Our Dinner Buffet Experience at Acacia Hotel, Alabang

To treat our friends at the end of the holiday we thought of going to a dinner buffet just to spend an evening with good food and in good company. We searched all over Manila for a possible place but we also wanted to consider the traffic situation since it was in December.

With many of the hotels offering dinner buffets, we decided to go to Acacia Hotel. It was very close to where we were located so traffic wasn't a big issue. 

We booked at 7 pm just in time for dinner. We were starving when we arrived. 

Acacia Hotel is one of the newest hotel in the Alabang area. You cannot miss this hotel as it is nicely lit and modern. 

When we entered the hotel, the staff greeted us in a very hospitable and friendly manner which we all found very appealing.   

I like the open space in the lobby. 

These chairs were huge yet very comfortable. Very ideal for high teas. 

On the second level,  you will find their restaurant ACACI. The dinner buffet costs us more or less Php 1200.00 per person which is not bad at all compared to other dinner buffets in the metro. 

The moment we were seen to our table and ordered drinks, I quickly walked around and took some pictures. 

Some starters for you. 

Fresh Sushi you shouldn't ignore. 

The dining area was simple but very detailed. The colors used also matched the mood 
of the dining area. 

You can simply ask for a coffee or if you know how to use these machines maybe you can make one yourself. 

Breads and cheeses. 

Pastas. You choose which sauce you like and they will make the sauce for you with the pasta. That's quite cool!

This meat was so tender and delicious that it made me come back for more. 

Fresh sea foods to grill. 

Time to look at the main courses. 

I always picked a little of everything as I want to taste not all but most of what they had to offer. 

Except for this one. :)

Fresh salad bar.

My second to the last dish.  Pizza, Tempura, Meats, Fish and many more. 

Of course, who would ignore these sweets. Just make sure you still have some space in your tummy as these cakes are a must. 

Dining at Acacia Hotel really was a great choice for us. The food in general was satisfying. We really enjoyed our overall dining experience plus how we were treated by their hospitable staff. 

At least, for the people in the South, there is no need to go far  as there are options for them here in Alabang and one of them is at ACACI Restaurant in Acacia Hotel. 

For reservations at ACACI RESTAURANT , 
please call 720 2000 loc. 1911.


Revisiting The Beautiful Island of Bohol

Since some of our friends spent Christmas and New Year with us here in the Philippines. We decided to take them to Bohol on the 1st of January 2014.

Bohol was recently hit by a powerful earthquake that hit Central Visayas and I felt that by visiting Bohol again it would be a great way to help them in terms of tourism.

We flew in via AIR ASIA Zest since it was the cheapest available flight during that time. 

Instead of staying along Alona Beach, we decided to stay at a place that is more quiet and serene and yet still close to the Alona Beach. After much research, we found DiveThru Resort.  

The place is so private and just beautiful inside and out. It was a well kept and a nicely landscaped resort.

They only have 11 rooms available in the resort. So better book early as they can get fully booked.

They also have a nice pool that is also used for divers. 

This is the reception area of the resort. 

Dining area where breakfasts and other meals are served. 

Their dive shop. 

Time to go and check our room. Check-in time is at 2:00pm. Their rooms are very different from the usual resort rooms. Ground floor is where you can find the TV, Sofa Bed and Bathroom. 

As you walk up the stairs, you have your master's bedroom. 

Since we only had 3 days 2 nights vacation, we wanted to make sure that we made the most of what we could do. At DiveThru Resort, they don't really have a beach specially when high tide comes. But, when it's low tide, this is what it looked like. 

This is actually not bad at all. Far away from many people, it felt like you are the only one there and you own the beach. We had a nice time walking along the area.

We snorkeled a lot and these are the pictures I took on our first day. 

Since, Alona Beach is not far away, having dinner there is a must. There are so many restaurants to chose from at Alona Beach. We wanted to eat next to the beach. 

We all tried different grilled sea foods and we were eventually so full and very satisfied! 

On our 2nd day, we checked out the beautiful scenery around the resort. 

The weather was so good that's why we decided to snorkel again. 

Finally got a picture of my favorite angel fish! 

This star fish is so weird, yet very pretty!

With love!

As you snorkel further out, you will reach the drop off with an abundance of marine life. 

After snorkeling for 2 hours, we planned to have a tour of some of the well known tourist spots in Bohol. First stop was the Bohol Bee Farm. My relatives took me here before and so I promised my friends that I would also take them here. 

We were in awe with the view. Stunning! 

Time to check their menu. 

Try the different drinks available and also don't forget to ask for the complimentary food. 

As a complimentary, they will give you squash bread and cassava chips with tomato salsa, pesto and mango butter. Delicious!

Ordered their Spareribs and Salad. We really enjoyed their food a lot. 

You must also not forget to visit their shop and buy some honey. 

Before you leave the place. Treat yourself to some ice-cream. I think this is the best ice cream you can find in Bohol or maybe in the country. 

You have different flavors to choose from. 

I had Pandan and Mango ice cream. 

They also have accommodation available and a nice indoor pool. 

After the earthquake, we were shocked that Baclayon Church which was considered one of the oldest churches in the Philippines was badly hit by the quake. So we checked the place out to see for ourselves the state of the church. It was saddening! 

The government has allocated a budget to fix the church. It's not going to be easy but I believe things will go back to normal soon. 

Antique statues inside the church. 

Baclayon church didn't lose it's beauty! It just needs a retouch! 

After the trip to Baclayon Church, we headed straight to Corella to check on the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.  A place where you can get close and get to know the smallest primate in the world. 

These primates are nocturnal so you will never see them active during the day.  

They are the cutest thing ever! 

Our last day in Panglao Island and we didn't want to miss the opportunity of snorkeling again. Here are some of the pictures I took underwater.

I don't see any reason why we shouldn't visit Bohol. The beauty of the island and the hospitality of the people will surely make you return to this place. Plus, they have one of the best diving spots in the country and in the world.

Thank you to all who made our New Year special!  

Where we stayed: Divethru Resort

Where we explored:
                                   Bohol Bee Farm
                                   Baclayon Church
                                   Tarsier Sanctuary