SOLO TRAVEL : 5 Reasons Why You Should Do It!

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to travel on my own to one of the major islands in the Philippines. I realized after the experience that I had really had so much fun experiencing solo travel! 

I never thought I was going to enjoy it as much, but there is really some special attraction about solo travel. 

People are so busy nowadays that they sometimes forget how important it is to give yourself some time off just to wander somewhere. 

My work as a teacher can sometimes be very stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally. I later realized that we need to let go of these negative thoughts and make space for better ones. 

Solo travel is probably where we discover the answers for every one of our issues. We never know what could come along during the entire process - this is what I think enjoyed the most.

So the best thing to do is to simply separate yourself from everything, go as far as you can and you may be delighted by how new you'll feel once you get back home.

Here are the 5 reasons why I love Solo Travel and why YOU should do it too! 

1. You get to meet great people! 

While going with our buddies can be a ton of fun, travelling solo for some time can turn out to be a unique experience and may be one of the most fulfilling things you could ever do in your entire life. 

While you're on your own there is more possibility of meeting up with different explorers and as much as possible reach out to them.

2. You have absolute freedom!

When you go all alone and you begin meeting individuals and new companions, you may even join other travelers and wind up changing your plans. When travelling, you're interested in new experiences and you'll invite them with open arms. The good thing is that you don't need to fit in with the group, give explanations - you can simply follow your own beat, wishes and move like the wind. 

3. Fears can be conquered, go for it!

Take note of this, especially if this is your very first solo experience. Security can be a comfort and common sense is the major key. Research before you travel, explore accommodation options, and read reviews from other travelers. Facebook friends can also be a useful source of advice and travel tips. Don't forget to take into consideration the local culture to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. 

4. You don't pay for others, spoil yourself!

On the off chance that you have an upsetting life back home, either because of school or work, travelling alone can be the opportunity to set aside some time off and spoil yourself. Enjoy rich and delightful local dinners which will help your vitality and well being, take long strolls on the shoreline at dawn, or get a massage; do some yoga and unwind. Appreciate all the glorious things you deserve, and comprehend that contentment is a right, not a benefit. 

5. You need to realize that you are AWESOME! 

When travelling alone, you can leave your grumpy, tired old self behind and begin to be another you. Investigate parts of your identity you are not acquainted with. Engage yourself by unleashing the brilliant, powerful and intelligent individual you are. Doing solo travel can definitely bring the best out of you! 

Solo travel is not just to visit to different destinations all around the Philippines or the world but It's also for travelers to get to know his or her inner self. 

Have you done it lately? Leave a comment and share what you think about solo traveling. 


Exploring JOMALIG ISLAND - Share It, Give a little and you will Love It Feeding Program

To be able to be of service to the community is one of my primary goals as a traveler. Specially f if you are given a chance to be part of an outreach service at an island that is not explored by many, such as Jomalig Island. This was the reason why I decided to join Team Hamog in their Share It, Give a little and you will Love It. Feeding Program at Jomalig Island . 

Team Hamog originally was created as a group of mountaineers. In addition to that, their group is also very active in the running community where I met some of them. But the primary mission of the group is not running but to explore nature and nurture the interest of the people with regards to awareness of protecting our environment. That is why when I got invited to the feeding program, I said YES straight away!

This feeding program was the idea of Mr. Dany Consigna, a very good food caterer and an individual who has a big passion to help others. With him was OutdooRian Dela Torre , a person with a mission to serve and inspire others through community service like this one. 

Share It, Give a little and you will Love It. Feeding Program at Jomalig Island

Day 1
11:00pm                 Farmers Cubao
1:00am -                Depart to Real Quezon
4:00am -                Arrival at Real, Quezon Port
4:30am -                Depart to Jomalig Island
10:30am -              Arrival Jomalig Island
11:00am -              Preparation for Feeding Program
1:00pm - 3:00pm - Feeding Program
3:30pm -                Camp Area
4:00pm - 6:00pm - Island Beach Exploration/ Swimming
6:30pm - 7:30pm - Dinner
7:30pm - 9:00pm - Socials
9:30pm -                 Lights off

Day 2

5:45am-                 Wake up call
6:00am-6:30am -   Breakfast
6:30am-7:30am -   Break Camp
8:00am-12:00  -     Island Hopping/ Swimming
12:30pm -              Lunch on the Boat
12:30pm -              Depart to Real Port
9:00pm                  Manila


- Transportation Private Van and Boat
- Island Hopping Private Boat
- Feeding Program
- Meals

I've never tried camping before, so I was so keen to be part of this trip. We boarded the boat at 6:00 am similaer to the boat pictured below. The boat was quite big and can accommodate 40-50 persons in one trip with the travel time of 6 hours. 

I like that they have a roof deck where tourists can relax and catch up with their sleep. The morning see breeze was also quite relaxing.

Meals were inclusive and were prepared by Danny Consigna. While on the boat, we had delicious chicken strips plus the best mango - buko pandan dessert that was to die for! It was a good brunch and volunteers got a chance to get to know each other better!

Few hours from our destination, we repacked all the goods and items that were donated to the community. It was very overwhelming to see the donations received for this program. 

When we arrived at the Barangay Talisoy, we were already welcomed by these children. The smiles and excitement from these children were very evident as we arrived.  It was also good to know that the local officials and tourism officer were also there to support this program. 

While the program was taking place, Danny and the others were also busy preparing for the feeding program. 

Program started smoothly and everyone was so excited . We included games in our program specially with the kids.  Even their parents and other spectators were in full support of our feeding program. 


At the end of the feeding program, Team Hamog also donated slippers for the kids that they could use everyday. 

During the entire process, all I felt was pure joy and happiness! To be able to do this just opened up my mind as to what I can do to help even in simple ways for our community. 

Fishing is the primary livelihood in the island, and to see and touched a live lobster, that was something else! 

After the succesful feeding program, it was time for us to move to a different location where we will spend our evening. And one of the best place to camp out in Jomalig is at SALIBUNGOT BEACH.

 A beautiful and unspoiled beach surrounded with Agoho Pine Trees add up to the character of this beach. There are no resorts and toilets around here. All you will find is a small fishing community where we found a deep well pump where we could wash up. 

It's nice to be on your own in this beautiful paradise! We walked from our base camp around the beach and I felt so free! I hope this place stays like this because this is what the tourists want to see. 

Everyone was just having a great time at Salibungot beach. Night time arrived and what Sir Danny did was something very memorable. He set up this beautiful candle-lit dinner at the beach for all of us. Such a great way to celebrate the success of the feeding program. I was really impressed! 

We still had enough slippers to give away, we also gave some to the children of Salibungot beach.

Even though we had lack of sleep and were all exhausted yet we knew we made a lot of people happy at Jomalig. That for us was more than enough to leave the island with a joyful heart! 

Before we went straight back to Real port, our boat stopped off shore and gave us time see underwater landscape. The visibility of the water perfect for snorkeling and the amount of corals and marine life was spectacular in the island. 

I would like to thank Team HAMOG specially to Danny Consigna and Rian DelaTorre for the opporunity of making me part of this worthy cause. And also for us all to discover the beauty of Jomalig Island. I know there is more to see about this beautiful island. I know that someday more tourists will visit this place. And as for me, I will be back for sure ! 

If you want to know more about JOMALIG ISLAND, you may contact the Tourism Coordinator of Jomalig Island:

MARILOU ALOLOD = 639299573655

Schedule of TRIPS (Yana) :
FARE: Php 400.00
Phone Number: +639186099822


Crimson Hotel - A relaxing staycation hotel in Alabang!

Alabang is a bustling growing city in the South of Manila. Aside from the number of shopping malls and other skyscrapers now being built, hotels are also growing in numbers. And one of the activity we are enjoying at the moment is doing a staycation. This is how we sometimes treat ourselves after a hectic and busy week. With all the searching going on, we decided to go and stay at CRIMSON HOTEL in Alabang for a night. 

We arrived at the reception at 2:00 pm just in time for their check-in. The lobby was huge and grand. I like the geometric lines of their ceiling too! 

Aside from their comfortable room, it was also very spacious and clean. The beds and linen were also very soft and fluffy which I like.  Everything you need can be found in the room. 

After a few minute rest in the hotel room, it was time for me to explore the hotel.  Next to the reception, you can treat yourself to some dessert samplers, cakes, coffees, teas and wine at Lobby Lounge. If you are thinking of Tea Time? This is the place to be! 

I was also able to try their pool area. Their pool was not as big as the others, but the length was perfect if you want to do lap swimming. The wind was also blowing very strong sometimes that it they made swimmers retreat from the swimming pool. They have two swimming pools for both adults and kids to enjoy!  For those who are not swimmers, they also have a fitness gym just next to the pool area. 

That evening, we didn't want to go anywhere else. Instead we treated ourselves to a buffet at the hotel's Cafe 8. This is the hotel's main restaurant that offers international cuisine from different regions of the world. 

Before we start our dinner buffet, we started with a cocktail. My friend ordered his own margarita and I always ordered my favorite Long Island Tea. 

After our cocktails, we immediately grabbed a plate and started enjoying our dinner. I like the variety of food that they have in Cafe 8. This restaurant is also considered as one of the top restaurants in Metro Manila. 

Although the variety was  not as much as compared to other buffet places, the selection of food was enough and all of them were tasty. The selection of their desserts were also good! Though I am on Low Carb - Hight Fat Diet, I guess  I will find an excuse to emjoy the fare! 

After a good night sleep, we went back again to Cafe 8 for breafkast which was already included. The place was busy and I am not surprise as to why. The breakfast buffet was superb here! From cold cuts, to international and local dishes, bread and pastries, and many more. I just kept coming back to get more food!  Aside from hotel guests, I see other people or families who come in here just to have breakfast. 

If you think of elegance and great atmosphere, Crimson Hotel has it all! A hotel not just suited for businessmen, but also  a great place to enjoy with the whole family and friends all within walking distance of Alabang's main malls and business areas.  The staff were also very friendly and accommodation too which adds up to the flare of the hotel.  Even just for a night, I can say that we really enjoyed our stay at Crimson Hotel! 

Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila
Entrata Urban Complex, 2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, 
Muntinlupa City 1781, Philippines

Tel. No.: (+63 2) 863-2222

Email: info.alabang@crimsonhotel.com

Website: www.crimsonhotel.com/Manila/

Twitter: @Crimson_Alabang