few days in London. We wanted to make the most out of it and explore as much as we could in this bustling city of London.

Prior to our European trip, our friend told us about the London Pass and how we could maximize it while we were in London. This card gives you a privilege pass to so many tourist destinations in the city and no need to queue and buy tickets, which can take up so much of your touring time. 

With 2 days to spend in London, here are the places we visited using our London Pass!


This famous palace is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Be amazed with the King's and Queen's State Aparments that have been preserved in a pristine condition.  It also served for a long time as the official residence of the famous and well-loved Princess Diana. The long history of this place can also be seen with the wide collection of historical articles from all over the world.  While were there there was a really interesting exhibition of outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and other members of the royal family. The beautiful landscape surrounding the Kensington Palace is a sight to see specially the Sunken Garden. 


Often mistakenly called the London Bridge, Tower Bridge has been over River Thames since 1894. This bridge is also considered as one of the most famous, not just in the UK, but in the world. We were very lucky to visit this bridge with ease as the queue to get the ticket was so long. Thank goodness for London Pass, we avoided the queues and easily and enjoyed the breath taking views of the City of London. In addition, we were able to see the Engine Rooms not far from the bridge. A very interesting tour indeed! 


Considered as one of the most famous fortresses in the world, the Tower of London is also home to the Crown Jewels where you will see the crowns and other artifacts that are basically PRICELESS! With all the places to visit in London, to see the crowns of the King and Queens of England are a must see!


After our Tower Bridge Tour, we walked to see The Shard which is the tallest building in Western Europe and came across this very interesting find. With the London Pass, we were able to learn the dark history about London Bridge. And after that, the scariest experience begins. We entered this chamber and never stopped screaming until we got out! It was really fun but not for the faint-hearted! 


Next to Big Ben, is this UNESCO World Heritage Site which is very famous for it's old paintings, one of a kind stained glass windows, and of course, where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. You have to see Westminster Abbey! It is better to come early as there so many people wanting to go into one of the grandest church in the UK.


To get around to different sites around the City of London, worry no more as the Golden Tours Buses will take you around using your London Pass card. You can hop on and off anywhere around the city with no problem. Just make sure you know their schedule otherwise you may take the Underground Tube. 


Another way to get around the city of London is by River Thames. Using your London Pass with City Cruises, you can hop on and off along the river Thames. This is also a very interesting trip as you can get to see the other side of the city.

For rates and more information on the London Pass, you can check their website at www.londonpass.com 

2 Important Cards You Must Have when Exploring London

London is a very beautiful city with much to see and when you are touring this place, careful planning is required to save time and get to visit as many sites as possible in a short amount of time.

Aside from having a pocket money and accommodation, there are two things that you must have to ease your travel plans in this beautiful city of LONDON.


If you are travelling around the city, the best way to go around is by using their Underground Train System called the Tube. It is one of the easiest way to get to different destinations around the city. But you have to study the route carefully. Anyhow, buying a ticket can sometimes be confusing. But, if you have the OYSTER CARD, you can just reload and tap it at almost any Underground stations as well as some of the city rail services. That saved so much of our time fwhen transferring from one place to another. It really is a must have!


In most tourist spots, buying a ticket can sometimes be a problem. With London Pass, you don't need to worry as the card serves as your ticket to over 60 major tourist attractions in London. This is actually one of the best travel partners you could have in London. It also has the added benefit of missing some of the queues as some sites prioritise tourists holding the London Pass. To check whether the place accepts London Pass or not, you normally find a sticker at the entrance of London Pass. Or, you could bring your booklet with the list of all the places you can explore.

So in your future travel to London, make sure you have these cards with you!


Flying Experience with QATAR AIRWAYS

After careful planning and visa processing, the time had finally arrived for us to start our Dream European Vacation. We prepared for years just to make it happen, and this year, the airline of choice was Qatar Airways.

Out of so many airlines to choose from, Qatar Airways had the most affordable ticket prices to London. In addition, Qatar Airways flies on an A380 from Doha to London. First and foremost, flying on an A380 for me was a top priority. Aside from having the most comfortable seats, but just the fact that it is the biggest commercial airliner in the world at the moment, that is something else!

Upon arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the plane took off at exactly 7:35 pm at night and the trip took 8 hours from Manila with the expected arrival at 00:45 am at Doha, Qatar

Though it was getting late at night, but there is something special about the experience of flying. And when flying, we always choose the aisle seats so it's easier for us to move around.

I love the interiors of Qatar Airways 777-300ER. The seats were pretty comfortable as well and the blue light also set a nice mood in the plane.

Qatar Airways also has a wider screens for perfect viewing during the flight. The flight information also became more interesting with nice graphics.

Selfie in the toilet, 36,000 feet in the air.

During the flight, the menu was handed to the passengers. I could not wait to check on what food was available on Qatar Airways.

Checked on the screen and still got a long way to go. But there are so many movies and shows to choose from their in flight entertainment , so we're not bothered.

Meals arrived and I must admit, it was flavorful! Most times I find airplane food bland, but Qatar Airways is different! It was delicious and they didn't use plastic cutlery.

And after 8 hours, we safely arrived at Doha, Qatar. This time, we chose a lay over of only 3 hours since we wanted to arrived at Heathrow Airport early the next morning so we could explore more of London.

Qatar Airport doesn't sleep so even if you arrive in early morning, you can still shop and dine around the airport while waiting for your flight.

Few minutes from our boarding time, I finally came face to face with my favorite airplane. The Airbus A380!

It was 2012 since I last boarded an A380, and when I walked inside, and then again the feeling was just amazing as always!

The trip was smooth and there was not much turbulence during the entire trip. It's also nice that there is camera where we can see what's going on outside.

Sleeping on the plane is something I cannot do. I really battle with it.

From Doha to London, we had a snack and a breakfast meal since we arrived at Heathrow early in the morning.

As we were getting closer and closer to London, our dream vacation was now becoming a reality!

After 16 hours in the air with Qatar Airways, I must admit that we were very impressed and we thoroughly enjoyed our flight. Being one of the airlines that offered the most affordable seats to London, we see ourselves flying with Qatar Airways again soon!



The Ultimate Palawan Backpacking Bucket List

When we say El Nido, first thing on our mind is an extravagant vacation. This region, on the island of Palawan in the Philippines, is most often associated with luxurious hotels, private Island tours, fancy resorts, and exquisite fine dining experience. Partly true, on some level, but not entirely accurate at all.

Though El Nido is a popular island destination for well-off tourists, it doesn’t mean that this island paradise closes its doors for those traveling on a tight budget. You can still enjoy the wonders of Palawan without straining your pockets and leave happy and satisfied.

Want to know how? Here is a list of things you SHOULD do to make the most of your backpacking adventure in El Nido, Palawan.

1. Kayak at the Lagoons

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One of the most popular adventures in El Nido is the kayaking trip to the Big and Small Lagoons. The captivating scenery of the place is a perfect location for boat rides along the Miniloc Island of El Nido. Impressive limestone karsts, mesmerizing waters, and peaceful surroundings: the place is a slice of heaven on earth. And if you wish to freshen up, you will always have the clean waters to enjoy.

2. Climb Mt. Taraw

Taraw Cliff in El Nido is a summit for the brave. This staggering limestone monolith is one of El Nido’s highest peaks and is every adrenaline junkies’ heaven. Climbing the million-year-old peak has been a sought-after adventure for climbing enthusiasts (and for first time climbers as well). The view from the top grants a breathtaking vista of the quiet town of El Nido. It might be a challenge to take, but the reward is absolutely worth it.

3. Sip Tropical Drinks in Nacpan

Nacpan Beach is a long stretch of fine caramel sand, hemmed in by crystal-clear waters, and surrounded by shade-giving coconut trees. The place is known for its beautiful island setting that gives off that vibe of genuine serenity. Its wide coastline allows you to experience the tropics at it’s finest.

Recline on the beach with your drinks! Or have a splash in the water! Whatever you wish to do, Nacpan Beach will surely grant you the comfort and excitement of an island retreat.

4. Swing by The Twin Beaches

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Just when you thought you’re having the best time of your life in Nacpan Beach, wait until you meet its twin! Just a few minutes of hiking will give you the amazing view of its twin sister, Calitang. These long and wide beaches of El Nido, their uniqueness, and the abundance of tranquility they offer makes them great destinations. The raw but serene atmosphere highlights the unspoiled beauty of Palawan.

5. Explore Simizu Island

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Though there are numerous islands to choose from in El Nido, heading to Simizu Island will do you great. The place is like a sight ripped off from tropic-vacation-themed movies. 

The island is wrapped around by white sand and turquoise waters so inviting you can’t help but take a dip! The towering karsts surrounding the island make the place even more phenomenal to look at. Never miss a snorkeling adventure in this place -- the water is so clear that exploring its underwater scene is effortless.

6. Ride on Rugged Road Trips

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Rough-riding in El Nido is one of the most exciting, non-water-related, adventure you can do in the island. It is ideal to have a tour around the area and discover the interesting nooks and corners of the island. Rent some motorbikes and cruise over the jagged terrain of El Nido. And, if you do wish to take a break in your land excursion, there is always a cozy spot in the shade nearby where you can put your feet up.

7. Come Alive at Night

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Just because the sun’s gone down doesn’t mean you’re shutting off for the day too. El Nido comes alive after the sun bids goodbye, and you, my friend, will enjoy the night scene of the island. Music bars and grills are popular night spots in El Nido where local artists perform. Find a spot and enjoy the melody, the food, and the entertaining atmosphere of the night.

A trip to El Nido, Palawan does not have to be expensive to be enjoyable. All it really takes to get most of it is to be creative and have fun. Learn the best deals and the top places to go to without the hefty price attached. Make your backpacking adventure to Palawan one for the books!

About the writer:

Carmela Alvarez is an editor/customer service representative of 'Let's Palawan'. She's a 20-something bubbly and adventurous female who loves to take selfies.  Her aim is to share her travel experience and inspire fellow travelers.

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Under-the-Radar Destinations in El Nido, Palawan

Backpacking is an exhilarating thing to do. Though the activity can be a bit strenuous at times, not to mention the long exhausting excursions in between the trips and the unforgiving weather on some occasions; however, we still love to take these enjoyable expeditions. Travelling is certainly one of those things that we just can’t simply get rid of no matter how exhausting it can sometimes be.

The elation you get when you lay your eyes on breathtaking landscapes is a reward in itself. Moreover, the opportunity of exploring a site’s nooks and corners is nothing short of delightful. 

What does it take to have an exceptional travel adventure though? I’d say getting the most adventures on your trip would certainly make it one for the books. An adventure where you get to have a little piece of everything, you catch my drift? 

If you’re wishing to have an excellent travel getaway this year, then the island of Palawan is for you. Nestled west of the Philippine archipelago, Palawan is home to many wondrous sites. One area in particular, El Nido, Palawan contains these under-the-radar destinations you should visit. 

1. Small Lagoon 

If it’s tranquility you’re after then the Small Lagoon is the ideal place for you. Its setting and atmosphere combine to give the place an otherworldly aura. The towering karsts that surround the lagoon with explosions of lush greens all make up the stunning features of this natural wonder. It is the perfect venue to have kayaking rides. Also, traversing along its radiant blue-green water is nothing short of soothing. 

2. Simizu Island 

When it comes to serene island getaways in El Nido, Simizu Island makes it to the list as one of the best choices. The island is blessed with the most amazing scenery. Tall walls of limestone karsts, turquoise waters and the wide stretches of white fine sand come together to build one stunning island backdrop. With its rich marine resources, Simizu Island allows you to explore its underwater artistry where vibrant corals and colorful fishes can be seen. 

3. Las Cabanas 

Sunset watching is the gem in this small quiet place. If you are seeking for the perfect spot where you can relax and do some sightseeing, this is it. The vast area of the soft fine sand provides the best setting for a relaxing sprawl. And just when you think you’re getting the best comforting treatment from the sound of the waves and the breathtaking sites, just wait until the glowing sun starts to paint the skies. 

4. Cudugnon Cave 

El Nido is not only known for its crystal clear waters, but it is also recognized for its abundance of geological rock formations. With the many popular caves found in the island, the Cudugnon Cave is one of the few alluring caves in El Nido that isn’t afforded by the limelight. Nevertheless, it is still sought after by tourists for its distinct beauty. Cudugnon Cave requires you to enter a tiny entrance before the cave unravels its splendor. 

5. Matinloc Shrine 

Nothing is more intriguing than a shrine set up in the most fascinating location on the island. Feelings of enchantment are experienced when you visit the Matinloc Shrine in Matinloc Island. Upon reaching this tiny white beach, you’ll get a glimpse of an eye-catching sculpture of Jesus Christ in a small grotto which includes a concrete gazebo. The place offers the most sensational scenery seen on the island. 

6. Snake Island 

Is the name is giving you the creeps? Fear not; the island is not actually related to snakes or anything for that matter. The place is named after the reptiles because the island resembles that of the limbless species when it reveals itself during low tide. Snake Island is one of the finest sandbars in El Nido, Palawan. Here, you can enjoy long relaxing walks and photo shoots in the middle of its beautiful waters. How cool is that? 

Undeniably, El Nido is a big name when it comes to tropical getaways. Lovely pristine beaches, fine white sand, bedazzling lagoons and many other natural wonders build up to the fame of El Nido. Although there are those already known places in El Nido, this island paradise still has many other natural wonders yet to be discovered. So when you’re in El Nido, don’t forget to explore these hidden spots and those that don’t spend that much time under the spotlight. 

About the writer:

Carmela Alvarez is an editor/customer service representative of 'Let's Palawan'. She's a 20-something bubbly and adventurous female who loves to take selfies. Her aim is to share her travel experience and inspire fellow travelers. 

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Save Some and Travel More with SHOPBACK.PH!

Travelling is always part of every Filipino's life nowadays. It is also no doubt that most of us want to travel on a budget or with significant discounts. Imagine getting cash back when travelling or when booking your hotels and reserving airline tickets?

With ShopBack Philippines, it is possible!

ShopBack is a cashback site that basically pays back to the consumers when you book your travel arrangements online. Isn't that great? Cashback websites like this are already making waves in Western countries and other Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. I am sure that this is going to be big in the Philippines!

Now if you visit ShopBack.ph, you'll see a list of popular online stores and travel booking sites like Expedia and Travelbook. Users simply just click through this to their preferred online store and online shop as per normal. After making their purchase, cashback would be awarded to their ShopBack account, which can be deposited to your bank account or PayPal. Now that is amazing!

ShopBack works with different merchants stores and companies. When you book or purchase with Shopback.ph, you will get a portion of the commission! I am sure that once you accumulated enough cash, either you can draw it via Paypal or your bank account. Or, you can keep it for your future use.

How to use SHOPBACK?

1. Simply go to SHOPBACK.PH and create an account or log in using your Facebook account. 

2. Once you are in, you can go to CATEGORIES and since I am into travelling, I am going to choose TRAVEL.

3. Under TRAVEL, You might wanna check on EXPEDIA which gives cash back up to 8% and another one is the TRAVELBOOK which can give you up to 4% cash back in hotel or airline bookings. Go check them out!

4. Booking is actually very easy and you will be notified as to when you can claim your cash. That's it! Just make sure you are on the same window where both Shopback.ph and the site like EXPEDIA or TRAVELBOOK are linked together.

Aside from planning your future travel with Shopback.ph, you can also try shopping with their other well known merchant stores and receive great discounts and cash back in your pocket!

ShopBack also regularly has tons of sales! Coming soon is their big 9.9 Sale! As a lead-up to the 9.9 Sale, there will be upsized cashback of up to 19% as well as items marked down to P99 and below! Also featured are contests and giveaways so you should follow them on Facebook to find out more!

For more information, visit and sign up at ShopBack!