6 Places to Explore in KALIBO, AKLAN

Known for it's world famous Ati-Atihan Festival that is annually held every January. Kalibo also  has other tourist attractions that you can explore within a day. And during my stay, that what I decided to do. I came up with lists of places that I could explore in one day before I went to Boracay where most of my holidays will be spent. 


FUJIFILM X-A3 | A Great Camera To Capture Perfect Travel Memories

If there is one thing a traveler needs during his travels, that would be a very good camera. I used to be happy using my phone when taking photos, but I realized I could get better photos If I had a proper camera. 



Babies are unique travel companions, and hence, they need special consideration. Here are tips on traveling with your baby this holiday season.



DACEL'S RESTAURANT - A Tiny Restaurant in Imus City to be Reckoned with!

Food is always part of travelling. Everywhere I go I want to try  out different flavors and it helps me remember the place even more. 

CASA ANTONIO GLAMPING - An Exciting Place To Spend Your Weekend in Calatagan, Batangas

Glamping is now becoming popular with many tourists and more resorts are offering this as an affordable option.  What is glamping?  Very basically it is camping in style!  Your tent is erected for you, bedding and linen is supplied and - in most cases - meals are provided. 


5 Reasons Why CHINA is Great for a Family Vacation

Temple of Heaven - Wikimedia.org
The second largest country in the world which has a history of more than 5,000 years is a fascinating and culturally rich travel destination. If you are planning a family vacation then this is the best place you can visit. 

Best Family Trips in China for 2018

China is a fascinating travel destination. There are so many wonderful places to visit and unlimited fun activities on offer to make your family vacation a memorable one. If you are visiting China for the first time, you should take advantage of China tours to explore China in a unique way. 
Photo by: Halaltrip.com


BUTUAN GRAND PALACE HOTEL and RESTAURANT- Experiencing The Grandest Hotel in Butuan City!

The City of Butuan is now becoming a favorite tourist destination in Mindanao. With the historical value of this province, more tourists are wanting to visit this place, and more hotels are opening up in the city.

 On my second visit to the Butuan, I decided to go for what is considered one of the best hotels in Butuan and that is the GRAND PALACE HOTEL

Christmas Tree Lighting at TAAL VISTA HOTEL

Christmas is definitely in the air in Taal Vista Hotel!

TAZA FRESH TABLE Releases New Seasonal Menu

Re-awaken the senses. Taza Fresh Table continues to earn its position as one of Tagaytay’s best contemporary dining experiences.