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Angelo The Explorer: Travelling is not a hobby anymore, it's my life!

Travelling is one activity I can't live without. Since I was a kid, travelling has been part of my life. My mom is from Antique and my Father is from Bukidnon. I remember when I was still in elementary school, every vacation my brother and I would take the Super Ferry to Ilo-Ilo and ride a bus to San Jose and Sibalom with our cousins in Antique. Two weeks after, we would take a ship straight to Cagayan De Oro where our Aunts and Uncles are already waiting at the port station. 

I remember the time when we even visited the Province of Camiguin and explored Mantigue Island when it was still very raw and pristine. There was even an elementary school on that island. 

This fascination with travel continued after college and I started earning my own money. I am a person who dreams big. I don't know how I am going to do it, but I believe in dreaming big. 

From travelling around the Philippines, I was given a chance to explore different countries such as Botswana, South Africa and other countries in Europe. 

Originally I just want to share photos on social media, but I felt I needed to do more and share my experiences with a lot of people. 

This was the start of Angelo The Explorer. 

Basically, this blog is just a documentation or a diary of my travel experiences. But as I add more articles, more and more people are trying to respond. Some responded positively and others responded the other way around which I took as a challenge and as a learning experience. 

Every break that I have, I try to explore different places that attract my attention. There are 81 provinces in the Philippines. I may not be able to explore all, but I always make sure that I make every experience worthwhile. 

As travel bloggers, you do get sponsorships and give aways but it's not an every day thing. People sometimes ask me if I get money for doing this. Well to be honest, I do but it's not a stable income. I actually spend more in writing my blog than getting paid for it. Thank goodness my work as a Public School teacher somehow funded my domestic trips and other activities in the metro. 

But what really makes me love travel blogging is more of the experience and satisfaction I get from it. In one of my solo travels in Mindanao, I got to meet local people and learned so much from them. I got to try different modes of transportation in some provinces and even got lost in the city of Butuan just to find a place to eat. I even left my belt bag in TOPS in Cebu with all my money and cards in it and remembered it an hour after.

 I thank God it was still there and found out my money was still where I left it. I couldn't imagined myself not having money at the start of my holiday. That was kind of frightening! 

To sum it all up, travelling for me is no longer a hobby, travelling is my life! 

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Tribu K'Mindanawan - A Great Show to Welcome Every Tourist in Davao City!

During our visit to the vibrant city of Davao, there is one place that our friend took us to and that was to witness a show that you can only find in Davao. We basically had only a weekend to do as much as we could. On our first day of exploring in the city, we decided to end our day with Tribu K'Mindanawan. 

After our awesome experience at the Crocodile Farm, we basically walked for around 3 minutes to Tribu K'Mindanawan. 

Tribu K'Mindanawan is a cultural village in the city of Davao that features the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the different tribes found in Mindanao. Together with other travel blogger friends, we decided to experience it ourselves. 

Here, you will find different traditional houses and indigenous items for sale. In addition, you can also watch a fire show that will definitely wow everyone. We were actually very impressed with it and I was saying, what a nice welcome from such a beautiful city. 


After watching the fire dance show, we decided not to go far for a place to eat. Kaonanan Restaurant is basically right next to the fire show venue. Since the menu was not that badly priced, we decided to order a selection which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Cultural dances and songs native to Mindanao were being performed while we were enjoying our dinner. Their performances had given me an idea of how rich Mindanao culture is. In the end, they even invited the guests to join them in some dances which we of course participated in. It was a fun evening and such a memorable experience! 

This experience in Davao really made me decide that I will have to come back and do more in this city. A weekend was not enough but this just made me proud to say that I am half-Mindanoan! See you again this summer! Special thanks to Olan Fernandez of www.TheTravelTeller.com for taking us around during our stay in the city of Davao. 

For more information about Tribu K'Mindanawan: CLICK HERE

ADDRESS: Davao Crocodile Park Complex
Riverfront, Corporate City, Diversion Highway
Ma-a, Davao City 8000 Philippines

From the left: Mark Estur ( www.LakwatserongTsinelas.com) , Darwin Cayetano ( www.TrackingTreasure.net ) , Olan Fernandez ( www.TheTravelTeller.com ) , and Kirk Acebron ( www.KirkAnatomy.com ) . 

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Exploring BAGA MANILA at All Home Imus, Cavite!

A great weekend food tripping idea is to visit BAGA MANILA. Scattered all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.  BAGA MANILA which stands for Barbecue and Grillers Association (BAGA) provides quality barbecues, grilled food, and much more.

Together with my colleagues, we checked out BAGA Manila located at All Home in Imus City, Cavite. There's always something for everyone here. From different types of grilled foods; from street to gourmet foods. 


The ambiance of the place was just perfect  for a great meal. The booths presented their food nicely and it looks clean. If only I could grab everything, I would! 

With so many interesting booths to choose from, one place that tickled my taste buds and that is the Black Burger. I got so intrigued with this black burger that is basically colored by squid ink and is imported all the way from Japan. 

I tried the Absolut one for Php 120.00 which includes Tacos chips. At first it was weird but it actually tastes good. Their  patty made a lot of different. It was juicy and very flavorful. 

It was a short trip, but this definitely gave me an idea that BAGA MANILA is a great food weekend escape. With so many places to choose from. I am sure there is one close to you! And as for me, I am definitely coming back! 


BAGA ALL HOME is open on Thursdays-Fri-Sat - Sundays 
4pm - 12 midnight. 

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Marco Polo Davao - Start Creating Good Memories in the Heart of Davao

It was with much excitement, I booked my ticket months ago to the beautiful province of Davao. I had not been this far south but I had heard that there were so many interesting places to see and places to dine in Davao. Since it was my first time in Davao, I had been searching for very good accommodation that would make my stay a memorable one. 

The one that stood out was this very luxurious hotel called  MARCO POLO DAVAO. Situated at the very center of Davao's shopping and business district, I couldn't think of any better place to base my tour of the city of Davao. 

Since I arrived late in the evening on Saturday, a friendly staff from Marco Polo patiently waited for me at the airport  and took us straight to the hotel. 

Marco Polo Davao has over 200 rooms to suites the needs of every guest in the hotel. 

Marco Polo Davao is 18 floors high making it one of the tallest building in the Davao.

As you enter the very spacious lobby of the hotel. You can see the Western and the Asian fusion in the decor. Overall, it just works harmoniously together. 

When I was touring Europe, I had seen how delicate and precious tapestries like this are. Marco Polo Davao has one which shows the different culture and diversity of the place. I really find it beautiful! 

As I entered our luxury room, all I wanted to do was just to lie down on the bed as it look so inviting. The room was spacious and all you need in a hotel room is already provided. The linen was comfortable making my sleep one of the best sleeps ever. NOT all hotels can do that! 

Office desk is available - ideal for travelers who are on a business trip to Davao. 

As part of Marco Polo's hospitality, we were even given a lovely bottle of wine and local fruits native to Davao. I ended up finishing them all in the end. They are that nice! 

Being one of the highest structures in the City of Davao, expect good views as far as Samal Island. This made me look forward to exploring this city. 

After a great sleep, time to go and check out what awaits for us at Cafe Marco.  From local to international cuisines, there will be always something that will satisfy your taste buds. 

This ham is one of the my favorite at Cafe Marco Davao. But then again, there are so many dishes to choose from. Just make sure not to waste and leave nothing on the plate. 

My friends and I are just having a great time with our breakfast! Great breakfast for us means we're up for a  great adventure ahead in DAVAO! 

One thing I checked out in a hotel is how nice their pools are. I love swimming and I do laps regularly. Marco Polo Davao does have the pool that I was looking for. A swimming pool perfect for doing laps. Nice sun and swim just means I am having a great holiday already! 

Available for guests and visitors, you can pamper yourself in the hotel spa or sweat it out in the gym. Both are located next to the hotel's swimming pool. 

After our whole day exploration, I am very happy that we stayed at Marco Polo Davao and  I couldn't think of any better place to stay in Davao. 

Our vacation in Marco Polo Davao really was something to remember. This hotel exceeded my expectations. The staff were very hospitable, the location was at the center of the city, the food was amazing, I had the best sleep on their beds, and most of all, I felt very safe. 

 Stay in one of the best hotels in DAVAO in one of the best cities in the Philippines! 

For more information, check out their website:

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Exploring Awesome Sites in LONDON using the LONDON PASS

Our dream vacation started with only a few days in London. We wanted to make the most out of it and explore as much as we could in this bustling city of London.

Prior to our European trip, our friend told us about the London Pass and how we could maximize it while we were in London. This card gives you a privilege pass to so many tourist destinations in the city and no need to queue and buy tickets, which can take up so much of your touring time. 

With 2 days to spend in London, here are the places we visited using our London Pass!


This famous palace is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Be amazed with the King's and Queen's State Aparments that have been preserved in a pristine condition.  It also served for a long time as the official residence of the famous and well-loved Princess Diana. The long history of this place can also be seen with the wide collection of historical articles from all over the world.  While were there there was a really interesting exhibition of outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and other members of the royal family. The beautiful landscape surrounding the Kensington Palace is a sight to see specially the Sunken Garden. 


Often mistakenly called the London Bridge, Tower Bridge has been over River Thames since 1894. This bridge is also considered as one of the most famous, not just in the UK, but in the world. We were very lucky to visit this bridge with ease as the queue to get the ticket was so long. Thank goodness for London Pass, we avoided the queues and easily and enjoyed the breath taking views of the City of London. In addition, we were able to see the Engine Rooms not far from the bridge. A very interesting tour indeed! 


Considered as one of the most famous fortresses in the world, the Tower of London is also home to the Crown Jewels where you will see the crowns and other artifacts that are basically PRICELESS! With all the places to visit in London, to see the crowns of the King and Queens of England are a must see!


After our Tower Bridge Tour, we walked to see The Shard which is the tallest building in Western Europe and came across this very interesting find. With the London Pass, we were able to learn the dark history about London Bridge. And after that, the scariest experience begins. We entered this chamber and never stopped screaming until we got out! It was really fun but not for the faint-hearted! 


Next to Big Ben, is this UNESCO World Heritage Site which is very famous for it's old paintings, one of a kind stained glass windows, and of course, where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. You have to see Westminster Abbey! It is better to come early as there so many people wanting to go into one of the grandest church in the UK.


To get around to different sites around the City of London, worry no more as the Golden Tours Buses will take you around using your London Pass card. You can hop on and off anywhere around the city with no problem. Just make sure you know their schedule otherwise you may take the Underground Tube. 


Another way to get around the city of London is by River Thames. Using your London Pass with City Cruises, you can hop on and off along the river Thames. This is also a very interesting trip as you can get to see the other side of the city.

For rates and more information on the London Pass, you can check their website at www.londonpass.com 

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