Exploring Mt. Pico De Loro in Ternate, Cavite

Aside from going to the beach, it is now obvious that more and more tourists are now loving the mountains. That is why one of the best things to take your friends for an adventure is to go for a hike.  I couldn't think of a better place to take them than to one of famous mountains in Ternate, Cavite which is Mt. Pico De Loro. 

Mt. Pico De Loro is a very famous mountain to climb for beginners.  One of the most famous landmarks of this mountain was the Monolith rock that stands next to the summit which adds more excitement to those thrill seekers. I've been to most mountains around Cavite and Nasugbu area, except for this one. 

From Imus, Cavite, we drove straight to Ternate passing through General Trias and Indang. The trip took us around 3 hours to get to the DENR Station which is the start off point of our hike. Safe parking is available inside with a minimal fee, otherwise you can park your vehicle outside. 

For those commuting, you can catch a bus to Ternate, Cavite at Coastal Mall and hire a tricycle all the way to the DENR Station. 

After preparing our gear for the climb, we immediately went to the registration area where we each paid Php25.00. Be advised that OVERNIGHT hiking is not allowed on Mt. Pico De Loro anymore. 

Another thing that I liked during our climb was we scheduled it on a weekday and very early so we almost had the mountain to ourselves, well almost!  

A tour guide is available for Php 1500.00. But if you are going to ask me, it's not really necessary as the trails were clearly marked.  But it's up to you! 

Registration done and off we go on our quest to reach the summit of  Pico De Loro. 

Mt. Pico De Loro is considered as a protected area by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). That is why rules must be followed strictly specially keeping the mountain clean. 

Prepare yourself to hold on to something as some parts of the trail were quite steep. Ropes were also provided so you could pull yourself up in steep areas. 

Halfway into the trail, you will find this observation deck. We climbed up to see what the view was like but there wasn't much to see. So, we headed on our way to reach the summit. 

One indicator that you are close to reaching the summit is when you see tuck shops around the area selling snacks and drinks. You can either have a snack prior, but we pretty much preferred to have our snack after our climb to the summit. 

A perfect place to get a nice picture of Mt. Pico De Loro is located on the left side where the tuck shops can be found. 

There were boulders were you can sit or stand if you are more adventures and have a picture taken with an amazing view of the summit behind you. 

After taking tons of pictures, it was time for us to head for that summit and if lucky get to stand on that famous monolith. 

It took us another 20 minutes to climb the summit. Be careful as you ascend the summit as the trail was very slippery. Since I am a novice climber, I eventually held on to every grass root I could grab just to avoid skidding. 

We were told that they are planning to create a different route to the summit as they are planning to rebuild this old path for the safety of the hikers and benefit of the mountain. 

It was an exciting climb for all of us specially when we got to the summit. One thing I love when I climb mountains is the view it gives to every climber. Mt. Pico De Loro didn't disappoint us. The view was just spectacular!

We were told below that climbing the Monolith was not allowed, however with the help of some guides, my friends were able to go to the monolith. Oh well! They are lucky! 

I love mountains but then again I wouldn't deny that I am scared of heights. The summit of Mt. Pico De Loro could be very busy on weekends, and I was just lucky that during this climb, I had the summit virtually to myself! 

I was just so pleased that I was able to explore Mt. Pico De Loro. I've been to it's surrounding mountains but not this one yet. This is definitely one mountain where you can expect 360 degrees of amazing views.

After a successful climb, time to treat  yourself to a delicious Halo-Halo. The climb took us around 5 hours from the base to summit and back. It was a good day with nature and friends, and I cannot wait to do it again! 


Travel Running Around the World

It is the ultimate feat of endurance, both physically and mentally. Sore feet pounding the pavement kilometer after kilometer, hour after hour, step by step until every part of you wants to give up. For many people that would sound like the worst way to spend their vacation. But for a select few it is as good as spending time relaxing on a beach.

On our Runner’s Diary section of the website we have shown how much running can be achieved in a year just in the Philippines. With more runs planned we look at the joy of running for pleasure and combining it with travel.

Such is the popularity of running holidays that The Guardian recently published an article about Six Races that are also holidays. The appeal of these types of holidays is to see a different side of the world from a unique perspective, the feeling that you are one of a select few to experience a country in this way.

It is not just cross-country running that appeals to traveling runners. Long distance athletes from around the world make their way the world’s biggest cities to take part in the famous marathons. Forbes complied a list of the 10 Top Marathons people should travel to participate in.

The great thing about running is that there is something for everyone, from beginner to iron man races. Whether you go it alone or with fellow runners, running holidays are great way to detach from the world and have an adventure. Who knows you might even pick up a furry friend along the way as The Telegraph documented how a dog followed a man 100 miles during a recent endeavor.

Running holidays require a different type of traveling. Dealing with the stress of the race or run is enough without having to worry about finding the right hotel and getting to and from the airport. Many leading airports, such as Heathrow, offer hotel services to make traveling easier and remove the stress of finding parking spots before and after the race. Parking4Less states that airport hotels are ideal for busy passengers on the move.

This type of provision isn’t just limited to European airports either, as on-airport hotels and parking have become an increasing trend in Asia and North America too. It’s minor details like this that are certainly worth planning before you arrive at your desired destination.

Where ever you end up running, whether it is on the other side of the world or in your home country the important thing is to enjoy yourself while taking part in the challenge. Travel running is one of the most exciting ways to explore the world and meet new people with the same interests.


CLUB PARADISE in Coron, Palawan - Feel What an Island Paradise is Really Like!

Named the Best Island in the World 2014 according to Conde Nast Travel Magazine, it is without doubt that the natural beauty and landscape of Coron, Palawan never fails to impress tourists visiting this island. 

This is why when we had friends coming from overseas, Coron was the place to be. After considering all the options, one resort stood out and that is CLUB PARADISE. 

Club Paradise is an exclusive resort managed by Discover Leisure Company, an award winning company known for its hospitality and personalized service which is the trademark of the company. It is also considered as one of the best resorts in Coron, Palawan. 

Reviews about Club Paradise were really good that is why we immediately booked online and decided to stay for 3 days 2 nights with friends. 

From the Busuanga Airport in Coron, we were met by the staff of Club Paradise and went on a 45 minute van trip to the Club Paradise river port. 

From the port area, they transferred our luggage onto the boat and off we went on a 30 minute boat ride to Club Paradise. 

We slowly cruised along this river which was surrounded by lush mangrove trees. Apparently they also served as a barrier or protection to the locals during the typhoons. There was also a very informative guide from Club Paradise who pointed out some points of interest to us, making the boat trip even more interesting.

As we got out of the river, we headed out into the open ocean and our guide pointed out our destination. The excitement built up as we get closer and closer to this island paradise. 

Beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters await every guest at Club Paradise. We easily fell in love the moment we arrived. 

Club Paradise was a dream come true. This is one place we've been wanting to go to for so long and I couldn't believe that was finally happening. 

Along with us were Melanie and Mary Ann who came to the Philippines from South Africa and Hong Kong respectively to visit us. All of us were overwhelmed by everything we saw at Club Paradise. 

Expect a warm welcoming serenade awaiting every guest who arrive at the resort. Club Paradise is constantly receiving good reviews from their guests and I am here to find out and experience it myself. 

For our stay, we booked two separate rooms. One room was the BEACH FRONT COTTAGE which offers a great view of the beach and is basically few meters away from the turquoise waters of Club Paradise. 

As you checked in, you will be treated to a nice and relaxing foot spa right on your balcony. A sign that Club Paradise is all about a place of total relaxation! 

Located on the other side of the island, we booked a Hill Side Cottage. This cottage has spacious rooms and a balcony looking over the forest and the beach on the opposite side of the island.

Later in the afternoon after we settled in the room, we walked around Club Paradise and just appreciated it's serene and unspoiled landscape. It was beautiful. It was so quiet and all you could hear are the birds chirping almost like welcoming you to the island. Club Paradise has stunning white sand beaches that never get crowded. It almost feels like you have the island to yourself. 

Ocean Restaurant is the main dining area of Club Paradise and what a better way to introduce Philippines to our guests buy letting them taste the best of our local dishes. 

A glass of Margarita, delicious Filipino and Western dishes, beautiful music and great friends, just what we were expecting in what we call a good holiday. 

KINILAW raw, cubed fish in a vinegar-based dressing, usually eaten as an appetizer. 
( www.eatyourworld.com )

Kare-kare is a rich and meaty Filipino stew of oxtails, green beans and eggplant in a sauce thickened with peanut butter. (www.whats4eats.com )

Treat yourself to some good cocktails and drinks at Dugong Bar next to the reception area. 

Indoor games located at the reception are also available and free of charge. 

After a good night's sleep, time to head back to Ocean Restaurant for the buffet breakfast. Relax and enjoy the local and western dishes while enjoying the good view of the beach and watch the people as they go by. 

A huge swimming pool divides the restaurant and the reception. A nice playground for the kids as it goes deep gradually. 

We were very lucky with the weather and the beach was calling! Get to feel the finest sand, turquoise waters and a beach of your. It's beyond words! This is definitely one of the best beaches I've seen in the Philippines so far! 

Relax and chill in one of the many sun beds available at Club Paradise. Perfect for those who want to get a nice tan. 

You don't need to go to the restaurant for snacks. You can just call one of the staff and a menu will be delivered to you. For the afternoon, we decided to have a light snack on the beach. 

While sun bathing, the staff approached us and we were given shooters and a slice of fruit which was very nice of them to do. The hospitality of the people and their smiles show their love for what they do. 

Diving is very popular at Club Paradise, but for a non-diver like me, I am happy to do snorkeling instead. The island resort is surrounded by a marine sanctuary that houses different variety of fish and other sea animals. 

At exactly 12:00 nn, while the sun is at its peak, we immediately went to the marine sanctuary and snorkeled for over an hour. Fishing is not allowed so expect an abundant marine life. I was also lucky to see a reef shark for the first time. 

One activity that you must try is the kayaking using their clear fiber glass boat. It was so much fun because you can see the rich marine wild life under the boat. 

Our decision to spend our summer 2016 at Club Paradise really became a worthwhile experience. Apart from it's world class island resort, one thing that really stood out the most was the hospitality of the people around Club Paradise. Their smiles and the service really made the whole experience a happy summer experience!

Our wonderful holiday came to an end, but the memories that we had of Club Paradise is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives as the highlight of this years summer holidays. 

Thank you to all the people and staff for the hospitality that is beyond compare. Club Paradise is definitely not just a beautiful island but it is a dream destination! 

No good byes because we will definitely come back! 

Club Paradise Palawan
Address: Dimakya Island, Coron, Northern Palawan 

Mobile: +63 917 827 9852

Manila Sales & Reservations Office Address: 
41st Floor Discovery Suites, 25 ADB Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600 

Telephone: +63 2 719 6971 
+63 2 719 6972 
+63 2 719 6973 
+63 2 719 6988 

Mobile: +63 917 568 4863

Email: reservations@cp.discovery.com.ph