Places to visit in Bangkok, Thailand

Last Christmas 2011, thanks to a budget airline for their seat sales, we were able to booked ourselves to Bangkok, Thailand. I was super excited since I've heard so many good things about this country. 

I love planning our trips and checking on whats out there to see and so we did some researching of the places we wanted to visit. We stayed at Silom area and checked in at Glow Hotel. Liked this place a lot since it's very central and walking distance to the train station. We didn't take any taxi at all. We walked and hopped on the sky train all the time. 

Alright, these are the place we visited during our 5 day stay in Bangkok. First is the Grand Palace. It is a huge place, very grand and so beautiful. Please be reminded that wearing shorts are not allowed. Dress code must be followed but don't worry, you can rent one inside. Next to Grand Palace is Wat Pho where you can see the reclining Buddha. Next, are their Night Markets.

A walk around Silom area will surely be a haven for night markets. If you are not afraid of heights,try visiting Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It is the tallest building in Thailand. There are also shopping malls that you can explore by train and offer big discounts. Let's also not forget Thai Cuisine as it's one of the best I've tasted so far. I love the curries and the Chicken satay. When visiting the city make sure you stay over the weekend because a CHATUCHAK MARKET IS A MUST! It's a huge weekend flea market and this is perfect for bargain shopping. Our trip was short but full of fun. The night life is also very active. No dull moments in Bangkok!

Bangkok, Thailand is a beautiful city and a country as a whole. And I would love to visit this country again very soon!

Where we stayed: Glow Silom - http://www.zinchospitality.com/glowbyzinc/
Favourite Food: Curries and Satay
Mode of Transportation: Walking and Sky Train
These links may help you: http://www.bangkoktourist.com/

International Airport in Thailand 

Glow Hotel 

Roof top lap pool at Glow Hotel 

Sky Train 

Loving the architecture in the city 

Some Buddhist buying some food 

Some items for sale 

Outside area of the Grand Palace 

Grand Palace is like walking on a dream. 

Everything inside is covered with Gold. 

Inside Grand Palace 

This women pasting gold leaf as part of restoring the Grand Palace. 

Covered with Gold Leaf ... 

Madame Tessaud 

Approve the bill now!

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth! 

So tell me what really happened? ;) 


Ooops I am in danger! 

Oprah is so funny! 

Middle of the Chatuchak Market 

Trying this shorts on ... 
No dressing room just a sarong will do! 


Love their street foods! 

They give maps to visitors as getting lost here is frequent. 

Items we bought from Chatuchak Market 

View from the tower 

Yes, it's revolving ! You can get a 360 view of the city! 

This dog is so cute! I just want to adopt him! 

My favourite Chicken Satay 

and the sauce... 

I'm going to miss Bangkok!