BODIVANCE Thermogenic Cream - Just what every athletes need!

As a runner myself, I find we often complain about cramps, stiffness, and body aches in different parts of our body.  We also sometimes forget the benefits of warming up before any racing event. I am often guilty of that - arriving at events with little time before the gun time making it very difficult to warm up. 

Thank goodness for this new product I found on the market, the Bodivance Thermogenic Cream will change the way you perform and help you achieve your best as an athlete.

So how does BODIVANCE work?

" Thermogenic action is the process of generating energy in the body. Through physical activities, it is the process in which the body releases heat by utilizing stored calories. For optimum calorie burn in a workout, thermogenic action must be sustained without overheating the exercising muscles.

Bodivance also accelerates the thermogenic action and enhances calorie burn by insulating heat. Its breathable barrier enables the body to cool down and prevent muscle exhaustion during workout. With optimized results from every workout, Bodivance ensures you achieve your winning performance. " - Science Behind Bodivance . www.bodivance.com

To prove the effectiveness of this cream, I used it on two occasions. One is when we hiked to Mt. Batulao with friends and the other was during our LSD (Long Slow Distance) Jog from Silang to Nuvali with a total mileage of 27 kms. 

Aside from me applying it on my thighs and calves, I also asked my friends to try it to see how effective this product really is. For me, I prefer to massage it into the areas vulnerable to cramping instead of just rubbing it on. I just think that It is absorbed well into the areas when they are massaged. 

The afternoon heat and the steep hills of Mt. Batulao really got to my legs and I began feeling a little cramped when we reached Peak 6 so I massaged it on my thighs and calves again. Bodivance is nicely scented which I like and not too oily on the skin as other similar products tend to be. 

The jog from Silang, Cavite down to Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna and up again to Silang via the steep Cardiac Trails was a great route to test Bodivance. It's never ending ending uphills and downhills would surely test the endurance of every runner or biker who try that route. 

I told my friends in the running community to also try out BODIVANCE and explained to them the benefits for them as an athlete.   

Some were very curious about the product but some of them already tried it out and testified that Bodivance really works and that it helped them in their previous running events. 

Bodivance comes in sachets and tubes and is widely available in different sport shops around Metro Manila and other provinces.  Click here: Where to BUY

When I asked them what they felt after applying it during the whole hiking experience and the jog in Silang Cavite, they were very impressed with the BODIVANCE and even said that they are definitely going to use it in their runs and work outs. 

I also observed that after I used it,  my legs were not as stiff the day after my run which is unusual and I really give that credit to BODIVANCE. 

Bodivance  is really effective in helping you maximize your work out and reduce the risk of cramps and aches. It also heals and hastens the recovery process of every athlete after doing any strenuous exercise. And most of all, It can BURN fat!  Through increased blood circulation due to the thermogenic accelerator, you will see yourself sweat a lot and burning those fats! 

I highly recommend the use of Bodivance to everyone not just the runners but also for those who are very active in sports. With regular use, expect to perform at your peak! 

To learn more about Bodivance, you may check their website: www.bodivance.com


How to Return Your GoPro for Replacement within the 1 year Warranty Period.

I am a proud owner of a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and I am very happy with it. It's the best camera I have at the moment.  However, unexpected things could happen at anytime and that's what just happened to my GoPro.  When I opened it one morning, I saw a small crack on it's Silver Casing. I know it's sad! :(

I am not sure why but when I checked the GoPRO User Philippines, it seems like I am not the only one who has the same problem. 

A lot of users often wonder what they should do next? I know my GoPro is still under 1 Year warranty.

I asked many users and each one of them has their own version and it's hard to read long threads so I decided to write about how I returned my GoPro for replacement and how we exchanged emails. I was really impressed with the GoPro Support! 

1. Email GOPRO Support 
You need to email the support right away and tell them the issue. 

You may go to this link: https://gopro.com/contact-us

Once you emailed them, you will receive an email notification from GoPro Support with the Inquiry Case No. 

2. Wait for an email from GoPro
They emailed after 1 day and requested for the picture of the item with the cracked case. After a few hours, they emailed back with this. 


3. Wait for the RMA FORM
After a day of sending all the information to the support group, I am very impressed how they responded very promptly to all my queries.  They will send you an RMA FORM


It's already completed, just include this in the courier and 
reference the RMA-Number

4. Courier your GoPro
I decided to contact UPS since they can pick it up and send it to Singapore for replacement. UPS will ask you to put it in the box and ask for the weight and dimension of the package. Their minimum weight is .5 kg ( Half Kilo) which costs around PHP 1500.00 including the pick up and delivery to Singapore. Better phone in the morning so they can pick up in the afternoon. 

UPS Phone Number Manila: (02) 853 3333

Address of GoPRO Singapore: 

GoPro Returns 
51 Ubi Avenue 3
Singapore, 408858

I got very confused on how to send the cracked case camera so I emailed them with the question: "Can I send my camera to any local courier?". Here's their reply. 




March 20, 2015 - My GoPro was received in Singapore 

5. Wait for the Tracking Number 
Once they received your item, you will receive an email like this. 

And soon after, you will be receiving an email with the UPS tracking number. 

March 31, 2015 - I recieved my GoPro! 

I really thank the GoPro Support specially Luisa for being so helpful! Their response was very quick and she handled the case well from the start all the way up to when I received the new unit. 

MT. BATULAO - A favorite mountain to climb near Metro Manila!

It was a beautiful day and what better way to spend it than at a place I now call my favorite playground: Mt. Batulao which never disappoints anyone who visits this beautiful mountain. 

Since last year, my friends and I included mountain climbing as part of our training because of the benefits to runners. As part of another ultra-marathon event in April, we decided to go back to Mt. Batulao for the 3rd time.  

We left Imus, Cavite at 7:00 AM and headed to Nasugbu, Batangas via Tagaytay which only took us an hour and half to get to our destination via Amadeo Rd. On arrival, we already knew that it was going to be hot, lots of climbers but lots of fun! 

Locals will guide you to the different parking areas and with the fee Php 100.00, you can be assured of the safety of the vehicles. 

Tour Guides are also available in the area. But, if you think you are an experienced climber, I don't  think its necessary. What's good is that availing a tour guide is optional. 

This place has been a favorite mountain to climb for newbie climbers, experienced climbers, and even trail runners. The challenging terrains and the beautiful scenery make this a favorite playground for all the thrill seekers! 

We started walking up to the summit, and what's good is you don't need to worry about keeping yourself hydrated as there are different tuck shops that sell Coconut Juice, Halo Halo and many others.  

Compared to other mountains, the climb wasn't as steep and it made the hike more enjoyable. The first part of the terrain was quite scenic and flat. In addition, you have the fresh cool breeze of Mt. Batulao. 

The first time I climbed here it was wet, slippery and everything was covered by fog. And now when everything is dry, it was still slippery! The soil was coarse and almost felt like sand making it difficult since I don't have a trail shoes. The strong winds build up the sand which creates a lot of dust too. But with all the moaning, the view from Mt.Batulao is beyond words!

Make sure to spend at least the whole day at Mt. Batulao if you are on a day hike. Mt. Batulao is not a place to rush. There are so many reasons to just enjoy the view and just relax! 

There are two ways of going to the summit of Mt. Batulao. There is a New Route which for me is more fun and more adventurous and you have the OLD Route which is covered with more trees less steep hills. On this climb, we decided to do the New to Old Traverse. 

As mentioned a while ago, this is where you find some trail runners do their training prior to their events. It was also the reason why we were here. Most of them do several loops from New to Old or vice versa.

I even met up with some like Sir Country Boy Tugade who's preparing for a trail run in the coming weeks in the North. 

While others are enjoying their climb, for the locals here life moves on. I am sure that the influx of visitors really help in terms of their everyday lives. 

When we reached Peak 6, we have to register at this station and pay an Environmental Fee of Php 30.00 . 

After the registration, the terrain got even more exciting and challenging with the presence of steep hills. A great terrain that gives you an amazing view on both sides and to overcome my fear of heights. 

As you come near to the summit, boulders become more visible creating a different landscape. 

Hills got steeper that the only way to go up or down is by rappelling. 

It could be frightening for some but I must admit, I enjoyed the rappelling a lot! It is really advisable to use a proper trail shoes to get the grip that you needed whether in dry or wet conditions.  

Time for another rest before we do our final climb to summit. 

One more spot that is so famous is the KNIFE'S EDGE. Imagine yourself standing on a knife and there's nothing around you but super steep hills. We saw some climbers cried out even with the guide because it can be nerved wracking. The first time I was here, I crawled because of fright.  But once you pass this edge, it can be quite an achievement! Lol.. 

That is me pointing out the Knife's Edge. Do you see those climbers on top? Yeah I know, Crazy right?  ha ha

Finally, we reached the Summit which is the Peak 10 and because it was a Saturday, it was packed!

It may sound impossible, but you will find everything you need specially drinks, coconut juice and much more at the summit. How did they do that? Only the locals know! Just expect the price could be double once you are on the summit due to labor of course. 

Who could ever get tired of this view at the summit?  Get a 360 view perfect for those wanted to get an amazing selfie or group shot. 

To experience the whole Mt. Batulao, we decided to go back via the old route and as expected more intense rappelling and more people are arriving. 

As a newbie, I really find going down the hardest than climbing up. My knees and running shoes are not geared up for trail but I think the more I do it the better I will be. 

With it's distance from Manila, everyone who comes here will definitely fall in love instantly with Mt. Batulao. Whether it's a day hike or an overnight camping, people will keep coming back to Mt. Batulao! 

How to get to Mt. BATULAO

1.Drive from Tagaytay to Nasugbu. Buses are also available going to Nasugbu. 
2. Few kilometers after the Nasugbu arch, turn left to the road to Calaruega
Retreat House.
3. Drive straight and you'll find parking spaces for your vehicle.

You can also check my previous post about Mt. Batulao: CLICK HERE


8 Beautiful Places to Visit in SCOTLAND!

If you are looking for a scenic destination, vibrant culture, and a rich heritage, Scotland is the place to be.  Located in the northern part of United Kingdom, Scotland would make your holiday truly memorable. 

As you explore Scotland the different castles, ruins, abbeys, and churches take you back to their rich and colorful history. Aside from the their rich past, Scotland is also famous for their beautiful mountain ranges, canals, rivers, and lochs which makes it ideal ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities.  Something you could only find in Scotland. 


As part of our UK Tour, we explored Scotland as much as our time in this beautiful country would allow and it was easy to find places that made our Scotland holiday memorable. With so many scenic roads and seemingly unexplored tracks to follow our GPS was really useful in ensuring that we did not miss anything.  But getting lost anywhere in Scotland is a joy!

In this article, we came up with 8 Beautiful Places to visit in Scotland

EDINBURGH CASTLE -  www.edinburghcastle.gov.uk

A very famous castle in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle. This castle sticks out dominating the skyline of this ancient city capital. And because of it's location, this historic fortress makes it one of the most visited castle. The castle is open from 9:30am until 6:00pm. The castle can get very busy so I would advise tourists to arrive in early to enjoy and avoid the crowds.

ROYAL MILE - www.royal-mile.com
Just a short walk from the Edinburgh Castle and you will find yourself exploring the Royal Mile - this is a must. Considered as one of the oldest street in Edinburgh, you will find different shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, tours, and many more. I also enjoyed watching the street performers here.  What's even better is, it's free to walk around! 

 ROYAL YACHT BRITANNIA - www.royalyachtbritannia.co.uk

The famous Royal Yacht Britannia was the floating beloved residence of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family for 44 years. It visited many different places and countries all over the world. 

Upon entering, you will be given a radio which will guide you during your entire tour. 
Different sections were numbered and once you pressed that number on the radio, it will explain to your everything you need to know.

- www.edradour.com

A better way to enjoy your tour through Scotland is to try a genuine Scotch Whiskey - that is why we decided to check Scotland's smallest distillery, EDRADOUR.

Located in the beautiful town of Pitlochry, Edradour, still stands as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whiskey up to the present. It is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in this picturesque town.

One of our main reasons for visiting Pitlochry was to visit Edradour as one of our party was a whiskey connoisseur and Edradour was one of the few distilleries that allowed visitors access to the complete distillery process.

DORES, Inverness

Located along right on the banks of one of the most famous bodies of water in the world, Dores is the place that provides a dramatically picturesque gateway to the Highlands of Scotland. This lake became very famous for their Loch Ness Monster which remains elusive until now.

 But the mystery and the beautiful landscape of this lake are just some of the many reasons why this village is a favorite holiday destination.

Also located in the Highlands and very close to Dores, are Falls Of Foyers.  A very attractive series of 165m falls, everyone will fall in love with it.  I find the walk to the falls very romantic as well. 

If you enjoy walking and looking for a beautiful scenery, you have to visit this falls. There are different view points where you can enjoy the view of the falls from different angles. 


DUNROBIN CASTLE - http://www.dunrobincastle.co.uk
With so many castles we visited in the UK, Dunrobin Castle is probably the most beautiful I've ever seen. A friend described this as a fairy tale castle and that's is certainly true of this castle. The driveway leading to the castle was quite magical and listening to the sound of the bagpipes at the entrance of the castle made it such a memorable welcome.

We had a tour of the inside of the castle, however picture taking was not allowed. But when we walked out into the landscaped gardens, I felt like I was going to ran out of frames because I've just seen the most beautiful garden ever! 


Who wouldn't fall in love in this beautiful garden? 

Add Ons:
Have your camera always ready as the drive around Scotland as the next bend in the road reveals scene upon scene of picturesque views such as these. 

JOHN O' GROATS -www.visitjohnogroats.com
We ended our trip to Scotland by driving all the the way to the North Eastern tip of Scotland. This small village is very popular destination not just because of it's location but also because of the scenic landscape that can be found in the area.

If you come here, you need to have a picture taken at the Last House in Scotland. There are also cafes around the area and accommodation for those who wanted to stay longer. 

Nowadays, to get to these beautiful places, we mostly relied on our PHONE GPS and 
it was pretty accurate.