The Angel Of The North - A Closer Look at One of the Biggest Sculptures In the UK.

A sculpture so big, there is no way you would miss the beautiful 
Angel of the North.
This huge angel was built in February 1998 and Antony Gormley was the one who designed this magnificent steel structure. The Angel of the North has also 
attracted thousands of visitors each year. 

The history of the Angel of The North and how it was constructed 
can be seen at the entrance.

It was so huge that we had to move far away just to capture 
the entire piece.

I was amazed to know that The Angel of the North was built to 
withstand winds of  up to 100 mph. 

It's wingspan is almost equivalent to a Jumbo jet.

It was made of weather resistant Cor-ten steel,
 containing a small amount of copper. 

The sturdy feet of the Angel.

You can see that this was built to withstand 
any storms and strong winds. 

I'm glad we stopped at the Angel of The North. 

The designer Mr. Gormley was always asked why an angel? And his response was "The only response I can give is that no-one has ever seen one and we need to keep imagining them."

We found our way here with the use of a mobile GPS. But if you are familiar with the roads and streets, here is the exact address of The Angel of The North.

Durham Rd, Low Eighton, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

NE9 6AA, United Kingdom


The Backyard - The Food Truck Community found a new haven in the South!

Good Food. Good Music. Good Vibes. 

The Backyard Food Truck Community offers a great dining experience that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Food trucks nowadays are becoming popular all over. This is probably also from the influence of some food channels which has resulted in the growing trend of food trucks in the metro. I'm very happy that a community of food trucks has ventured into Cavite. 

Located along Aguinaldo Highway in Dasmarinas City, Cavite. 
There is no way you can miss it. 

I've seen The Backyard many many times and finally,
 I found the time to visit and I'm glad I did. 

Most of the food trucks are based in Manila and come to The Backyard 
on a daily basis or on schedule.

Fugowagon offers gourmet comfort food that will 
make you crave for more.  

Cannot wait to try the others in the future. 

We ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich and Eggplant Parmigiana.

Truck Bun offers International Flavored Sandwiches and Wraps.

We tried this Japanese Hotdog Sandwich. Delicious! 

For Shawarma Bros lovers, you must try their chicken and beef shawarma rice.

This concept is so good that it's attracting a lot of customers. 

For more sandwiches, fries and burgers, 
you should also try Bigbite Avenue.

Every Thursday, The Backyard has a guest chef that offers a East African cuisine that Filipinos would surely enjoy. Lamex of Blue Giraffe Corner makes his own dough to make his wraps. His tomato sauce was delicious and complements every dish. It's actually better than ketchup!

We ordered Flamingo Wrap.

If you are craving for chicken wings, I mean chicken wings to die for,
 Hot Hippie Wild Wings is the one for you!

We ordered their best seller Buffalo Wings. 
I was craving for more actually! :) 

What I like about the The Backyard Food Truck Community was all of the food trucks were serving different comfort food. It would be a great idea specially if you are with a group to order from each food truck and share just as we did. 

Expect GREAT FOOD served always. The chilled atmosphere inside The Backyard means GOOD VIBES for all and, makes your dining experience complete by listening to GOOD MUSIC. 

 It was nice to know that this place was so close to where I live. People in Cavite and nearby areas must visit this place as this could soon be the best hang out place in Cavite! 

Here's how to get to The Backyard. 

To get daily updates, check their Facebook Page: The Backyard 


YORKMINSTER CATHEDRAL - One Of The Most Beautiful Gothic Cathedrals In The World.

A few meters walk from the Shambles of York, you will find the Gothic-inspired cathedral that is considered as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. 

That is the Yorkminster Cathedral. 

A church built during the medieval period, this place has 
always been a top tourist destination when visiting York.

The cathedral is constructed using a creamy-white coloured
 rock called Magnesian limestone.

Restoration is continually undertaken in the church to preserve it's grandeur.  
Update on the restoration: Daily Mail

Gargoyles can be seen around the cathedral. It was believed that Gargoyles cast out bad spirits, but in reality, they were designed to transport water away from the side of the cathedral.

Get a glimpse of Yorkminster on this Brass Diorama. 

This cathedral was so detailed, 
it felt like each wall has it's own story to tell. 

The Nave is wide and tall framework of the church, and roofed 
in wood to make it look like stone.

Be stunned with their very colourful stained glass windows 
surrounding the cathedral. 

The famous Rose Window of Yorkminster. 

The Rose Window from the outside. 

The choir screen in York Minster with the kings of England.

If you visit Yorkminster, going up the Central Tower should be part of your list. 

A guided tour going up the tower was an extra treat and
 I could not wait to see the panoramic view of York. 

It was a narrow path going up and
 it may cause a problem if you are claustrophobic. It was a steep
 climb so be sure you are fit to do it. 

Knees started to shake as I am scared of heights 
but I could only do this once, so I did!

The view from the top was extraordinary.  

Facing towards the front of Yorkmister Cathedral from the tower.

It was a beautiful day in York. 

If you are planning to visit United Kingdom, put YORK on your list, a place rich in history and great architectural structures. 


If you want to check the schedule and admission rates: