Delicious Milk Teas and More at Affinitea.

These days, there seems to be no escaping the summer heat. Everywhere you go, its hot!

One weekend, I was driving around Bacoor, Cavite to meet some friends. It was a terribley hot day that even the aircon in the car was not enough to cope, the car could reach it's boiling point. So, I decided to look for a place to cool down and I found Affinitea!

I am always intrigued with milk teas as it's now it appears to be gaining popularity in our country. That is why I decided to give this one a try.

Arrived just after lunch when it's not too busy and immediately asked for their best sellers. I needed something that would cool me down. They told me that the Oreo Milk Tea was their best seller. I wasn't sure of the Oreo at first but since it's one of their best sellers, I gave it a shot! 

I like this idea where customers can just post anything on this board and 
write their favourite Affinitea drink. I think it's cool!

Here goes my Oreo Milk Tea. 

I love it! I was completely surprised how the Oreo cookies blended with the milk tea. It really was a delicious drink for me. I find it not too sweet as well which is good. 

I want to try something savoury along with my drink, 
so I ordered their Chicken Empanada. 

It's a yummy Chicken Empanada for less than 50.00 Pesos. 

The place is also very spacious and the green colour
 actually gave the room a calm atmosphere. 

Aside from their teas, you can also try their other drinks. 
They seem very affordable to me.

Before I drove home, I knew I would be faced with a heavy traffic and extreme heat again. So I ordered another drink. This time, I tried one of their Herbal Drinks which is the Immunity Booster Wheatgrass with Wild Honey.  

It was a very refreshing drink and kept me calm during the entire trip. 
I definitely did the right thing to stop here at Affinitea.

Savouring it to ensure it lasted the entire trip. I made it home safely and had my friend
 taste it and he liked it too!

Affinitea really offers a great a variety of drinks like milk teas, herb drinks, 
smoothies, and many more. There are so many other drinks to try and 
I can't wait to taste them all. Thanks Affinitea! 
This was definitely a great find!

Here's their Facebook Page if you want to know more Affinitea: 

Store Hours: 8:00AM - 10:00PM from Monday to Saturday

If you want to check where else can you find Affinitea, 
check this link for other branches:


  1. thats my favorite too, the oreo milk tea....!!!! its nice.. ive tried other oreo milk tea, pero mas masarap pa din affinitea oreo :-)

    1. I also enjoyed that drink a lot! WIll try the other teas soon as well. haha


  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for the great article about AFFINITEA. After all, we have a common affinity to TEA!

    AffiniTea Philippines aims to provide a new level of tea experience with its high quality, health-inspired, and natural-sourced products.

    AffiniTea Philippines is here to improve your quality of health while promoting camaraderie among earnest tea drinkers.

    AffiniTea Binakayan Branch is accepting Parties, Seminar or any other small events. For a Minimum of Php 2000.00 and this is consumable (FOOD & DRINKS) for 2 hours. We deliver also. Our store contact number is 0926-278-8007 / 484-8392. Store operation hours from 10:00Am to 11:30Pm Monday to Sunday.

    Visit us again with your friends and family.

  3. theses look delicious


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