Exploring CLOVELLY in Devon, England

Exploring Clovelly will definitely be your most pleasurable vacation ever! Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience of a bygone age where people lived a tranquil life away from the city. See what Clovelly has to offer for your perfect vacation!

1. Clovelly Court Gardens

When exploring the beautiful Clovelly, never miss the chance to visit Clovelly Court Gardens. Plants thrive and added warmth to the sunny village of North Devon. Enjoy the entire beauty of the garden because it offers a contrast to the village. 

2. Visitors' Centre

A tranquil way of living, away from cars and the hectic city life, Clovelly is such a picturesque village. You will be advised to leave your cars before entering Clovelly Visitors' Centre. Traditional long barn, café restaurant and a fresh air will welcome you here. Souvenir shops, where you can buy something for your family and friends, can be found here. 

3. Donkey Stables

Clovelly is tagged as a successful fishing port and donkeys are just a part of it. Donkeys give rides to children in summer months and will also carry some of your luggage. The wooden sleds pictured above are used to transport goods as the central street is too steep fro wheeled transport.

4. Craft Workshops

There are two exceptional craft workshops in Clovelly; Clovelly Silk and Clovelly Pottery. Clovelly Silk offers a huge variety of colorful scarfs and even hand-printed fabrics. The highlights of Clovelly Silk is toile de Jouy-style fabric. Clovelly Pottery offers the best quality of decorative ceramics. It was established by Clive Pearson who also offers trips to Lundy Island. 

5. Places of Worship

Source: http://www.clovelly.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/slideshow/public/1-Malcolm%20Smith.jpg?itok=wn5JJN4w 

All Saints Church dates back to 12th century. An eye-catching feature of this church is its tower that stands alone. Peaceful and a bit of mystery surrounds the church. Many are fairly curious as to how granite pillars were brought by rough seas 600 years ago? 

John Wesley’s Fishermen’s Church is just a few steps away from All Saint’s Church. It is a Methodist Church that dates back to 1820. 

St. Peter’s Chapel is located in a peaceful path beside Kingsley Museum. The small but intimate church dates back to 1846. 

6. Fisherman’s Cottage

Just a few steps down the New Inn, you’ll arrive at the Fisherman’s Cottage. A visit to this small yet amazing cottage will give you valuable thoughts about the rich fishing history of Clovelly. 

7. Kingsley Museum

Source: http://www.clovelly.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/location-img/public/kingsley-museum.jpg?itok=B9aALvDK

A short distance beyond New Inn is the Kingsley Museum. The museum was named after Charles Kingsley, writer and social reformer, went to the village for literary inspiration. 

8. Shopping

There are numerous shops in Clovelly that offer the opportunity for intriguing purchases for visitors. 

Visitor Center Shops has a cafeteria that serves Clovelly fudge and several shops that sell souvenirs and lovely books.Clovelly Silversmiths offers a wide selection of jewellery. Hall of Names is sells historic gifts and personalized products.Clovelly Home and Holiday is fully-packed with holiday gifts items perfect for the whole family.

9. Lifeboat Station

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/25/Clovelly_Lifeboat_Station.jpg 

After a tragic storm, the first lifeboat station in Clovelly was built. There are now two lifeboats with permanent crews in the area. 

10. Harbour Activities

Fishing – you are allowed to fish along the harbor wall. Fishing time from May-October is from 7pm to 9am while in November-April, fishing is allowed anytime.

Boat trips and diving – you will need to arrange these types of activities ahead of time.

Lundy Island trips – You need to contact Clive Pearson for these activities. 
Tel: 01237 431042 and Mobile: 07774 190359

Steps on How To Get and Renew Your Philippine Passport

Either first time or renewing the old one, a Philippine passport is surely very important to acquire if you want to travel anywhere around the world. The Department of Foreign Affairs has set a much more convenient way of securing a Philippine passport. Online appointment is a good option and you can even opt to get it delivered to your address. The process takes 7 days (RUSH) and 14 days (REGULAR).

Click this link to set up an appointment at the nearest DFA Branch near you: http://passport.com.ph/

Steps on acquiring passport for FIRST TIME applicants: 

Secure the necessary documents:
Personal appearance
Confirmed appointment
Duly accomplished application form – may be downloaded from the
  DFA websitewww.dfa.gov.ph

- Birth Certificate issued by NSO

1. Secure at least 1 valid ID. Here is the list of acceptable valid IDs:

· Driver's license
· Professional Regulations Commission ID
· Senior Citizen’s ID
· Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
· Digitalized Social Security System ID
· Old college IDs
· Digitalized Bureau of Internal Revenue ID
· Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
· Government Service Insurance System eCard

2. Secure at least 3 supporting documents:

· NSO Marriage Contract
· NSO Birth Certificate
· NBI Clearance
· Seaman’s Book
· Land Title
· Voter’s ID
· Barangay Clearance
· Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
· Police Clearance
· Government Service Record

3. Marriage contract (for married men or woman) and Birth Certificate issued by the National Statistics Office.

4. For minors travelling with parents or guardians, additional documents need to be submitted to DFA.

· School ID or Form 137
· Birth Certificate
· Marriage Certificate of parents (if married)
· Original and photocopy of passport of parents or guardian travelling together with the 

5. For Muslim applicants, obtain Tribal Affiliation Certificate issued at the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.
6. For applicants with dual citizenship, secure the following documents:

· Identification Certificate
· Oath of Allegiance
· Order of Approval
· Report of Birth

7. Photocopy of all submitted documents.

Steps for RENEWAL of Passport:

Personal appearance
Confirmed appointment
Duly accomplished application form – may be downloaded from the

  DFA websitewww.dfa.gov.ph
- More recent or expiring passport

1. Secure at least 1 valid ID. Here are the list of acceptable valid IDs:

· Driver's license
· Professional Regulations Commission ID
· Senior Citizen’s ID
· Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
· Digitalized Social Security System ID
· Old college IDs
· Digitalized Bureau of Internal Revenue ID
· Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
· Government Service Insurance System eCard

2. Secure at least 3 supporting documents:

· NSO Marriage Contract
· NBI Clearance
· Seaman’s Book
· Land Title
· Voter’s ID
· Barangay Clearance
· Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
· Police Clearance
· Government Service Record

3. Present your expired or expiring passport together with their photocopies. 

· For brown passport, 1-3 photocopies.
· For green passport, 1 photocopy.
· For electronic passport holders, first and last page of the passport should be photocopied.

4. Change your surname through obtaining several requirement;

· For spouse of foreign national, marriage contract and Certification of Attendance from the Commission of Filipino Overseas.
· For marriage abroad, Report of Marriage by NSO is needed.

5. Revert Married Surname by submitting the following requirements;

· Birth Certificate authenticated by the National Statistics Office
· For widow, death certificate of husband issued by NSO
· For divorced applicant, Divorce Decree CTC from the Philippine Embassy is needed
· For annulled applicant, Marriage contract and Court Order is needed.

6. For a Muslim applicant who wants to change their Muslim name, you only need to present a valid id with supporting documents and the expired or expiring passport.
7. Photocopy of all required documents.

After acquiring all the necessary documents, you can now visit the website of DFA, pay the processing fee and select the nearest branch for appearance. The processing fee is P950.00 for regular processing and P1200.00 for express.

For PASSPORT INQUIRIES: You may call 556-0000 during business hours. 

Tourist Spots to Explore in Seoul, South Korea

Named as one of the most colorful and well-spirited countries across the world, South Korea maintains the balance of preserving its rich history while embracing the changes in the modern world. That is why when I got chosen to travel with my students on a educational and church tour in South Korea, declining was not an option.

I've heard so much from my friends that a visit to this country is a must. The whole trip was overwhelming and was so much fun! I so enjoyed the cold weather, that why it was because we arrived in Autumn time which we never get in the Philippines. 

There are a lot of reasons to visit South Korea, and here are some of the places why you you should also see it yourself: 

1. Myeong Dong 

Myeong Dong, the shopping district of Korea, has two main areas; starting from Myeong Dong Subway Station to Lotte Department Store. There are a lot of famous department stores and shops situated in Myeong Dong making it the priority destination for locals and foreigners. Because of its wide variety of fast food chains and family restaurants, dining options such as Korean, Japanese and Western are available here. Mostly, restaurants in Myeong Dong offer Donkas (pork cutlet) and Kalguksu (noodles). 

Another tourist attraction in Myeong Dong is the famous Myeongdong Catholic Church. It is built in Gothic Style. After your long shopping, a space for relaxation is offered behind the Myeong Dong Church. 

2. Nam San Tower

Located in Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Nam San Tower showcases its architectural and sculptural highlights. Since it was first opened to public, Nam San tower became one of the most sought-after tourist destination in Korea. Nam San tower offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Seoul and its nearby areas. Visitors should also try N Grill (the revolving restaurant) and Sky Restroom (a decorated space) to maximize the viewing of breathtaking scenery offered only in Nam San Tower.

3. Gyeongbokgung Palace

One of the most famous tourist spots in Seoul, South Korea is Gyeongbokgung Palace, also known as the Northern Palace. This was built in 1395 during the Joseon Dynasty. Though the palace buildings were destroyed by fire during the Imjinwaeran War, the premises were later on restored through the effort of King Gojong. Gyeonghoe-ru Pavillion and Hyangwonjeong Pond are considered the representatives structure from the Joseaon Dynasty. Daily tours in English is also provided for foreign visitors. 

4. Yonsei University

South Korea is highly regarded when you talk about the value of education. They have beautiful and state of the art universities and one of the top universities here is the Yonsei University. 

This was established after the practice of Western Medicine was introduced to Korea. This private research university belongs to South Korea’s top three most prestigious universities or better known as “SKY” Universities. Established in 1885, Yonsei is considered to be one of the oldest universities in Korea. 

5. Ehwa Woman's University

Founded in 1886, Ehwa Woman's University is considered as the world’s largest female institute and belongs to South Korea’s list of prestigious universities. The institution was built because its founder believes that every woman should be respected. Because ‘woman’ has a special meaning back in the old times, the university was named ‘woman’ instead of ‘women’.

The walk around this university was so so nice because of the beautiful trees which create a beautiful ambiance in the university's grounds. We went early morning; it was chilly and colors of autumn were just beautiful to see. It's very easy to fall in love with this country!

6. Ashley Buffet

When we talk about South Korea, we think of the spicy stuff and kimchi, althought true, South Koreans also love western food and buffets. This is presumably one of the most popular Korean restaurants in Seoul. They are open from 10:30AM until 11PM. Their interior is based on retro style, with lots of antiques here and there. For dinner, they offer drink-all-you can wine for everyone. You can also make reservations just to ensure you’ll have the best place when you arrive.

7. VIPS Buffet

Another famous buffet restaurant is VIPS. They are known for their high-quality steak grilled continuously on high-temperature barbecues plus a seasonal salad bar mixed with different variety of fresh vegetables, all available in any branch of VIP. With a total of 90 menu items, this Korean chain is gaining popularity unbelievably quickly. Operating hours are 11:00-23:00. 

8. Bukchon Hanok Village

If you want to look for traditional Korean houses, Bukchon Hanok Village is the place to be. Walk around the village and be mesmerized by how beautiful these houses are. It gives you a feeling of how life was like in the old days. A great testament of the rich cultural heritage of South Korea. Some of them are being used as shops, museums, and a cultural center where you can learn the different South Korean arts.

9. A Lotte World 

Fully-packed with thrilling rides, variety of parades, an ice rink and so much more, Lotte World is simply the place of entertainment and adventure. There are two theme activities in Lotte World; “Adventure” theme and “Magic Island” theme. Amusement rides are considered one of the best reasons why tourist visit this theme park. When you are a Lotte World, you can actually stay here for the whole day. There are so many things to do and rides that everyone of all ages would surely enjoy. 

10. Bukhansan National Park

Source: http://www.visitseoul.net/en/article/article.do?_method=view&m=0004003002014&p=en&art_id=462&lang=en

Bukhansan National Park is actually a mountain located northern part of Seoul. It consists of 6 districts extending to Gyeonggi-do Province. If you’re planning to visit the area, you must definitely go to Bukhansanseong Fortress. 


Exploring TINTAGEL in North Cornwall, England

Tintagel, also known as Trevena, is situated in North Cornwall, England. It is a village that sits on a mountain, overlooking a majestic coast. Because of its rich history and impressive scenery, the village attracts day-trippers and foreigners to the area making it one of the most popular places in Britain. Its dramatic sea views and spectacular castle ruins have motivated writers and artists all throughout the world to visit this place all year round. The small village of Tintagel offers so many historic places to visit, here are some great suggestions for first timers.

1. Tintagel Castle

According to legends, Tintagel was the place where King Arthur was conceived but there are no further details whether King Arthur was actually born here. Almost everything in Tintagel has a close connection to the legendary British King. Tintagel is both historic and a lovely place, making it a spectacular weekend getaway. The spectacular view of the coast from Tintagel Castle has captured the hearts of so many visitors. 

2. The Old Post Office

This stone house was built in the 14th century. It now belongs to the National Trust and listed as a Grade 1 building. Way back in the Victorian period, it was licensed to receive letters for the whole district but it is now a place full of memories of the past. It also has a small garden with a really good atmosphere - perfect for relaxation. 

3. St. Nectan’s Glen 

Source: http://www.tintagelweb.co.uk/images/St%20Nectans%20Glen%20Photos/paul2.jpg 

An area of world-class beauty, St. Nectan’s Glen has a magnificent waterfall in the midst of a woodland. This area was also appointed as the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of the rare kinds of plants present in the area. 

4. Rocky Valley 

Rock Valley is owned by the National Trust. It is famous for its exceptional beauty and home of different kinds of moss, approximately a total of 161 kinds. There are two mills in the area used to make woolen textiles way back in the 18th century. 

5. King Arthur’s Great Halls 

Source: http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/06/41/f7/89/the-great-hall.jpg 

Tintagel is full of historic buildings which includes King Arthur’s Great Halls. It is built by Frederick Thomas Glasscock to house the famous Round Table of King Arthur. Everything which is seen in this hall is built to commemorate the great ruler. Arthurian books and artifacts are now sold inside the hall. Famous paintings can also be seen inside its great halls. 

6. Merlin’s Cave 

Merlin’s Cave is situated just beneathTintagel Castle. It is a cave built through marine erosion. Merlin’s Cave became famous after Tennyson included it in his work Idylls of the King. Now, the cave is the favorite spot for scuba divers searching for shells and valuable fossils. 

7. St. Materiana’s Church


According to legends, St. Madryn evangelized the area way back 500 AD. It was also built on the Early Christian site between 5th to 7th centuries. It has a pre-Reformation altar for quiet prayers. Regular services takes place every Sunday, 10:00 am. 

8. The Beach Café 

Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2494/3762039611_53a8c7ba72.jpg 

After a whole day of outdoor activities in Tintagel, it is best to try and have a bowl of soup and hot chocolate at The Beach Café. The menu deals with the real taste of Cornwall. Local dishes like Cornish Rarebit is very famous. Crabs and fish, which are freshly caught, are served here. A wide variety of options are available on the menu.