Caliraya 360 Run 2014- 34km Distance - Even the Typhoon LUIS couldn't stop us!

Everyone was so excited for the Caliraya 360 Run. Many running groups and friends were all part of this event. What makes this event so popular amongst the runners?

 Last Saturday, I joined the Pinoy Aspiring Runners at Mall Of Asia where we boarded our LimoJeep to Lumban, Laguna where the event took place. 

When we arrived, I was overwhelmed with the number of runners in the plaza. Someone told me that there were over 600 runners just in the 34km category. That's a lot! We immediately put on our running gear, stretched and at 4:30am the 34km run started. 

Timing chips were also used in the event.  I guess this would help prevent
 some runners from cheating. 

Aside from the running singlet and finisher's shirt, finishers also received this glass 
trophy and a certificate. 

Bags checked in and in a few minutes we would be starting our 34km journey through the beautiful scenery of Lumban, Cavinti, Caliraya Lake and Pagsanjan. But,aside from that it was also the time when Typhoon LUIS landed in the Philippines. Heavy rains poured all night yet the show must go on. During our last year's run, the weather was really hot and exhausting and now we had the opposite. 

Mr. Pat Maranan, the founder of Run Mania Promotions gave his opening remarks and instructions to all the runner before the start of the race.

The run started at 4:30 am. It was pitch dark and raining hard from the start.  As the light began to shine from the horizon, beautiful scenery greeted us with the most beautiful views and lush green forest

The presence of the police and marshals made this event safer for the runners.
 Also another great photo opportunity with them. 

Passing through Cavinti, Laguna, I couldn't take my eyes off the hats used as decorations on their houses. Another photo opportunity everyone must be part of.

Recently, Cavinti, Laguna celebrated their SAMBALILO FESTIVAL. They even grabbed the Guinness Book of Records for having the biggest straw hat in the world. Amazing!

The landscape throughout the route was just pristine.  We couldn't helped ourselves not to stop and take pictures. This is why I prefer running in the provinces. There's so much to appreciate more than simply running. 

Group pictures with other runners while Jobats and Glenn were taking selfies. 
They made sure nothing was missed. 

A selfie moment for Andrew and Jobats .

Hydration was very visible during the event. They never ran out of ice, water and Gatorade. A boost of potassium (Bananas) were also given to the runners. I guess the cloudy and rainy weather kept the runners hydrated longer than the usual. 

More than halfway from where we started, the scenic view of the Caliraya Lake began to appear in our sight. 

There were times where we felt hungry along the way. Good thing there were stores along the route where we could stop and grab something to snack.

Even had time for coffee since others were feeling sleepy. 

The rain stopped for a while and kids approached us wanting high fives or candies. Some even greeted us with a hi, hello, good morning and so on. Running here connected us not just with nature but also with the people. I like that!

And finally, one of the highlights in running in the Caliraya 360 was
 also seeing this tower. 

Another opportunity to pause and just enjoy the calm view of the Caliraya Lake.

Welcome to Caliraya. Known for its beautiful man made lake with so many recreational and water sports activities. I want to come back again!

For the last few kilometers, it was a non stop downhill all the way to the finish line and this was where some runners got their blisters. 

And after over 6 hrs, I finished the race. I guess I find the route easier compared to last year since I had the idea of what the route was like. But, the scenery, the people and the ideal cool weather added more fun to the event. But more importantly, I felt the strong camaraderie amongst the runners. They said hello, greeted each other, making friends with other runners regardless of your running group. It's was a friendly atmosphere! Some runners were more conscious about there times, but many were just enjoying the moment. 

Congratulations RunMania for a well organized event. 
Looking forward to more events soon! 

Lumban, Laguna is also considered historical .You can check out some of their old churches and their craftsmanship in embroidery is something not to be missed. 


September Event (26): 2nd IBTUR 120km Ultramarathon

This 26th of September 2014,  IBTUR 120km will be the most challenging run of my life. The run will start at 8:00 pm on the 26th and no cut off time was implemented. 

The terrain for sure will be very mountainous and more challenging 
compared to last year when we did the IBTUR 88km. 

This was during the last year's IBTUR 88km. We eventually grabbed 
sticks that would help us climb the steep hills. The support vehicles were only allowed up to a certain point so most of the time we relied on each other.

Last year, we finished 88km in 20 hours. I wonder what
 it will be on the 26th?

This will be the route for the 120km. A 360 of never ending uphills and downhills 
will surely test the determination of every runner. 

The medal for the IBTUR 120 km Finishers. 

120km Finisher's Shirt looks so attractive. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/irunnerscommunity?fref=ts

My goal aside from finishing the race is also to raise funds for the
 Philippine Animal Rescue Team. 

A No-Kill Animal rescue group that relies solely by donations. 
They also have pets for adoption and this
 is where I got our new pet Oasis. 

This will be given to the IBTUR Runners who ran last year and 
will run again this year. So I am expecting one of these! Yahoo!
Source: https://www.facebook.com/irunnerscommunity?fref=ts

I am very positive that I will finish this race, I will! 

 I may not be that fast as others, I may struggle more than others. But knowing that every steps or every kilometers I am make is making a difference and helping the rescued animals of the Philippine Animal Rescue Team. I have more reason to move forward! 

I do hope that you would support me on my advocacy. If you want to 
make a pledge or donation please visit 


Thank you very much and I promise I will update as much as 
I can during the event to keep you all informed.


The Royal Yacht BRITANNIA - The Queen's floating Royal residence

Upon arriving in Scotland, things just got so busy. There are so many places
 to see in Scotland. And one of them is the Royal Yacht Britannia. 

With the love of the people for their reigning monarch, Royal Britania is considered as one of the top tourist destination in Edinburgh and even in the UK. 

Source: Daily Mail UK
Timeline of the Yacht of Britannia.
 This Royal yacht also visited the Philippines back in 1997. 

The Yacht Britannia was the floating resident of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family for 44 years. It visited many different places and countries all over the world. 

Upon entering, you will be given this radio which will guide you during your entire tour. 
Different sections were numbered and once you pressed that number on the radio, it will explain to your everything you need to know. 

The Royal Yacht Britannia has already stopped traveling the world, now, it's taking people on a tour of what life was like for the Royal Family on board this beautiful yacht. 

One thing was for sure, they were living the dream of many.

Here's the captain's deck. 

The yacht has several floors that you can explore.
 Signs and directions were very visible and easy to follow. 

Getting an up close look at state rooms and 
bedrooms of the Royal Family definitely was something else.

It made me relive what it was like when the Yacht
 was still working. 

Rooms were simple and minimal.  I was surprise about that at first
 but I think what matters the most was the comfort.

One of the highlights of this ship was the Binnacle on the deck just outside 
the lounge which also served as the ship's compass. The gold color is actually made
 of 24 Karat Gold Leaf.


Source: Pinterest
This was the place where the high officers of the yacht would have their meals most of the time. They were also provided with their own rooms and separate place to hang out in the yacht.

The State Dining Room was the biggest room in the Royal Yacht Britannia. This was the place where famous guests like prime ministers, presidents, king and queens great leaders from all over the world were entertained. 

This was what they called the Drawing Room. This was also considered to be the most elegant room in the yacht.  A place where the Royal Family can relax and also be used to entertain their guests.

This boat was used by the Royal Family if they want travel ashore.

Never thought doing laundry could be this complicated. 

Our tour at the Royal Yacht Britannia really was mind blowing. All along I was thinking it was going to be very lavish but it was the other way around. It was simple yet very particular to detail. TASTEFUL! 

I was so pleased we visited the Yacht of Britannia. This is not just your ordinary yacht. 
The stories behind every corner of this ship made this worth visiting! 

If you want to know more, please visit their website: