NAGTABON BEACH - A beautiful and unspoiled beach everyone should visit in Palawan!

While you are in Puerto Princesa and looking for more places to explore? Then an unspoiled beach is waiting for you and that is NAGTABON BEACH!

On my first trip to Puerto Princesa, the trip to Nagtabon beach was a great addition to our itinerary. After a nice late breakfast at Blue Palawan where we stayed during our trip, we immediately headed off to Nagtabon which is approximately an hour's ride from the city of Puerto Princesa to Nagtabon. 

The road going there was actually quite smooth, but as you made a turn to Nagtabon beach that's when you will hit the rough road. So drive safely!

When we arrived, we couldn't believe how beautiful and unspoiled this beach was. There are no hotels and other establishments in the area, what you will find here are small nipa huts and cottages that are for rent around the area.

Each time I look at these images they always remind me of the beaches I visited when I was young and soon became so built up which saddened me but I guess that is really the trend. 

The sand may not be as white as the other famous beaches out there but with it's clean, powdery sand and unspoiled beach, it's not hard to fall in love with this place!

Since we are there only for the afternoon, we decided to rent a cottage at a very low price. Oh, let me remind you that there is no phone signal within the area which may be a big problem for some, but I was unperturbed! At least we had an opportunity to focus on the beauty of the place and not on any apps! 

A local community thrive in the area and local fishing is their primary source of livelihood. 

While they were busy preparing, I was preparing myself to walk along this pristine beach of Nagtabon. I like the fact that it was not as busy as compared to other places. It's literally unspoiled! I am not sure on weekends though, but while we were there, I never felt so much freedom!

I was also wondering, how many of these places like this are left in the Philippines. I felt that as a travel blogger, these are the type of places I want to explore. But I am also scared that in the coming years I may not see places like this again? 

The sand, sea, the landscape were just too inviting that next time I visit Palawan, I am definitely coming to this place again. I am actually considering staying here for a few days instead of staying in city. 

Aside from the long stretch of beach at Nagtabon, another inviting activity you can do here is Surfing. Waves here are so ideal high enough for everyone to surf . 

There are two ways to get here; either you rent a motorbike or rent a van if you are in a big group. Everybody in the city knows where it is, so you have nothing to worry about as far as getting directions is concerned. If you are riding a motorbike, just drive slowly and safely as mentioned earlier, going down is a bit rough!

Nagtabon beach for me was really special. This made me love Palawan so much more. This also made me think that I will have to come back to Palawan because I know, there are more places waiting to be explored!


  1. Hi Kuya Angelo! I wanna go to Palawan with you! Hindi ko pa 'yan napupuntahan. Coron pa lang, hehe!

    1. Hi Bro, why not! As long time permits go lang ng go! Haha

  2. Traveling jet lag free with jetLAGFX http://www.jetlagfx.com/ and visit Palawan is a dream come true to me. Best attractions and World renowned destination. I love it!

  3. This place looks so relaxing! This should be perfect for couples since it's calm and quiet. Letting the fresh air to just kiss your cheeks! Aaaah I want to go here! Plus, those waves are pretty good especially for beginner surfers, I guess. Hehe

    See you around and happy blogging, Angelo!

    Cess | http://cesspiano.blogspot.com/

    1. I couldn't agree more Cess! Next time, I have to try and learn how to surf here! ;)

  4. There are lot of places to visit in Palawan. You are right, the next time you return, it may no longer be the same.

    1. I know Flotsam! I just wish that they could maintain the beauty of this paradise.. Will definitely visit this place next year!

  5. Hi Angelo,'

    Undoubtedly, Palawan is one of my favorite destinations and if ever given a chance to visit it again, I would definitely will. I won't mind visiting Coron or Port Barton or Puerto Princesa again or explore some other places there like Nagtabon and El Nido. The place is just heaven.

    Also, thank you for contributing to my blog's Selfie Sunday. Your selfie pic is now up on my blog at http://www.lawstude.net/2015/11/selfie-sunday-its-angelo-explorer.html.

    Thanks and keep exploring :)

    1. Wow Oman! Maraming maraming salamat po! It is with pleasure to be part of your Selfie Sunday! Hope to meet you soon po! God bless and more power po Sir!


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  7. The place looks so serene and inviting. It's also nice that it has enough waves for surfing.


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