RACE DAY – November 16, 2014
10K, 21K, 42K

The 1st ANTIQUE MARATHON is a 3-town race in the province of Antique. It will take off from the town of Sibalom and will pass through the capital town of San Jose de Buenavista and the historic town of Hamtic. The route is relatively flat which is friendly to first time marathoners. It’s a highway made of concrete and asphalt. Runners will never run out of fresh air which flows from the nearby mountains, rice fields to the sea.


42K - 30 Slots
21K - 50 Slots
10K - 50 Slots


Early Bird Registration – August 4 – October 3
                10K – Php400.00
                21K – php600.00
                42K – Php800.00
                * Early bird registrants will have a personalized race bib with their name printed on it.

Regular Registration – October 4 – November 7

                10K – Php450.00
                21K – Php650.00
                42K – Php900.00

Late Registration – November 8  – 14
                10K – Php500.00
                21K – Php750.00
                42K – Php1,000.00

Gun Time:
                42K – 3:00AM
                21K – 4:30AM
                10K – 5:00AM
Assembly Time:
                42K – 2:30AM
                21K – 4:00AM
                10K – 4:30AM

10K – Singlet, Race Bib and Certificate
21K – Singlet Race Bib, Finisher’s Shirt, Finisher’s Medal
42K – Singlet Race Bib, Finisher’s Shirt, Finisher’s Medal



San Jose:
-Black & Yellow Carwash - Trade Town, Brgy. Dalipe

-ALM Party Needs
Eugenia Dormitory, District 1, Sibalom Antique

Online Registration:

- Deposit registration fee thru Bank of the Philippine Islands within 3 days.

Acc. # 3056 4064 39
Acc. Name: Manuel Magbanua, Jr. 

Email scanned deposit slip to: manie.magbanuajr@gmail.com

For Inquiries text/call:
Manie (0917) 7260899
Boogie (0927) 7786286
Mark (0926) 7168791


7 Authentic South African meals and snacks that are a must try!

As I arrived in the beautiful South Africa, I was faced with a totally new environment. One of the best way to adapt to it was to arrive embracing the culture and explore the real South Africa; not just visiting different tourist spots but by also exploring their authentic South African dishes. 

Here are some of the authentic South African meals, snacks and drink that I've tried and fell in love with as I explored South Africa.

1. Biltong

Biltong is a variety of cured meat. It is normally made of beef and game meats. It is similar to the American beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats. Biltongs are widely available everywhere in South Africa and a perfect authentic snack food! I also tried the spicy biltong and it was also nice. 

2. Droƫwors (dri-vors)

Another authentic snack food along with Biltong is this one. Made by drying a thinner variant of traditional boerewors sausage. Although pork is essential in Boerewors, pork and veal normally go rancid when dried so they are usually replaced by beef. 

3. Boerewors (Boo-ro-vors)

South Africans love to Braai ( South African term for BBQ) and a braai is not complete without the Boerewors. Boer means farmer and wors means sausage. What makes this sausage so delicious are the spices put into it. The best sausage in the world!

4. Bobotie 

A traditional South African dish that originated from the Cape Malay cuisine. This dish is normally made out of spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping. Bobotie is nice with chutney along with salad and a yellow rice. 

5. Koeksisters (kook-sisters)

This delicious South African sweet piece of dough is usually in the shape of a plait, that is deep fried in oil and then dipped in a cold syrup mixture. Koeksisters are very rich and are usually served as a special treat or kept for festive occasions.

6. MilkTert (milk tart) 

It is a sweet pastry crust containing a creamy filling made from milk, flour, sugar and eggs. Cinnamon is often sprinkled over its surface. Yum! Normally, you can enjoy milk tart on its own. One time, we tried pairing it with strawberries and cream on the side of the plate and it was divine! Try it! 

7. Rooibos Tea (Roi-bos)

An authentic South African tea with a lot of health benefits is Rooibos tea or what they call red bush tea. This tea is believed to be so rich in anti-oxidants that makes this a favorite tea drink of the South Africans.

*References: Wikipedia and different online recipes.


2015 Philippine holidays is out! Start planning your long vacation now!

The following is a list of holidays for 2015, declared by virtue of Proclamation No. 831, s. 2014, unless otherwise specified:

January 1, 2015, Thursday – New Year’s Day (Regular holiday)
January 2, 2015, Friday - Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day)

February 19, 2015, Thursday – Chinese New Year (Special non-working day)
February 25, 2015, Wednesday – EDSA Revolution anniversary (Special holiday)

April 2, 2015, Thursday – Maundy Thursday (Regular holiday)
April 3, 2015, Friday – Good Friday (Regular holiday)
April 4, 2015, Saturday – Black Saturday (Special non-working day)
April 9, 2015, Thursday – Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular holiday)

May 1, 2015, Friday – Labor Day (Regular holiday)

June 12, 2015, Friday – Independence Day (Regular holiday)

August 21, 2015, Friday – Ninoy Aquino Day (Special non-working day)
August 31, 2015, last Monday of August – National Heroes Day (Regular holiday)

November 1, 2015, Sunday – All Saints Day (Special non-working day)
November 30, 2015, Monday – Bonifacio Day (Regular holiday)

December 24, 2015, Thursday - Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day)
December 25, 2015, Friday – Christmas Day (Regular holiday)
December 30, 2015, Wednesday – Rizal Day (Regular holiday)
December 31, 2015, Thursday – Last day of the year (Special non-working day)

Source: The Official Gazette (www.gov.ph)


Yuchengco Museum - A great destination in the heart of Makati City.

Located along the business district of Makati City is the
Yuchengco Museum located in RCBC Plaza. 

Because it's very central, 
Yuchengco Museum is a great destination in Makati 
City to visit with families and friends. 

Outside the museum, you will see a sculpture by Eduardo Castrillo. 
SPIRIT OF EDSA was in commemoration of the People Power Revolution
 in the Philippines. 

The museum is open from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
However, the museum is closed on Sundays and on holidays.

I was the first one to arrive at the reception, so the museum 
wasn't that busy. 

My appreciation of Filipino art and to learn more about our history were 
just some of the reasons why I felt motivated to visit this museum. 

As you turn right after the entrance, you will see these amazing works by the 
best painters in Philippines history such as Fernando Amorsolo, 
Juan Luna and Carlos Francisco. 

Some paintings also depict the 
diversity of ideas of the painters in their exhibits. 

On the second floor, you will see the Design Insights Philippines. 
A collection of different artistic designs that will surely impress every visitors. 

A head sculpture by Michelline Syjuco.

As you walk up to the 3rd level, you will see pictures that highlight the modern structure of the
 RCBC Plaza ( Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation ). RCBC Plaza is where you will find different embassies, offices, fitness center, education institutions and more. 

Still on the other side of the 3rd level, you will find more art collections by our master painters. I was just mesmerized by how beautiful they look. I really loved the way the artists brought to life what it was like in the Philippines before. And they were able to express that in their art work. Genius! 

On the fourth floor, you will find a gallery which consists of different memorabilia related to the Yuchengco family’s Chinese heritage, the history of the YGC, and Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco’s business and his diplomatic career.

I was so amazed to see this Ivory sculpture. It was stunning!

Next to the Yuchengco Gallery was a section devoted to the memorabilia 
of our very own National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. 

In this exhibition, you will find sketches, letters, furniture and even jewelry worn by 
Rizal's childhood sweetheart Leonor Rivera who is believed to be the Maria Clara 
in the novel Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not). 

Rizal's family tree. 

My tour in the museum inspired me in so many ways. It makes me really proud being a Filipino and realizing how talented Filipinos are in terms of arts, culture and even on the entrepreneurial side of it. And most of all, it brings your closer to your roots! 

RCBC PLAZA, Corner Ayala Avenue  and
 Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue
Source: www.rcbcplaza.com.ph


Monday to Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed Sunday and on holidays

Adults: P100
Students: P50
Children: P25 
Seniors: P25