Maundy Thursday Getaway -Balite Falls-Tagaytay-Kalipayan Resort

What a day it has been! This day is not just an ordinary Thursday. This is where people go back to their provinces, visiting churches and going on a holiday away from the city. 

I was planning of visiting Balite Falls in Amadeo, Cavite. Saw pictures of the falls on the internet and was really amazed and it's not far away from our place. After the visit to the falls we wanted to go to Tagaytay for lunch and head home.

Now the reality. We left fairly early from the house and went straight to Balite Falls. Arrived safely and paid the entrance of Php 75.00 with excitement of seeing the falls. The place and the falls it self is beautiful it's just there are so many tourist at the moment since it's a national holiday/Holyweek/Summer Vacation. We decided not to swim because it was so busy. We took some photos and walked around and then we left. But one things is for sure... WE WILL BE BACK(when it's not so busy)! 

We head straight to Tagaytay thinking why not go to Nasubgu. However, when we reached Tagaytay, traffic was really hectic so we head back home. On our way back we were were kinda starving so we stopped for lunch at Army Navy, Tagaytay. Enjoyed their food and also the entire place itself was very inviting and you still get a nice view of the Taal Volcano.

Since we have visitors from overseas very soon, we wanted to make our house presentable by adding some  plants in the house. The best place to look for it is in Silang, Cavite where you see nurseries along the road. There you will find a variety of plants at a reasonable price.

We really wanted to swim, so we made up our minds to visit a nearby resort just for a dip. Kalipayan Resort is one the many resorts you will find along Aguinaldo Highway in Cavite. It's closeby, clean and at a reasonable price. Entrance fee is Php 200.00.

For an explorer like me, things may not go as planned, yet, we still had a great and fun Thursday! 



It is advisable to segregate your used utensils and wrappers.

Were Starving! 

Isn't beautiful? 



My fellow explorers Ver and Israel.


Volet's Resort, Dasmarinas City, Cavite

Since there is nothing much to do on a Holy Monday, I have decided to visit this place that is like 10 minutes away from where I stay. 

Volet's Resort is a perfect destination for those who are getting away from the summer heat. It is located along Aguinaldo Highway in DasmariƱas City across Walter Mart. Tourists from Manila and nearby provinces flock to Volet's Resort because of so many activities you can do in the resort. 

They really upgraded the resort to make your stay more enjoyable. They have added lots of water attractions such as wave pool and giant slides which makes it one of the best resorts in Cavite (for me).  They also have a hotel and a  gym in the resort.  The place I find very clean and life guards are all over the place to ensure the safety of the people. 

This resort is definitely a great place to go this summer!

For more information about the resort: http://www.voletsresort.net/

Welcome to Volet's!

Signage you see along Aguinaldo Highway

This is the updated rates of Volet's Resort for 2015.

Entrace/ Exit
Lap pool

This is perfect for the kids. Even adults will have a great time here.
Guests enjoying the splash!

Their Wave Pool. 
They have certain hours for the wave pool. 

Wanna try them? 
It's one of the many pools they have at Volet's Resort

More slides for the little ones. 


Saw my Ex-students having a great time!

This is the updated hotel rates of Volet's Resort.

They also have a new 
phone number: (046) 481-8543,
(046)416-0790, and (046) 850-2071