THE BAYLEAF CAVITE - The Hotel of Choice in General Trias,Cavite!

In the very historical province of Cavite, it is evident that more tourists are visiting this province each year because of its rich culture and its proximity to Metro Manila . With the influx of tourists, more hotels and other hospitality establishments are sprouting up around Cavite. One of the more notable that is now the talk of the town is THE BAYLEAF - CAVITE.


DIGITAL WALKER: Reach your summer body with the help of these Fitbit promos!

With summer just around the corner, we should be all the more motivated to achieve the health goal or beach body of our dreams. Sometimes, all we need is a little push to make us determined to make it happen. 


10 Must Visit Places in BRIGHTON and BEACHY HEAD in the South Coast of England

Only a few hours south of London lies Brighton, a historic coastal town that is considered a very famous tourist destination in England. Brighton is packed with so many activities and amusements that guarantee tourists a great time.

Brighton is also considered one of the top cities in the UK and is also known for its long stretches of pebble beach which attracts millions of local and international tourists all year round.  In July 2016 I was there to experience it myself. 


75th Year of ARAW NG KAGITINGAN Celebration 2017 in Bataan : Schedule of Activities

In it's 75th year, Bataan will again celebrate  one of  its grandest event which is the ARAW NG KAGITINGAN with the theme: "Parangal sa mga Beterano, Tungo sa Bayan na Nararapat sa mga Pilipino, mga Pilipino na Nararapat sa Bayan" 

The Day of Valor ( April 9, 1942) or the Araw Ng Kagitingan that is celebrated every 9th of April is an annual celebration of the Fall of Bataan and the bravery shown by the Filipino and American soldiers before they surrendered to the Japenese during the World War II. 

As part of the celebration, the Province of Bataan will hold different events for 8 days to commemorate the bravery of our Filipino soldiers during World Ward 2. 



If there is a province that is known for its mountain, Rizal is definitely it. Aside from  Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba circuit that we did a few months ago, my co-teachers and I again organized another trail hike to Montalban, Rizal and that is Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi.

And with my new action camera, the Supremo 4K, we captured all the fun times we had during our adventure at Rodriguez, Montalban, Rizal. 


Dining Experience: Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen at Evia Lifestyle Center

Everybody is looking for good food. We are all craving new flavors, a new ambiance, and a new place to dine. If you are a person like me, I think you must try dining at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen.

This restaurant serves a variety of Italian cuisine and other European favorites that are well liked by all.   I first savored their menu when I was in Solenad in Sta Rosa, Laguna with my family and from then on, I just fell in love with it. 


Mt. Apayang and Mt. Talamitam (TRAVERSE) : Explore Two Summits In One Day!

Mountain Hiking is evidently becoming more and more popular and travelers are now looking for more adventure. More mountains are being discovered and now opened to the public. Everybody knows Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas. Recently, the mountain next to it, Mt. Apayang opened its trail to the public - and that's what why we came in to explore.

Exploring MARAGONDON, CAVITE with the Cavite Tourism and Team XPLORRA

As a blogger who is based in Cavite, every time I ask people what think when they hear the word Cavite, people always think of Tagaytay City, Emilio Aguinaldo, Andres Bonifacio and the Revilla's .

But more than this, there is actually a lot to see and explore in this Province. That is why when I was invited by XPLORRA with regards to travel website launch of Cavite Tourism, I felt that this was a great opportunity to know more about what I consider to be my new home province.

What is XPLORRA?
XPLORRA is composed of different people from all walks of life but have one goal and that is love for travelling and love for our country.

That is why, through collaboration with the different local government, they provide travelers with the information they need such as accommodation, places of interests, food to try, and other activities by putting it all in one website.


With the collaboration of Cavite tourism and XPLORRA, they launched it's very first travel website, www.CaviteTourism.com .

This website will take visitors on a journey of the Provincce of Cavite and explain why Cavite should be your next destination.

Last January 31st, we spent our morning at the Provincial Capitol Building at Trece Martires. Together with heads of the tourism, travel agencies, and resort owners in different cities and municipalities, we all witnessed the website go live.

Everybody was very excited and very positive about this as this will encourage more visitors to explore the province of Cavite.

After witnessing the launching of the website in the morning, the Cavite Tourism office and XPLORRA took us on a side trip to one of the historical municipalities, MARAGONDON, CAVITE.

Here is the list of places we visited in Maragondon, Cavite:

From Trece Martires, they first took us to OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION CHURCH of Maragandon, Cavite. Built in 1618, this church is considered as one of the oldest chuches in the Philippines. In addition, this church was declared by the National Historical Commision of the Philippines (NHCP) as a Historical and Cultural Site and a national treasure by the National Musuem. 

Mr. Ige Ramos, a food critic was also part of our tour and also explained to us a little background of the church door. This door is considered one of the original artifacts of the church and is well preserved. We were also told that Maragondon used to participate in the Galleon trade which can also be seen in the wood carvings on the door.

One of the many original artifacts found inside the church is their RETABLO. From afar it looks like a normal one but as they switched on the lights, the golden color illuminates so brightly which left us all in awe. It's stunning!

After our visit to the church, we were overwhelmed when we were invited for a courtesy call with the Mayor of Maragondon, Honorable Reynaldo A. Rillo. With his busy schedule, he gladly entertained us and we even had a photo opportunity with him.

Another interesting place to find in in Maragandon is in Barangay Caingin. As you enter this Barangay, you will find the different stone carvings of Pope John Paul II and other figures in the Christian Faith like Mama Mary and the Last Supper.

Another place of interest in Maragondon is the BONIFACIO TRIAL HOUSE which now serves as a museum and is now handled by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). There is no entrance free for the museum.

Here, get to learn more about the life of Andres Bonifacio as the founder of the Philippine Revolution and how he was tried with his brother at this very place in 1897.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 09175537375
Email: bonifaciotrialmuseum@gmail.com
Facebook: /BonifacioTrialMuseum

As we were nearing the sunset, we ended our tour on a boat cruise along the Maragondon river. Watching local residents do their daily chores, pass through some hanging bridges, and just enjoy the serene landscape of the river.

One of the resorts you can stay when in Maragondon is the RIVERFRONT GARDEN RESORT. One of the main highlights of this resort is their swimming pool overlooking the river. The rooms are quite cozy and very affordable. It is also very peaceful inside making it ideal place for a staycation.


Before we went back to Manila, never leave Maragondon without dining at LOLO CLARO'S restaurant. The restaurant is very simple and small but the food they serve makes people want more. One dish that makes this famous is their deep fried chicken. It's so crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. Yum!

Maragondon may be a small town in the Province of Cavite compared to others, but this town has so much to show and to boast about for those who are craving for a bit of everything in terms of history, food, pristine landscape and adventure. This could just be one of many best destinations you

I was very pleased that the Cavite Tourism Office and XPLORRA collaborated in creating a travel website for the province of Cavite. This is a big step forward for the province of Cavite to attract more visitors and for travelers to see that there is more to explore in this province!


Towns and Cities to Explore in the Province of Cavite

Recently, Cavite Tourism with the help of XPLORRA launched the very first tourism website for the Province of Cavite, WWW.CAVITETOURISM.COM . 

This website will take travelers through different experiences in the Province of Cavite in terms of food, culture, history, scenic landscapes and much more activities. 

Soon, the province of Cavite will be one of  next best destinations in the Philippines! 

Here are the lists of towns and cities that you can explore in Cavite. All these and more can be found when you visit the www.CaviteTourism.com website. 


Let’s Explore Cavite: Dig into History and Adventure

While the Philippines’ 7,100+ islands are littered with virgin white beaches, epic landscapes, and pockets of historical novelties, information to these travel destinations are spread over hundreds of websites and and social media sites. XPLORRA consolidates all of these, explores all possible attractions on foot, and collects them in a neat website XPLORRA.com. Powered by XPLORRA, www.CaviteTourism.com is an exciting new platform that lists Cavite’s popular and emerging attractions and allows you to book directly to tours, acitivities, homestays, hotels, and resorts.