LTO Car Registration Procedure

Registering your car is something you must do once a year. Unfortunately after two months, I didn't realize my car is not registered already. I'm just very lucky I was not caught driving around the metro in an unregistered car. So immediately the next day went to LTO.

Here are the things I did in renewing the car registration:

TIP No. 1: Come early as early as possible.
TIP No. 2: Make 2 Photocopies of your OR and CR . 
TIP No. 3: Always ask if your confused or don't know where to go. 

1. Go to the cashier and pay for the emission testing and insurance. The insurance is optional but since I dont have one I paid for both. ( It saves you from falling in line again).
 Cost: Less than 1500.00

2. Go to the inspector and ask for the form for the emission testing. They are free of charge.

3. Go to the emission testing and present the reciept and the form.

4. Wait for your name to be called for stencil.

5. After stencil, wait for your name to be called for emission testing. Cost for stencil is P 20.00

6. After emission testing, you will get the copy of the insurance you paid.

7. Proceed to the inspector or evaluator and hand in the papers. Wait for a while.

8. Your name will be called and you will be directed to the cashier and it's paytime!!!! Since I was late, I paid  Php 1000.00 for the penalty and everything costs around approximately Php 3500.00

9. After paying, Photocopy the new OR and  present it to the person who releases the sticker and your done.

Hope it helps... It only took me maximum of 3 hours to do everything. 

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