PRECIOUS Herbal Pillow - Not Your Ordinary Pillow

When we went to some convention in SMX few weeks ago, we saw this Precious Herbal Pillow.... The guy put it on the my shoulder and my goodness, it feels so good! This pillow can be a hot pillow by putting it in a microwave few minutes and cold if stored in a freezer. This pillow also has a great lavender smell. As we all know, hot and cold compress have health benefits! If you don't know the benefits, I have them listed below.

I used this a lot if I have a head ache or my shoulders are stiff from swimming and it works! 

Some more information from their page:

Precious Pillow is made of 100% natural grains, aromatic herbs and essentials oils that are all microwavable. The fabrics used for the pillow case is made from 100% U.S. and Japanese Cotton Fabrics. Pillow designs vary from florals to plains to prints. This is done so to cater to any age group and gender that would need to use the pillow.

This product is best for people who are in search of a natural way to relieve their muscle aches and help soothe uneasiness that they may be feeling. Precious Pillows can be used in two ways – hot or cold compress. 

A. Hot Compress 

Hot Compresses work to keep blood flow circulating. It’s good for body pains, muscle and back aches, as the heat contact results to a soothing effect in your body. It’s also an aid to stiff necks, a warmer to cold hands and feet, and a reliever for aching joints. 

B. Cold Compress 

Cold compress is needed to help reduce post-operative swelling and bruising, caused mostly by sports strains, cramps or any type of injury. It has been shown to be effective in reducing swelling by slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured area. It is also beneficial in relieving the sensations of pain and it restores strength. It can also help relieve headaches, and be used for general relaxation.They have different designs that will suit your taste

Me on my very own Precious Herbal Pillow